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  1. Happy belated birthday, not been on here since the middle of last week in my defence. I hope you had a memorable day and weekend.
  2. Thanks Louise, these are my darkest days, thankfully there are chinks in the clouds (no not Oriental pilots) and whatever happens I know I'll always keep him in my thoughts as I do my mother.
  3. Thanks Steve, she's the only thing that gets me out and talking to people, I would have emptied every bottle of alcohol in the house if it wasn't for her needing her exercise. Dave
  4. She was my father's gun-dog, her name is Ruby and she's the best behaved dog I've ever had the pleasure to walk. She was abused before my father got her, but is a very loving and loyal companion. She went to the funeral and pulled to the grave side to look down into the grave, that is where I fell apart. Dave
  5. Having recently lost my father I've gained a dog.
  6. Hi Pete, it's good to see you are both doing well, I've been taking a backseat too, life forces you to do that once in a while. Dave
  7. it's hemp, a close relative, but doesn't deliver the required effect.
  8. Tattoodave

    100 Club 6TS

    They aren't needed
  9. Happy birthday Swifty, hope you've not been two quiet. Dave
  10. It seems strange that he would adopt such a wardrobe. I have no idea what his fanbase is, but I would have thought moonstruck genderfluid teens were a majority, and they will have no idea of the significance of his baggies and vest. If he were to have learned some solid dance steps before doing the video then maybe it would have been more enjoyable and have a modicum of relevance.
  11. I don't think he is a soul boy, unless you meant in the sense of the film of that name. His moves are more Bob Fosse than any dancefloor I've been on. Admittedly he has a pleasant enough voice, and it will probably do Worthing pier some good.
  12. Tattoodave

    100 Club 6TS

    train booked, but depending on how my father's health is I don't know whether I'll be there, I'm hoping!!!!!!
  13. the fully open flower at the bottom middle, what colour is the flower? Looks unusual

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