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  1. Hi Neal - not sure how hung up you might be in buying from a UK seller but plenty for sale here Happy buying!! Steve.
  2. Hi all - looking for a UK Mums 45 sleeve in a reasonable condition. Please PM if you ca help, thanks Steve
  3. Hi all - I have a copy of Swiss Movement - I Wish Our Love Would Last on a Gold 45 (gold vinyl as well!!) for sale. Its certainly not Mint but neither is it completely knackered - I'd describe it as VG with an underlying crackle throughout, that is more audible at the start of the 45 but less so as the backing builds up. Given the less than mint condition, I'm putting it up for £40 (I think that's fair). Ideal for deejaying as they say!! Postage is extra (I'm in the UK) and I'd prefer Paypal. Please PM if you are interested. Many thanks Steve.
  4. Here's a good run-down of boogie releases
  5. Boogie is a term that has been around for years and describes that early 80s synth-driven dance sound (for the most part as there are always exceptions). Not really an offshoot of the modern scene but 'Post-disco disco tracks' is actually a pretty-good description!!
  6. Saw a copy for sale on this site earlier this week @ £50
  7. I don't believe this was ever released as a single and the only place to get an original would be via the Portraits album. I Can't Play from the same album sounds very similar and that did get a single release. Happy hunting!!
  8. Hi all - looking for a copy of Lou Ragland - What Should I Do - SMH 45, VG+ or above, please. PM if you can help. Many thanks Steve
  9. Morning all - bit of a long shot but has anyone got a copy of Fathers Children - Sky's The Limit CD from 2007 they'd like to exchange for cash? Many thanks Steve.
  10. A good question Mike - I like the solid feel of UK pressings but probably irrational otherwise!!
  11. Good afternoon, anyone with a nice copy of the UK 7 of One Minute From Love like to exchange for cash, many thanks, Steve
  12. A nice 2-step groove from 1996 - Try Love Again (think that Ron Banks and Wee Gee Howard are present on this recording).

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