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  1. got a demo somewhere, pretty sure it's in decent nick, pm me if you don't get one, and I'll ratch it out for you. steve
  2. Hi Kev, Indeed sadly he did, Boxer? that i don't know? hope ya good bud. steve
  3. totally different Jimmy Ellis. a little bit of useless info, the Guitarist on "Happy To Be" was so down and out at the time that Tom Cross (the writer, and guy that funded the production of this 45 out of his own pocket) had to buy him a new set of guitar strings. This Jimmy "preacher" Ellis track was arranged by HB Barnum. Tom Cross doesnt know anything about the bootleg that turned up last year? or so his son told me. Steve
  4. Great selection of tunes Dave. like Kev said....right up my street that, thanx for sharing Steve
  5. aye up Steve, we well mate, hope you are too bud, here's a scan of me issue.....
  6. Downbeats/Elgins/Isley Bros "Put Yourself In My Place" a Holland, Dozier, Holland tune. Maxine Brown "Put Yourself In My Place" a Obrecht, Drain tune. Steve
  7. Totally different record mate, but an outstanding one as well down to Tony Bruno's arrangement. Steve
  8. also on issue, and as it got pulled, I'd have thought issue rarer? Steve
  9. Great site mate, keep it going and take no heed to the "joke" comment think the guy was arrogant and ignorant to call it that. Steve
  10. Always thought Reg's book (Off The Record Motown by master 1959 - 1989) was meant to be a bible for Motown stuff Barry? it's a fantastic reference guide. think it lists between 150 abd 200 Motown pic sleeve releases. Steve
  11. Reg Bartlette's book has a section of all Pic Sleeve issues. Steve
  12. It's Tony Bruno, at least B side is He once told me it was put out by Artie Ripp without him knowing, he'd done it as a joke when recording some stuff, don't think he was too happy bout it but as he said, "what's done is done" .... he said it was a big underground hit in US?? Steve
  13. here's the "DM WXL" mix, don't know how it compares to the other mix? http://youtu.be/5KhcqxIUi6M
  14. Got that same mix myself Rod, and like you bought it long ago as a cheap record oblivious to any different mixes... might stick it on my YouTube channel as a reference for that mix?

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