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  1. I’m not convinced he’d have been a good fit at Motown, like Chuck Jackson. Jackie is Jackie and his Brunswick releases are of the highest quality. I’m happy to have them. Awesome singer.
  2. I prefer the Bobby Shannon version.........but not sure I prefer it enough to pay an extra £550 for it!
  3. Interesting singer who adopted styles in a way I can’t think of any other black singers (but happy to be proved wrong)
  4. Some dealers in the States don’t like declaring low value, which they often get asked for by UK buyers, because of the potential hassle/loss if higher price items go missing. Also the hassle of a Brit winning an auction and then not paying for it because dealer won’t declare low value (coz they didn’t check upfront). I think some even see it as unpatriotic to declare low value, funny how they’re happy to take PayPal f&f as payment though to avoid the fees!
  5. Discogs shows one sold in August this year but it looks like that’s the only one and no others for sale.
  6. I used to like Jimmy Burns version, but to be honest they all sound so so to me these days.
  7. Talking of RCA, both RCA singles by Beverley Ann also used to get played a lot.
  8. Ones I remember from the “ Lacca” that used to get played a fair bit; off the top of my head: Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller Rufus Lumley - Stronger Than Me Flame n King - Oh Happy Day Main Change - Sunshine is Her Way As mentioned in the article above Sammy Davis Jr - You Can Count On Me Eddie Holman - This Will Be a Night To Remember Also remember an instrumental version of Sweet Talkin’ Guy ( The Chiffons one) but no idea who it was by, I think Clive Jones used to play it. I also remember him playing Casonova by Coffee and moaning it had nothing to do with
  9. Another sad loss, I Travel Alone was a big record for me in my early days on the scene, saw him at Hinckley back in the 80s. I guess Tobi and Laine were right.
  10. And I mean that with respect, you were privileged to be ahead of the game in terms of the UK scene.

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