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    David Hogenson
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    Tattooing, plant poisons, bonsai, Dore records
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    Riviera del Sol
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    Johnny Vanelli - Seven Days Of Loving You

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  1. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Don't bother with the Costa del Sol, it's been throwing it down most of the day, and the rain in Spain runs down the side of the road as they don't clean the drains
  2. TattooDave

    Members Intros - Welcome to Soul Source

    Welcome to the madness that is Soul Source, where tinnitus and cartilage troubles abound. Mind you're step, there's a rocky road ahead of you, but feel free to comment on anything, the most they do isn't that savage as long as you have broad shoulders and a lively sense of humour. Dave
  3. TattooDave

    Northern Soul awards

    You mean I could have won an award?
  4. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    You're my wife now!
  5. TattooDave

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    They are at my father's in the UK, but are replicas of it, I bought the linen at auction in Germany, so it's of the right era.
  6. TattooDave

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    You could play the records as the machine does the work, once you set it up it does it automatically. I had a couple of WW2 items done after the Hitler pillow case made a phenomenal amount of money. They've not entered the market, as yet, but may do after I peg out, after all I used vintage cottons and linen. These days it's very difficult to tell the difference if the bootlegger is worth his salt.
  7. TattooDave

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    You can get an up to date embroidery sewing machine and feed in a scanned image and it will reproduce it. My sister owns one and has done a few things for me, all unrelated to soul, but the results were a lot better than I expected.
  8. TattooDave

    What Is Soul?

    Strangely these four appear to have very little, but know what they're talking about...
  9. TattooDave

    Banned Xmas ad

    Typical, probably the only Christmas advert that doesn't encourage people to spend what they haven't got, and to think about the impact that some of their purchases make on a planet that is terminally ill. have you got a link? Never mind, found it. https://www.change.org/p/release-iceland-s-banned-christmas-advert-on-tv-nopalmoilchristmas
  10. TattooDave

    Amusing Car Stickers

    This one is available apparently...
  11. TattooDave

    Happy Birthday Steve S 60

    Hope you have a great day Steve, Dave
  12. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    A canny blackbird would nest in the firethorn, about the only thing that would threaten them then is a stoat.
  13. TattooDave

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    The bush is a Pyracantha angustifolia, commonly known as firethorn, an excellent burglar deterrent, and thick enough to deter even the most determined of cats from catching blackbirds and the likes. Vicious and rewarding, a nice combination.
  14. TattooDave

    Trick or Treat

    I've had a couple of the little blighters come in previous years, but most leave crying as with Happy barking and me answering the door in a devil mask and cape with just red lights for illumination (it means something different in Spain) I don't make anyone really welcome on a night when I'd sooner curl up with a horror movie and a large Absolut and tonic. This year they'd need waterproof clothing and umbrellas if they were to brave it as it's been bucketing down since 3pm and the tiled steps are deadly (they'd be an ideal place to put the bear-traps.
  15. TattooDave

    Best Intro. To Record

    Subtle perfection...


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