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  1. Remembered surname Jackie Cole anyone got mobile PM if you could Cheers John
  2. Hiya Anyone out there can PM me with a surname or phone no Lives in Lostock Hall Lancs and works at Baxi He goes by name of Jacky or(ie) and attends Lostock /Babmere Bridge etc soul dos Had his no. and lost it John from Leyland
  3. Not that - never heard before but I like it
  4. no neither I've actually given up till I hear it again....Thanks All
  5. Blimey thats close mate never heard that before but still not the one...suppose it could be one of 1000's Cheers
  6. No mate I think I give up Good try ta John
  7. No neither but thanks not much to go on is there Am going through my records as I speak in the hope lol John
  8. would say about £300+ in ex condition may be a bit more now John
  9. not that Tomangoes but Ta Dylan now in same boat as me lol
  10. Leave me alone a good shout but not that and the Timmy Williams is uncannily like it in the background but slightly different pace.I think it is a needle in a haystack job alas as there could be dozens similar .Will have to come up with some lyrics from it but they won't come to me Been trying to hard I think.Hopefully some will pop in my head at some point Slightly more haunting background on the one i'm after than the one in the clip and I'm not even sure if it's a 45 I've got will take me about a month to go through and look lol Thanks for the suggestions though John
  11. Had a song in my head very similar to Willy McDougal Dont turn away Same pace same type of beat etc etc....I just can't place the thing and its driving me mad...Any Ideas?? Know its not much to go on John
  12. Again I always send a form from post office which has column for value and one for cost of postage and have recieved full amount for both.....rarely had a problem and on the 2 occasions I have been paid fully when I rang up to complain afterwards
  13. I've never had to show a picture of packaging and have claimed a number of times over the years...never had one not paid out on to date and sold thousands..also a claim form from post office if you don't want to do it online. Up to £20 standard post £50 if signed for

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