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  1. Happy Birthday Mick, hope you've had a cracking day Dave
  2. Happy Birthday Sandra, just keep celebrating until you're sick of being 60, you're only that age once. Dave
  3. What a match, I must say I'm not a big fan of tennis, but having missed the 1976 Virginia Wade win through lack of interest I thought I might just watch this as it's the first time a qualifier has reached the final of a Grand Slam let alone win it, and both the finalists are easy on the eye. There were a few moments where I had my doubts that Emma would pull it off, but she did and no doubt will go on to bigger and better things. Well done Emma!!!
  4. It's a Japanese Toad Lily Kev, Tricyrtus formosanum, it's a hardy perennial, and relatively scarce.
  5. Mame bonsai and gardening pretty much take up all my hobby time.
  6. Came over on the ferry Ted, car full of records.
  7. Happy Birthday Ian, best wishes, Dave
  8. When I was having a summer in Romania a few years back I foolishly bought a plastic bucket of wild strawberries off of a gypsy woman, thinking it must have taken her ages to pick them, there was about an inch of wild strawberries, the rest was paper and a rather large rock. How I laughed.
  9. IMG_20210613_103937.jpg
    Bumblebee on Polemonium caeruleum Brise D'Anjou small tortoiseshell butterfly on Allium neopolitanum var. Cowanii
  10. Nice small cow, I'd love one as a house cow if I drank milk
  11. Are they Belted Galloways? I'm yet to see a Dun Galloway, only ever see Blacks, beautifully gentle beasts!
  12. I'm sure you'll find some people up that way that travel, and probably not that far a distance. There's a few Caledonians that are long term soulies and are still living the life. Good luck Dave
  13. Hi Ruby, you'll find that travelling around becomes the norm, how remote are you? You might find there are other keen travellers living close that could ease you into the allnighter/ weekender scene. Welcome to Soul Source Dave
  14. Happy belated birthday Martyn
  15. I'm still not that good at doing robotics though. Not enough lubrication maybe?
  16. Going out for a meal today in Cleveleys, my last meal out was in the same place before the last lockdown, so I know the system. I'll be having a Guinness or two as well.

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