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  1. Just come to mind i've seen a copy of Bill's record last year in Butch's @neckender sale box at the record fair No price but Mark did say he'd got a faster version of said record !
  2. For me sinse i played out the Bobby Mandolph C/U its become a sort after record plus its still a C/U to this day Hard 1 to aquire There is only a select few DJ's have got it & only played at a few select under the radar allnighters & soul events I had my fun playing it out moved my 2 copies on now
  3. My playlist from yesterday's event in no order of play.....! John Washington - Burn The Calender - Sandwash Miss Louistine -"Ain't Understanding Mellow" - Tee Gem Fatu - Just One Look - Fire Mountian Van Jones - Your Love Is Like A High - Conway Nancy - Walking On A Cloud - Mercede Bill Freeman - I'm Not Gonna Lose It - Soland Bobby Bell - I Wanna Be The One - Bena & Bellamy Productions Gino Washington & The G.W.Band - We Ganna Make It - ATAC Katie Griffin - When Love Comes Around - Denlatrin Rozetta Johnson - How Can You Lose Something You Never Had - Clintone W/D Last Flight - Don't Give Your Love - One Way Lee Osler - "Tarnished Love Affair" - Mustashe Dionne Warwicke - I Think You Need Love -Trident Studio 7" Acetate David Joseph - Joys Of Life ( No Echo & No Strings Fade) The Sound Clinic 10" Acetate Prilly Hamilton - Beautful World - The Butler Did It LP Sunday chillout is back in Winsford Next event is Sunday 1st September its a gem of venue & event to match
  4. Thanks Roburt Just ripped this of Discogs Last Flight (2) Add An Image Profile: Band from Ville Platte, Louisiana. They played in 1972–1975, before breaking up. The band has done some reunion concerts, at least in 2013 and 2020. Original founding line-up: Tommy Richard - lead guitar; Vic Slaven - bass, vocals; Jerry Baquet - drums; Perry Bordelon - trumpet, vocals; Karl Bordelon - trumpet, organ, piano Other members included: Connie Mac Fuselier - organ, piano, vocals; Jay Tassin - trombone; Paul Hottel Fontenot - lead vocals Show less Members:Jay Tassin, Karl Bordelon, Paul Hottel Fontenot, Perry Bordelon, Tommy Richard (3), Vic Slaven
  5. I would like to offer this recod for sale Great condition no issues on playback Please DM with an offer
  6. On Rarity where does this record stand ?
  7. Kev John


    2 great guests with collections to match We welome back Tim @Colouredman Ashibende & Jim @Jim Elliott
  8. Philippe Wynn - Like A Loser Needs A Winner (you're all i need) Buddy Ace - Pleasing You Bob Brady & The Concords - Illusion Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions pt 1 The Whole Darn Family - Ain't Nothing But Something To Do Manu Dibango - "Salt Pop-Corn" 125th Street Candy Store - If You Wanna Dream Millie Jackson - Rising Cost Of Love Betty Adams -Too Much Going On Larry T & The Family - Why I'm So Happy
  9. Just sticking Phil Wainwright's playlist up from the weekend.....! Jesse Davis Gonna hang on in there girl Era Sonny Herman What about me Utopia Doni Burdick Bari Track Sound Impression Records John Harris Hangin in Kerston Mystiques Put out the fire Twinight Kings of Soul is your love for me Down to Earth Exceptions Baby, etc Impact Sound Acetate Harry Moon and the Fide Stop etc Sin Walter And Sisters How Long Studio 10 Willie Bobo Gotta Hustle On Jupiter Jazz Daybreak I need Love PAP Vickie Baines Country Girl Parkway El Corols Chick Chick Tiny Jimmie Raye Philly Dog etc KKC Prince Ella & Sidney Jones Baby I got to etc Prince Jonny Rome Let me pour etc Philips Velvet’s Lovin on borrowed time Number One Lynn Varnado Tell me what’s wrong etc Gator Personations & Organization Future Curricane Richi Corbin Trio A woman etc Red Label Cheques Deeper Heatwave Masqueraders How LaBeat Precisions What I want Stone Billy Butler Burning Touch Of Love Brunswick Eldrige Holmes Worried over you Jet Set Dee Dee Sharp The Bottle or Me Gamble TOP NOTCH sounds enjoyed by all our enthusiasts
  10. Last shout from FTMNTC team Summer break after this event tonite We return on Sat 7th September with 3 fabulous guests more details will be posted in the event thread shortly
  11. Here's the thread on the black star demo styrene from 2006
  12. 2 W/D's with red star on left & right sides Yellow Demo with Black Star (Unofficial release)
  13. ...an event that gives you something different from the norm & still giving up the sounds you don't hear week in & week out.....! we dig deeper than most soul nights & deliver the sounds Ever changing playlists at ALL our events ! FTMNTC team
  14. We are lookin' forward to ......! Saturday hope some of you SS's can join us ......!
  15. Just a few tunes from last months event @ The Cygnet you may like from me & Gal
  16. Agreed but where not getting any closer to the point of the thread just stating from these 2 sites don't give us an even close answer !
  17. Going by Discogs issue less common than W/D https://www.discogs.com/release/4417254-Obrey-Wilson-In-A-Womans-Eyes
  18. The Yellow issue is a hard to find i believe Forgot i had 1 but never seen 1 in the wild Would to get some input if it is or not ........!
  19. Lookin' forward to Phil returnin' behind our decks again top notch collection to boot & a new venue for him He's up for it again BIG TIME........!
  20. Just a few plays from Saturday at the Cygnet Port Authority Soul Band - Can't Get Down If I Can't Get Up Chocolate Train - Crackerjack Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You The Final Seconds - Society Machine - My Baby Loves Me Next event .......!
  21. last event before our summer break......!

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