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  1. one on ebay 12.50 bids , 40.00 on discogs normal price 30.00
  2. very good question was 300 I believe , most people who ordered straight away got there copies , the numbers not sure , a good source did tell me most did get sold
  3. glad you got sorted Brendan , just sold my copy 60.00 on discogs sold in one hour , you got a bargain for 30.00
  4. apparently very indemand at the minute on kent 200 plus
  5. hi Brendan with post 70 and will sort out tonight cheers
  6. hi ive got on stardust ill dig out after xmas ex con
  7. the much sort after 7 inch single on the bay , very low start
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152787554135 on ebay the much sought after 7 inch in very good + condition
  9. for sale 2 passes 25.00 each march 2018 cheers cubo
  10. cuboulie

    marc evans

    on 7 inch given me joy marc evans cheers cubo
  11. hi im after 2 wristbands passes for prestatyn cheers cubo

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