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    My wife Julie, my two kids, Peter jr and Claire 31 and 29, northern soul of course,taking the dog for walks
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    to many to mention

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  1. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Soul Club

    Well peps only two days to go before the first Soul night at the Padiham town hall in over two years due to the Boxing day floods of 2015. But we are back and raring to get goin', with DJ's Roman, Billy Foster, Pete Hart, Shaun Fitton and guest DJ Ginger Taylor. With a new £80,000 plus Canadian Maple sprung dance floor waiting for you. Looking forward to seeing you all there
  2. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Soul Club

    Sorry sold out in 48 hours BUT, tickets for May event are printed and will be on sale at the March event so if your interested in that one give Kath a ring on the number above Mod66 A.S.A.P.
  3. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Soul Club

    Padiham Soul Club 2018 dates.docx
  4. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Soul Club

    Been a long to coming, but Padiham Soul Club IS BACK, BIGGER and BETTER with a NEW dance floor.
  5. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Soul Club

    Well we are back after two years of Refurbishments due to flooding and a million pounds spent with a NEW £80,000 plus Maple sprung dance floor all the way from Canada . Padiham Soul Club presents a night of Top Class Across the Board Soul and Motown, Big free car park. Tickets £5.50 AVAIABLE FROM Kath on 07791 745917 ... Roman on 07742 051829 and myself Pete on 07896 845256, This is still a ticket only event. Great music, superb Atmosphere, Top DJ's, Very Friendly welcome DJ's Roman, Pete, Billy Foster, Shaun Fitton and guest DJ Mr Ginger Taylor. Padiham Soul Club 2018 dates.docx
  6. Padiham Pete

    Soul at the Arborie ( Padiham football club )

    Looking forward to DJing at this event.
  7. Padiham Pete

    Soul at the Arborie ( Padiham football club )

    Padiham Football Club ( in conjunction with Padiham Soul Club) are holding a Motown/Soul night Sat 18th February 8pm, to raise funds for the club,tickets will be on sale soon at £2, please support your local club, if this is successful then Daz Outhwaite, will look into having them 4 times a year Sunday afternoon's to run along side the very successful Soul Nites at the Padiham Town Hall . KTF
  8. Padiham Pete


    Would just like to say THANK YOU Peter and Lester, for asking me to DJ at the LAST Fulledge soul night, Gutted along with lots of other soulies who have been going to this event, which as been running since the 70's, ( remember going to a few in the 70's when I got into Northern soul ) and This last event there is going to be one of the best, but also very sad. So come on everyone who as been here over the many years it's been going, lot send this last event out with a bang, come and join us for a night to remember here at the FULLEDGE CON CLUB BURNLEY.
  9. Padiham Pete

    Soul-In-The-Dales, Skipton, N. Yorks.

    Looking forward to another junt over to Skipton and soul in the dales with the Padiham posse'.
  10. Padiham Pete

    Padiham Pete

  11. Padiham Pete


    Going to be another great night at fulledge for this event, and it's Easter Saturday, a bank holiday weekend which means NO work Monday so come on down, and enjoy a great night of Northern and Motown sounds from some of the best DJ's in the area .
  12. Padiham Pete

    volcanos its against the laws of love

    bought this track in December Paul £65 ex-con
  13. Padiham Pete

    The Aquamen

    Anyone out there got The Aquamen - Line & track for sale. Please PM me with Condition and Price.....Thanks
  14. Padiham Pete

    Mark V Unlimited

    Looking for a copy of Mark V Unlimited - Gone, If anyone as one for sale, Please PM me Condition and Price.
  15. Padiham Pete


    Looking forwards to DJing at this Charity event again at Fulledge, so let see it full and raising lots for a good cause.


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