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  1. Please sign this

    https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/trump_vs_elephants/?cIwWIgb If you care about the welfare of elephants or just want to have a dig at the rich
  2. Steve S 60. Birthday

    Happy birthday Steve, have a beer or three to celebrate. Dave
  3. Suzannek. Birthday

    Happy birthday Suz, have a brilliant day, Dave x
  4. rita and the tiaras

    Hasn't changed much has she?
  5. Show us your great photos (2017)

    I thought about that too, but the balcony has so many plants on it that getting a decent backdrop is very difficult. However, I thought this might confuse you even more. The bear stands about 1.5" tall, though is sitting here. I made him a few ye...
  6. Show us your great photos (2017)

    It'll be better next year Baz, only two years old from a cutting.
  7. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    or what dodgy bootlegs you might be playing.
  8. Show us your great photos (2017)

    My first attempt at growing a bonsai chrysanthemum in Spain, flowering at 4" high.
  9. Smoking

    If they put all the lifts out of action for a day after the employees arrived it would be interesting to see how many bothered to either come back from their first fag break, or risk setting off the sprinkler system by smoking in a toilet/ cupboard.
  10. Songs Heard In Unexpected Places (Again)

    I don't think there's quite that many Steve, came on as I was in the alcoholics aisle, made me linger. Bought a litre bottle of Russian Standard vodka for £9.70 which put an even bigger smile on my face.
  11. Songs Heard In Unexpected Places (Again)

    Shopping in Morrison's, Gibraltar and on comes Twenty-Five Miles, Edwin Starr
  12. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Carry a small amount of sherbet dip in your pocket wrapped in silver foil to remind you of old times and as a conversation starter when stopped by the old Bill
  13. Chalky. Birthday

    Happy birthday Chalky, celebrate all weekend, Dave
  14. Very nice too

    Can the same thought process be applied to Brain's faggots without anyone being offended?
  15. Very nice too

    I do buy Maple syrup, but it doesn't taste like honey. I've been vegan for 41 years, so the meatballs fad was a bit 90's for me when TVP was looking better than it does now in the US. The products that are being ethically produced are made in an attempt to ...