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  1. The Marcia Hines 45s, whether Italian or Australian seem quite pricy but the Marcia Shines album can be picked up cheaply still outside of the UK.
  2. Loads of great major releases in the early 80s, many played at the time and ripe for resurrection. LJ Reynolds - Weigh All The Facts Sunfire - Step In The Light Rockie Robbins - Time To Think Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One Whispers - I'm Gonna Love You More Cheers, Steve...………………………..
  3. And from the albums - Black Nasty - I Have No Choice Barbara Mason - The World Is In Crisis Impressions - Potent Love Best of Both Worlds - Lost In A Shuffle Of Love Betty Wright - Keep Feeling Again, nothing too costly but quality all the way (in my opinion!!) Cheers, Steve...….
  4. Here's 5 to start that won't break the bank - True Image - Different Kind Of Love Love Committee - I Made A Mistake Barrett Strong - Love Is You Margie Evans - You Are To Me Liquid Blue - Take It Anyway You Want To No need to spend big sums, just enjoy!! Cheers, Steve
  5. Hi - I'm looking for a Brazilian seven of the Chi-lites - A Letter To Myself. PM if you have one to let go. Many thanks Steve.
  6. The previous 45 - You Changed Me - well worth picking up as well.
  7. Hi - assuming you want this for Let Love Come Right On In - if so, this copy was up for sale recently. Hope this helps and happy hunting!!!
  8. Is that the Brothers By Choice - Girl I Need You Too (maybe a bit late for the Mecca)? Nice tune anyway!!!
  9. Hi Neal - not sure how hung up you might be in buying from a UK seller but plenty for sale here https://www.discogs.com/City-Limits-Circles/master/196729 Happy buying!! Steve.
  10. Hi all - looking for a UK Mums 45 sleeve in a reasonable condition. Please PM if you ca help, thanks Steve
  11. Hi all - I have a copy of Swiss Movement - I Wish Our Love Would Last on a Gold 45 (gold vinyl as well!!) for sale. Its certainly not Mint but neither is it completely knackered - I'd describe it as VG with an underlying crackle throughout, that is more audible at the start of the 45 but less so as the backing builds up. Given the less than mint condition, I'm putting it up for £40 (I think that's fair). Ideal for deejaying as they say!! Postage is extra (I'm in the UK) and I'd prefer Paypal. Please PM if you are interested. Many thanks Steve.
  12. Here's a good run-down of boogie releases https://www.discogs.com/lists/Sean-Ps-100-Boogie-Essentials-1980-1984/20288

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