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  1. At the Blackpool Weekender there was a room that was supposedly playing Jazz Funk All Dayer Memories. Everything sounded like it was remixed to the same drum beat. Not the Jazz Funk I remember. Bit disappointed!
  2. I'm waiting for this scene to get big again so I can start my DJ-ing career. Got hundreds of 12" singles and albums. Has anybody mentioned that Colin Curtis was a big name on this scene. I suppose most people know that. Couple of tracks to mention: Ripple - The Beat Goes On; T S Monk - Candidate For Love Kay Gees - Latican Funk
  3. until

    Feel I have to comment on this weekend. I don't get out much these days and have never done a weekender, but this was, in my opinion, a cracking weekend. The venue was fantastic, and a great choice of music. I was a bit distracted (in conversation) whilst Gerri Granger and Dee Dee Sharpe were on, so I didn't really get into their acts. However, Bobby Hutton was great, Bettye Lavette was superb, real talent! Also, among many others, a great spot from Mick H in the upstairs room, (I think I got the name right), simply because he played some "big" tunes that are all time favourites of mine. Hats off to all involved.
  4. Anybody think that Anderson would have made a difference to the outcome of this last Test? I personally don't think we're actually much good at batting.
  5. I like to hear Boycott. Very much the Brian Clough of cricket.
  6. I'm generally left handed. When playing football my left foot is as bad as my right.
  7. Yep. They lost it just at the wrong time when English cricket was on the rise again. I think the radio coverage is really good. Some good personalities.
  8. That's possibly my problem. Internet Explorer 9. I'm always a bit behind
  9. Just thought I'd mention that my indexes are a bit random. I have to keep running the cursor over the left hand side to make others appear. Not sure if this is expected or of any use to you. Graham
  10. Yep! I had Striker. It had a barrier thing that attached around the pitch to keep the ball in play - except it distorted all the pitch by pulling up the edges. As a fast flowing game it was decidedly lame.
  11. Have to say Sky Sports' coverage is pretty boring. I'd rather listen to it on the radio.
  12. Dial A Disc !!!
  13. I couldn't believe the reaction to the the Cardiff result. Yes, there were some decent performances, but the Aussies were poor, and still made a game of it. England just don't look any good with the bat. They always seem to lose early wickets, which has a big effect on confidence on both sides.