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  1. I'm doing quite well. I have 158 off the list But a few I've not heard on there
  2. I have the pictured tape. There are two takes of Hit & Run by Gwen Owens. One take of You Better Wake Up by Gwen Owens, and one by Telma Laverne
  3. Looking to upgrade a couple of battered numbers. VG+ or better please on: GW 6/7 Patti Gilson - Pulling Petals (From A Daisy) / Don't You Tell A Lie GW 45 Dickie and The Ebb-Tides - I've Got A Shadow / One Boy, One Girl Please PM with price and condition Thanks
  4. Telma is Telma Laverne. No spelling mistake.
  5. I've got the above pictured tape. I bought this and many others together with Brad Hales at Peoples Records in Detroit. I also have a couple of takes of the instrumental, both finished and unfinished on Golden World tapes
  6. I’m after it for both sides. TFO are the band I use for my Detroit gigs. They did Cleethorpes last year and are doing Leeds this year. Just trying to collect all their records
  7. Wanted TFO - Happy Family / Let Love Cone Right On In - Venture please PM with price and condition thanks
  8. Wanted: TFO - Happy Family - Venture Records Please PM with price and condition Thanks
  9. Is this still available?

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