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  1. TattooDave

    Sickening violence at Anfield last night

    Been there, done that, burned the tee shirt
  2. TattooDave

    Sickening violence at Anfield last night

    Times have changed Ste, years ago when cameras weren't everywhere they'd have had a go, but it's a huge risk now unless you happen to be wearing similar black hooded jackets to the rest of the shithouses, the world is supposedly a safer place, but punch someone who has some money behind them too hard and you could end up being prosecuted.
  3. TattooDave

    Sickening violence at Anfield last night

    George Soros according to the media
  4. TattooDave

    Sickening violence at Anfield last night

    No, just thugs who take their bullying seriously, they do what they intend to, then skulk back into the shadows, a bit like the basement dwelling "antifa". I, for one, would love to see the so called "ultras" bitch slapping a bunch of "antifa" and getting the same back, it would be a truly comical spectacle, instead they do a smash and grab raid on middle aged football supporters. Totally cowardly.
  5. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Looks like a willow warbler to me Ste, but I'm no expert
  6. TattooDave

    Sunday Mag article on Stafford TOTW

    The photographer is still working and has an email address: chrissteeleperkins@hotmail.com He might be able to tell you who he was working for
  7. TattooDave

    Free Tommy

  8. TattooDave

    Free Tommy

    Thanks, I used to walk Lord Bath's chimp Charlie in the 70's, he craved attention, Tommy must be so lonely.
  9. TattooDave

    Free Tommy

    Dear friends,Locked up in a tiny green cage, Tommy spends his days completely alone, with nothing but a TV. The only thing resembling his natural habitat is the jungle painted on the concrete walls around him. Chimps are truly incredible -- they are self-conscious, use sign-language to communicate, and develop long-lasting friendships. They can even beat us at pacman! So when we see chimps for what they are -- intelligent, emotional beings -- Tommy’s suffering becomes inexcusable. Now there’s an American court case to recognise Tommy as a legal person instead of a “thing”-- giving him fundamental rights that would set him free. But there's only a tiny legal team to defend him. So when a million people around the world stand with Tommy, Avaaz will submit our names in a legal filing to the judge, advocating for his freedom: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/free_tommy_41/?cIwWIgb Please sign this
  10. TattooDave

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Another that I'll never tire off...
  11. TattooDave

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    One that I never tire of
  12. TattooDave

    my Northern Soul Moan

    Written by Mike d'Abo, first version released was Chris Farlowe, 2 years before Rod got his sticky fingers on it.
  13. TattooDave

    my Northern Soul Moan

    I wonder if anyone in the small Lincolnshire village of Bicker ever considered starting a soul night? I'm sure there's some that would gripe about the music policy.
  14. TattooDave

    Happy Birthday KevinKent

    Happy Birthday Kev, hope you have a great day Dave
  15. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)


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