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    Not involved in the scene anymore but love the music and collecting vinyl...that will never end!

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  1. Some of the not so nice comments are a tad unnecessary. This scene - as far as I am aware - has been of people expressing themselves regardless of dancing ability, as for drawing negative attention to the scene, nonsense, I thought the Dude did good and let the world know that Northern Soul dancing is alive and kicking - pardon the pun.
  2. Marianne on Netflix was really enjoyable despite the subtitles, it's a tad creepy and well worth a watch.
  3. I saw it in the Cinema early last year and I thought it was good, tried to watch it on Sky recently and yes, I agree, it was shite!!
  4. I watched episode 1 of "When They See Us" on Netflix last night and it was fucking superb, based on true story of how 5 young Black Lads were wrongly accused of Rape in New York and how they were treated, excuse my language but Fuck sake people, tune in, riveted after 1 episode!!
  5. Just finished watching Innocent Man on Netflix, brilliant documentary about small town America's corrupt judicial system, powerful and thought provoking not forgetting that it makes you rage knowing that there are many, many innocent people incarcerated - some on Death Row.
  6. In the early 90's I gave my brother a boxful of 45's as I began getting ideas of being a top DJ, amongst that lot was a nice copy of the MR 45, I got the box back some years later and quickly sold them off as I still had the dream of becoming a top "Upfront" DJ, I sold that for a few quid! Thing is, it is seriously one of my favourite NS tunes and I hear that the flipside is tasty, ah well, you live and learn I guess....not me.
  7. This is about as difficult as picking the top 5/10 soul tunes but I'm going to go with films I took out and haven't seen for ages. 1) THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, OUTSTANDING CAST AND FABULOUS MOVIE. 2) SLEEPERS - AS ABOVE AND POWERFUL AS F***! 3) DONNIE BRASCO - AL PACINO - WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO BE SAID? 4) CARLITO'S WAY - AL PACINO. 5) IT (2017) - FANTASTIC CAST AND BRILLIANT PERFORMANCES. Incidentally, looking at this I see lots of movies listed I have never seen that I am now keen to check out - great post.
  8. until

    Thanks Phil.
  9. until

    Two questions, how far is the venue from Premier Inn, Meridian Point and are photos required for weekend passes??
  10. Can anyone tell me how far the Premier Inn at Meridian Point, Cleethorpes is from the Beachcomber?
  11. Soul: Limmie & the Family Cookin' - "You Can Do Magic" (beautiful), Rock: Free - "Wishing Well" (still my no.1 rock song of all time), Punk: Sex Pistols - "Pretty Vacant"....all absolute game changers from my youth and still love them all very much.
  12. £500 for Otis Lee, this was Friday night at Cleethorpes Weekender and that was my entire weekend's spends!! Thank god my friend's looked after me that weekend!!
  13. Beg to differ here as I have heard, read and typed out a lot of stories....none on soul source, there are 40 + years of's remembering them that - I guess - would be the problem.
  14. I have never read a book about Northern Soul and never had the desire to but what I would love to read is a book of ordinary people's stories, there must be thousands, record hunting, trips to and from soul events, memorable soul nights. nighter's and any other scene related topics, it's the real people that interest me, anyone up for doing that?

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