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  1. jkpnefc

    Any Ideas ??

    Donna Summer - Last Dance....possibly?
  2. jkpnefc

    Elvis does Soul

  3. jkpnefc

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    And especially this
  4. jkpnefc

    tony mathews my wish

    Thought so thanks for info John
  5. jkpnefc

    tony mathews my wish

    Anyone know of an album this is on Cheers in advance John
  6. jkpnefc

    lyrics help

    BLOODY HELL OF COURSE!!!!!! Cheers Simon
  7. jkpnefc

    lyrics help

    Someone just asked me name of a record Off the Keeps on burning DVD in background when talking about Twisted Wheel Girl show me what you got......STARTING PISTOL IN IT AS WELL APPARENTLY ??Any clues? Not even sure he has them right R&b STYLE Cheers John
  8. jkpnefc

    Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    Pete Waterman popping up on every documentary about NS and saying the Casino was full of big Coal Miners
  9. There was a place in Bolton which did long leathers made to measure.Got mine in I think 1976. On the subject of shoes...Anyone remember Toppers.....Purple suede and leather tops with a flat crepe sole..........have looked for a picture before but never found one of them.
  10. jkpnefc

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

  11. jkpnefc

    Album Info please

    Sold one a couple of yrs ago .Didm't realise only 200 of them pressed!
  12. jkpnefc

    What becomes of the brokenhearted. Demo


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