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  1. Love who you are,, on lrk records cheers
  2. On lrk records ,love who you are Cheers
  3. Yeah seen that theres one on ebay to , , want the release on boogie back cheers
  4. 7 inch on boogie back records Taste of your love
  5. 7 inch on boogie back records cheers
  6. Hi I have a very good plus but it's on edsel 20.00 plus post
  7. 7 inch on sundae soul records from 2007
  8. Cant remember sold it few year back for few hundred
  9. Yeah ste true to my recollection, I bought mine off rod at first hearing I think in Thorne could be wrong, charly prob knows as he was working for him Cubo
  10. Dont think this has been played yet on the northern floor , b side to my eyes, from 2019 on its soul time records , She wont come calling ,, well worth a listen ,, discogs have them and you can listen there
  11. If only I could prove to you on fryers 7 inch ,,seen the discogs ones Cheers cubo

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