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  1. Maybe they should be banned from the football league and domestic competitions completely, I'd be content with that.
  2. It's time for a fans revolt, don't buy their merchandise or go to their games. ps. I'm banned from my clubs ground!
  3. Don't support either teams, but would sooner see the foxes win.
  4. It's just a clean up email as stated, if you're inactive for a long period it's presumed you are no longer either interested, alive or whatever. Now you've logged back in, you will be fine for another year or so, so maybe stay around, get involved or just lurk awhile.
  5. I've done it over the years and it's never been a problem Julian, my cousin in New Jersey is a little fed up of it though.
  6. Much too long, life needs to get back to a more normal insanity level
  7. Happy belated birthday Kev, hopefully see you soon! Dave
  8. Well done Andy, looks great! Have you thought about getting in touch with breweries, they might have some that are surplus to requirements?
  9. How many 'O's does a man need in his name?
  10. Another dose of ridiculousness, if you are of the generation that watched TOTP, this might raise a smile
  11. It is secret in that it's privately owned and not open to the public, it was fun working there, but the owner, being a multi-millionaire didn't like to part with his cash, so the budget was very tight and the wages ridiculously low.
  12. It's a very small patch Neil, I used to be a head gardener of this 2.5 acres many years ago, but I'm getting old. The tree visible just to the left of the central lawn breaking the horizon is one I planted.
  13. Spring bulb display and Oak leaved primula , all planted in Lancashire after I arrived from Spain in late September.

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