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  1. surprisingly the cockspur hawthorn has enormous thorns, but this variety has none and a different leaf to the species, the world of plants is quite surreal at times.
  2. Looks like it to me too, a thornless hawthorn if ever I saw one.
  3. It not a tree you bump into on a daily basis, and the leaves are pretty much identical to our native hawthorn. I'm amazed that it's in leaf already, hopefully spring will spring forth soon as I return to England on Tuesday. There aren't many trees that have leaves like a hawthorn, so well spotted.
  4. It's Crataegus crusgalli, the Cockspur Hawthorn, a thornless cultivar as the species is heavily armed.
  5. Happy birthday Pete, I hope Ace gets some cake too Dave
  6. If he'd spent five days lying on the platform it might easily have been a Sunday morning, midnight the tube seems to be far more busy than the one other evident passenger, unless he'd persuaded all the other late night people to stand behind him, which somehow seems unreal, as I'd have told him to f off.
  7. Definitely a Sunday morning photo, I've seen tons of mice on the underground after the 100 Club closes
  8. I used to go bush beating as a teenager to supplement my habits and have only ever seen one shot. I'm sure there's a dead one in a famous painting, though by whom I have no idea as I'm a little gin fogged at the moment
  9. Not taken by me, but well worth a share as it's probably the nicest photo of a Bedlington that I've ever seen.
  10. My father used to use all sorts of words that baffled me, he'd call a thrush a throstle, which I thought was something to do with the woollen industry, and he always called them "a walk of snipe", I'm with you, I prefer "wisp" or "whisp". Apparently they are good eating, though the source of that wasn't my father, he barely ate meat apart from pork pies and haslet.
  11. I was always told that it's "a walk", which sounds weird.
  12. Admittedly the leaf shape does look similar to Crataegus monogyna, even if it isn't, it is still an earlier than normal sign of spring.
  13. My Chinese elm are just coming into leaf and that's in the south of Spain. I'm puzzled! (commonplace occurrence)
  14. Curiously lacking in thorns, I'd like a close up of the leaves as I think you might have stumbled on something strange.

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