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  1. Please sign this

    That's great Pete, I'm sure there's quite a few ex-services on SS, so hopefully they'll all get this up and running.
  2. Please sign this

    Thanks Ian, I can remember them going through that window as if it was yesterday.
  3. Please sign this

    Here's another one, this time, quite a personal thing as I was watching it happen from the other side of the park on my birthday; Here’s the link: https://www.change.org/p/andy-mcnab-give-a-home-to-sas-hero-bob-0017f681-18bb-4e53-bd07-6c1d8a0c14da?u...
  4. This is currently one that I play on a daily basis,
  5. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    I did leap off the balcony at Wigan, and nearly broke my ankle doing it
  6. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Believe it or not Steve there's a variety called November gold, or at least there used to be, usually it flowered in December, so they probably changed it's name.
  7. Christmas Holidays

    I finish at 5pm on Saturday, as long as my client arrives at 1pm, if he's late then I'll finish when I've done three hours and I'll leave the cleaning up until Wednesday morning, otherwise I'll get things put in the autoclave, switch it on, quickly wipe down ...
  8. Christmas Holidays

    If you get fed up with him/ her, I'll have him/ her
  9. soul food

    Gwen Stewart likes being treated to a dessert....
  10. soul food

    probably the ultimate....
  11. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Another Freudian slip?
  12. soul food

    The Whispers - The Dip
  13. soul food

    Jewel Akens - A Slice Of The Pie
  14. Postage cost to spain

    I've not had anything go astray either, I sometimes have to visit the post office to pick it up, showing my passport etc. but it's only a twenty minute walk.
  15. Best current whisky offers

    I seem to remember that one of the cheaper blended whiskeys was voted the best tasting by so called connoisseurs (I had to look up the spelling as my gin intake today has been sky high) a few years ago. I don't mind a whiskey with a drop of lime cordial, but...