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  1. looking for Soul Superiors w/Sherman Willis – Got To Find That girl SOUL BEAT got a spare of Sherman willis & majestic wonders of palestine ark. "joy in my soul" thanks for looking
  2. looking for dynamic concepts - funky Chicken VG or better, playable copy PM thanks Jukka
  3. looking for The Spoilers - sad man's land - TOBIN blue or yellow VG or better thanks for looking
  4. Hi looking for gene anderson - tell me that you love me PM thanks
  5. Hi Looking for Masterpiece Band I'm In Need / I Want Somebody To Love for trade M- charles berry & The Cherrys - Father of the land OVIDE thanks Jukka
  6. Nicole Willis "if this aint love" WDJ copy M- 15UK + shipping paypal PM
  7. Looking for nick allen - playable copy thanks for looking
  8. Nicole willis -if this aint love - white dj copy M- 15uk + shipping Paypal pm
  9. Curtis & The Showstoppers - SAD GIRL / LETS WORK IT OUT- TRAVIS Mint £70 +shipping PM thanks
  10. Nicole Willis -If this aint love White DJ copy 10UK + shipping nice White DJ copy of this Modern Classic PM paypal
  11. Scarce Ovide title Ja' Nai "thinking of you / me and my man" Vg + 40€ + shipping pm
  12. New 45 by Legendary NOLA soul man Willie West "I'm Still A Man (Lord Have Mercy) voc/instr. listen and get it from Timmion Records or your local dealer
  13. New 45 by Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators available "One In A million" B/w instrumental" purchase from your local dealer or direct from timmion rec check out also previously released "Paint Me In A Corner"

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