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  1. El Corol

    Current value?

    Audrey Freeman - Three rooms - Musicor (White Demo) Any ideas? Thanks
  2. El Corol

    northern soul - the current state...?

    The scene has been evolving and fragmenting for a long time now: modern vs 60's, 60's newies vs oldies etc etc. As someone said in an earlier post you think we'd have the best of it all by now as the scene has usually got past the rifts and absorbed the best of the different strains of soul. I think a shift took place in the 90's which in my view started to see less attendee's on the scene - those who still were about were often collectors, the number of "purely" dancers who didn't care about the format of the record was lower than in the 70's and 80s in my opinion. The collectors were the ones (on the whole, but not exclusively) who stuck with the music, form and format were important now; witness events like The Ritz "Rarest of the Rare" it was exciting to be dancing to those records knowing that they were original (someones gonna burst my bubble now and tell e Tim Brown played a boot). In those days I'd argue the majority of attendee's did care about the format being an original far more than the attendees of 20 years previously. Now this informs the debate of OVO because a lot of people who stuck with it through the 90's are going to be a little miffed when people start coming back to the scene and pushing that all aside. Theres bound to be a bit of "but where were you in the dark days when I was in a soul night in the backroom of a pub with 14 blokes and a whippet in attendance". But I don't think that was an obstacle that couldn't be overcome. I suppose there is no one "truth" for the scene (as it was and as it is) its different things for different people, just that in the past the different "types" of soulie (dancer, collector etc) seemed to rub along just fine as most were all still young and out to enjoy themselves and most importantly people were still developing their opinions and views on the scene. Fast forward 30 + years and opinons are more entrenched, whether they were formed in the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's, so division, derision and debate are bound to happen. Dancers on the whole don't care as long as its a good night out so they might not care too much about values that collectors hold dear on the scene, and to me there in lies the rub as "collectors" views are important as they were the lifeblood of the scene during the so called darker years. And should collectors also be more accepting of the attendees who don't care about things like format, originallity, and trouser width? I'm not sure how that circle is squared.
  3. Its like asking whos best: your first love or the current wife
  4. El Corol

    northern soul - the current state...?

    What about the mobility ones!
  5. Why don't we go the whole hog and give him our pin numbers??
  6. El Corol

    Betty Harris/Zilla Mayes

    I have a copy of the 1980 Charly LP - Betty Harris - In The Saddle for sale. This comp has the track All I Want Is You credited to Betty Harris, when actually its the Zilla Mayes version that was included by mistake (the story of how this happened is out there on the net). Also contains Show It, I'm Evil Tonight and her version of Ride Your Pony plus 12 other tracks. Vinyl has light scratches Not Affecting Play. A Wolverhampton Library sticker on one label and back of LP (it wasn't me who knicked it!). For sale @ £4.99 - (cheapest on DisCogs is £15.40 and thats in Croatia) Postage £4.05 in UK
  7. El Corol

    Precisely what is it...?

  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GRUPO-LOS-WANKAS-CHICHA-CUMBIA-7-PERU/192569897459?hash=item2cd60f71f3:g:faQAAOSwi49bJF2R
  9. El Corol

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Does this one count? Not an everyday record by any means, but would you part with £80 to frame it, because both sides jump? https://www.ebay.com/itm/323459465356?_nordt=1&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true
  10. El Corol

    northern soul - the current state...?

    I'm all for profit, but I also believe if you're making one then PAY THE DJ's
  11. El Corol

    What is your genre?

    Yes, good thanks Rob.hope you're all ok? Knocked the 50p soul nights on the head?
  12. El Corol

    What is your genre?

    You must have told us that nine times already.
  13. I see there's an interview with RS in Oct edition of Record Collector (currently available in WH Smith and all good Newsagent's across the land).
  14. El Corol

    100 Club single wanted

    I wonder if its to do with tracked and none tracked decks? I've had records that jump on my non tracked deck but play fine on my tracked decks - just a thought!
  15. El Corol

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    To all of the above /\ just turn over, that will reduce your stress levels


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