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  1. BBC Pay List

    I don't think you're obliged to have a licence in the UK, check out the YouTube videos on the subject. You are entering into a contract with the BBC by doing so. I don't watch TV whilst in Spain, so haven't a license, despite having 3 TVs.
  2. Show us your great photos (2017)

    It's a Canna, Wyoming is the variety.
  3. when is 24hrs not 24hrs?

    Strangely there's two locksmith firms near me, one has 24 horas (Spanish) on the back, the other 25 horas, I've been meaning to take a photo, but seldom walk that way with a camera.
  4. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Lovely place, went there many years ago and a male chaffinch flew in through the car window and sat on the dash waiting for crumbs from our sandwiches.
  5. A bit of modern from one of the other Jacksons...
  6. Please sign this petition

    Yes, I know about them, they do some excellent work.
  7. My Bucket List

    I've seen it from Canada, and the aurora australis from Melbourne, but I'd like to do the full bit, ice hotel, dog sleds etc. to see the northern lights from Europe too. Dave
  8. My Bucket List

    Most of my bucket list I choose to keep private, but this is a recent find that I fully intend on seeing in person. What's on yours?
  9. Please sign this petition

    Thanks Karen and welcome to Soul Source
  10. how well do you know manc stuff?

    I guessed them all and got a pitiful 3, don't like the place, so why should I know anything about it?
  11. Happy Birthday bearsoul

    Happy Birthday Chris, have a wonderful day. Did you know Beethoven was a terrible dancer! Dave
  12. The Masqueraders enter America's Got Talent

    Brought a tear, or many, to my eyes, beautiful.
  13. Please sign this petition

    Thanks to everyone that signed so far, please feel free to pass on the petition link to friends and family. Thanks again guys.
  14. Please sign this petition

    Spot on Peter, it's banned in quite a few towns in other parts too, but every big town has it's bullring.