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  1. Here's a good run-down of boogie releases https://www.discogs.com/lists/Sean-Ps-100-Boogie-Essentials-1980-1984/20288
  2. Boogie is a term that has been around for years and describes that early 80s synth-driven dance sound (for the most part as there are always exceptions). Not really an offshoot of the modern scene but 'Post-disco disco tracks' is actually a pretty-good description!!
  3. Saw a copy for sale on this site earlier this week @ £50
  4. I don't believe this was ever released as a single and the only place to get an original would be via the Portraits album. I Can't Play from the same album sounds very similar and that did get a single release. Happy hunting!!
  5. Hi all - looking for a copy of Lou Ragland - What Should I Do - SMH 45, VG+ or above, please. PM if you can help. Many thanks Steve
  6. Morning all - bit of a long shot but has anyone got a copy of Fathers Children - Sky's The Limit CD from 2007 they'd like to exchange for cash? Many thanks Steve.
  7. A good question Mike - I like the solid feel of UK pressings but probably irrational otherwise!!
  8. Good afternoon, anyone with a nice copy of the UK 7 of One Minute From Love like to exchange for cash, many thanks, Steve
  9. A nice 2-step groove from 1996 - Try Love Again (think that Ron Banks and Wee Gee Howard are present on this recording).
  10. No worries - happy to be set straight!! Maybe PM me with a handful of recommendations?
  11. Sadly, Joe Soap, I think you've hit the nail on the head. I see very few truly contemporary soul productions these days but plenty of sixties, seventies and eighties retro-styled releases (even nineties, as there are still plenty of Drizabone soundalikes about!!). I don't expect cutting edge sounds, just something that doesn't take as its starting point a slavish recreation of a style that characterized a previous decade. Its a shame as I've always liked to spend money on new music - there just doesn't seem to be a great deal of that about at the moment.
  12. Hi - an odd request but does anyone have a nice 10 inch record sleeve (ideally inner and outer) they'd be willing to let go? I bought myself a great reggae tune on a ten-inch format (Valerie Stuart - Flirt) but it has come in a ropey sleeve. It deserves better!! A generic sleeve would be preferred and I am obviously happy to pay. Many thanks Steve.
  13. Stellar unreleased two-step (on vinyl) - Jewel Bass - Seeing You Again

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