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  1. The original "crate digger" R.I.P. John
  2. Amazing voice IMHO. R.I.P. Lou and thanks.
  3. Which release was auctioned??
  4. Hmmm, are we talking the 60s or other decades as I'm thinking Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O Connor & Russ Tamblyn didn't look too divvy. Or are you talking about clips of the man in the street, so to say?
  5. The best version in my opinion. It's unusual for a record to come along and beat the version(s) you've listened to for years (well not too hard to beat Stemmons Express )
  6. Makes NS prices look cheap. Nice piece of pop history though.
  7. Anyone have a Light in the Attic 2nd issue for sale? Please PM Thanks Rob
  8. Can't disagree, certainly soulful, just I'm not so mad for the tune.
  9. Is this actually played at the moment over here or is the demand (price hike) from the lowrider oldies scene? I'm asking as I remember this being a cheap record and around in quantity. A couple of years ago I decided to sell thinking it would be cheap only to see it going around the £100 mark. I sold it (very quickly) to a guy in the state's who wanted it for the other side "Its So Hard To Break a Habit" which to me made sense of the price, demand being for the slow side. Since then I've seen it creep up in value with people asking £200- £250. It almost seems like it was forgotten here and now the price has gone up interest in it seems to have woken up over here, but does it get anything more than a sporadic spin? A mediocre record in my opinion (both sides), but what do I know.
  10. I have this by them......I love these old pink Brunswick single sided demos
  11. Just colour all of the label in the same colour felt, job done
  12. Ok, resurrecting this thread for a couple of reasons: First in reference to some of the confusion above about the date of the very last all-nighter being on Friday 4th Dec or Sat 5th Dec. Well I have just found these old adverts (both from Echoes end of Oct and start of Nov 81) I've kept from back then, both of which state the date is set for Friday 5th December, thing is if you look up a calendar for 1981 the 4th Dec was a Friday and the 5th was a Sat (the November dates are correct). So maybe that's where the confusion comes, the adverts were wrong concerning the Friday 5th date? The main reason I've posted here is that looking at this old stuff I got to thinking does anybody actually have tickets for the Tommy Hunt Oct 2nd 81 "last all-nighter" or the above mentioned very last one ever Dec 4th or 5th all nighter. The reason I ask is I have my tickets for the Fri 4th Sept (last oldies all-nighter) and the Sat Sept 19th (End of an Era - supposed last one) but no tickets for the Tommy Hunt Oct 2nd or Dec 4/5th - both of which I went to and I can't think why I wouldn't have kept them as I'm a hoarder of that sort of stuff and also like a sad git I've an SAE (self addressed envelope, for the youngsters) dated 29th Sept and postmarked Bury, Bolton, Wigan which I've marked (back then) as containing my tickets (yea sad I know) which I'm assuming for the Oct 2nd Tommy Hunt date. Also I always seem to see the End of an Era Sept 19th ticket used in books and never a later one. If someone's got them can they put up scans please.
  13. £500 to 600 I'd have thought Neil, but could be higher with the demand for top 500 sounds?

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