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  1. few wants

    I have a Bill Bush in EX available
  2. Try Dial A Flight - 0333·300·1501. Joseph there will provide a discount if you use the code DETROITAGOGO
  3. Looking for a copy of the fantastic's

    Is this getting recognition now? I used to feature it regularly to utter disinterest and empty floors
  4. The Loss of one of our own Mick Howard R.I.P.

    Terrible news. A truly lovely bloke
  5. bars in detroit

    And if you like Detroit. Why not come back in October for this .... https://www.facebook.com/events/664447173723977/
  6. Melodies - York

  7. Melodies - York

    What time is it on?
  8. Prestatyn passes

    Are these still available?
  9. Prestatyn Northern and Modern Soul Weekender


    Is it possible to just get wristbands?
  10. Janice - I Need You Like A Baby - Roulette

    I have one of these. How much are you lookI got to pay?
  11. Jokers - Soul Sound

    VG or better original copy of Jokers -Soul Sound wanted
  12. Back cueing & damaging records

    I always wind back records. I can't cue them in any other way, my eyes aren't good enough. Mid you. I've "cue burned" loads of them as a result.
  13. l'Ambassador - Bradford

    I ran some soul nights here in 84/85, I used to live in the cellar of the house opposite. Mostly students in attendance, but a few old heads from time to time.
  14. My SET 10 - 11 all OVO of course Gwen Owens - Just Say Youre Wanted (Velgo) Salvadores - Stick By Me Baby (Wise World) Robbie Lawson - Burning Sensation (Kyser) Johnny Honeycutt - Im Coming Over (Triode) Timmy Williams - Competition (Mala) ...