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  1. Being one of those who photographs at events I'd like to put on record my own ethos on the topic. First and foremost for me, is the absolute need to respect the venue and the people who are attending. This respect is given on the night and in the images I end up choosing to display. I don't photograph for the sake of it. I do it as a way of given something back to a movement I am passionate about. People go to events to hear music and to express that emotional connection on the dance floor. The dance floor is not a place for a person with a camera, its for people who want to dance. I
  2. MartynJJ


  3. Mitch Ryder - blew all my misgivings away as I wasn't sure what to expect when announced last year. A consummate professional and a class act on stage. Very privileged to have witnessed a great performance. I spent a couple of hours in the main hall photographing the sound check in the morning and he made sure Snake Davis and the Suspicions knew exactly what he did and didn't want on the night.
  4. One of my senior managers dropped by yesterday and the conversation went along the lines of. "hey Martyn, I've heard you're into northern soul?" to which I proudly affirmed but knew straight away what was coming...."So you go out at weekends wearing baggie trousers and patches on vests and stuff?" And it's precisely at these moments that I despair and despise all at the same time as I try and explain what really draws me to this movement. The music and the dance culture. Only to be asked "so you dont wear baggie trousers then?" I dont KOKO!!, I dont KTF!!, I dont badge up an
  5. No ... Quadrophenia is a crock of shite This isn't
  6. It wasn't meant to come across that way and apologies if that's the way it seemed. But I fail to understand why anyone wouldn't want to have a quick chat or a polite word if something was bothering them. I go to events like everyone else to enjoy the vibrancy of the scene, enjoy great music and share in the overall experience with like minded people. I'm not asking anyone to put themselves out for my benefit and am not so far up my own arse to ever expect anyone to do so (though I can get a fair way up there when I need to ).
  7. This is a bit of a difficult one for me personally due to the type of images I like to present, those being of the individual lost in that moment, that really captures and portrays the essence of where we all go to when that tune hit's our ears and the only thing we can think about is hitting the floor and losing ourselves in a personal moment. As soon as I ask permission, or indeed if anyone see's a camera pointed at them they will either pose or move away. In either case I have failed personally because I have clearly imposed on their moment and it's gone both for them and for me. At the end
  8. I've seen the film. It's a very fine example of British film work, well worthy of the accolades it's receiving. Elaine and her team have done a great job of really trying to recreate the look and feel of the times and I would imagine all of us in some way will be able to relate to the journey the two young men are on having discovered Northern Soul for the first time, irrespective of when we personally first came to the movement. It's not a documentary and shouldn't be anticipated as such, it's a piece of fiction. But even so the attention to detail is evident in every scene.
  9. Even as paying punters, the event organisers reserve the right to ask us to leave if we misbehave and reserve the right not to sell us tickets in or ban us from their events. So I'm not so arrogant to assume I have any more privilege simply because I purchase a ticket. Hence I consider myself as their guest even if you dont. and irrespective of whether I take a camera along or not. And for the record I always pay at the door or buy tickets like any other event goer
  10. I'm there with the permission of the event organisers so if you have any problems with that then you should take it up with them. At the end of the day we are there as their guests. As I'm not a mind reader then I rely on your goodwill and good nature to point out if you object to being photographed. it's not hard and its not rocket science surely??
  11. From the perspective of one who "snaps" I always ask the permission of the event organiser. It's their event. I always appreciate it if organisers make it known to the event goers that I'm around. If I do take a photo of someone who doesn't wish to be shot then I will delete on request and in front of them so they can be assured the image is gone. Similarly if I post an image and the subject objects, it's taken down straight away. No if's, buts or maybes. I try to be as respectful to the event goers as possible, never intrude on the dancefloor, never shove a camera in someone
  12. Ventured out for our first experience of Different Strokes for the all dayer on Saturday and the place simply blew me away. Great venue with a real underground ambiance, a very friendly and welcoming crowd and a set of DJ's that oozed class. Our thanks to Claire, Emma, Chris Thomson, Debbi B and John Sylvester for the company. And my sincere thanks to Steve and Ricahrd for allowing the privilege to take some images. We will most definitely be back x
  13. I think the sound issue is more to do with the acoustics of Kings Hall and the sound system they were using. It did distract from what was otherwise a very good film. Saw the Avenger parked outside, took me back to the days when I passed my test do used to borrow my father in laws motor to rag around in when he was too drunk to use it. Good times
  14. Sounds similar to the Black Bee experience up here in Manchester. A late soul night in the city center getting a good crowd of young blood in, many of whom have become regulars. They dont have the rules and baggage many of the elder set carry and it makes for a refreshing and energy filled Friday night. The only thing that stands is no drinks on the dance floor and by and large it gets policed well by the clientele themselves. Go for it, you'd be surprised how many young people are out there looking for something new and different. Good luck :-)

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