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  1. steveh73

    Jamaican Soul

    Funkier tune from the In Crowd - Mango Walk
  2. steveh73

    Jamaican Soul

    Derrick Harriott - Bucket Full Of Tears
  3. steveh73

    Jamaican Soul

    Closer to home and a great effort from lovers rock songstress Jean Adebambo from 1981
  4. steveh73

    Jamaican Soul

  5. steveh73

    Phil Flowers - Stay Awhile Future 12

    Sorry - gone a while ago!!
  6. steveh73

    The Shirelles Looks like a decent copy!!!
  7. steveh73

    British seventies soul, Sweet Sensation.

    They did a brilliant version of Brainstorm's Wake Up And Be Somebody - a real disco stormer!!
  8. steveh73

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    This has been mentioned many times but this demonstrates that there are 2 northern scenes - one which has chosen to evolve and embrace new sounds and another which has chosen to stick with the tried and tested. One man's stale oldie is another man's classic memory jerker and one man's fresh, new discovery is another man's turgid obscurity!
  9. One on Discogs
  10. steveh73

    Johnny Bristol

    Plenty of seven inch copies here!!
  11. steveh73

    Dennis Edwards R.I.P.

    Really liked this since its release back in 1984!!
  12. steveh73

    Modern Soul - no boundaries

    Now that is a nice tune!!!
  13. steveh73

    Modern Soul - no boundaries

    A nice, imaginative selection of tunes - not an overplayed 'modern oldie' in sight!!!
  14. Nothing to do with today's oldies-driven northern scene maybe and all the better for it!!
  15. I see it listed on Discogs but no copies or record of any sales. As stated above, 2 superb sides and a nice 45 to have and to play!!