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  1. I had a neighbour in Minnesota, ex USN who was in Tora Tora Tora, didn't get paid for it as they used the Navy as extras, wouldn't get away with it now. RIP Tommy Spitzberger
  2. A lot of films couldn't be produced without CGI, the film industry relies on it as much as we rely on the availability of electricity.
  3. To be honest, none of the films based on King's novels have been that impressive, even the Shining didn't have the scare of the book. I'd like to see James Herbert's "The Ghosts of Sleath" done as a film, I think the technology is now available that would make it a good watch.
  4. Happy Christmas to all, Happy Holidays to those not on this continent, Nappy Holidays to the incontinent and a Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all. Let's get this thing beat and get back to the dancefloor. Dave
  5. To be honest Len, James Blackwood has been a daily watch for months, I feel I know the raccoons as well as he does, and they never fail to cheer, considering I've had them in the roof space of two properties in my life and they are usually vicious little buggers. I try and go out of my way to put a smile on peoples faces, usually in bewilderment, but it works, friendliness is contagious. Here's one that tickles me, but most people will just say "Why?"
  6. There will always be impersonators of trend setters Robb, I hope your skills are better than his.
  7. Happy belated birthday to the best Red Green lookalike out there. Dave
  8. I joined the army in November of 1976 and went to St Ives and Peterborough nighters up to that date as well as Wigan and Cleethorpes regularly, and can remember Betty Boo being played at St Ives and Peterborough Wirrina, I can't remember the Flamma Sherman track, but then my mind isn't what it used to be.
  9. Malus is the scientific name of all apples, wild crab apples are about 1/3 size of apples, the cultivated varieties have tiny fruit, usually in profusion. I'm amazed at the variety available, I'm collecting fruit at the moment to grow as small bonsai from seed.
  10. It's a crab apple (Malus), wouldn't know the variety though, might be "Evereste", there's plenty of varieties. The grass is difficult to identify too, as I'm not sure it's a grass, this time of year there's a plethora of plants in seed that have lost their leaves, rendering identification difficult without actually examining them.
  11. With all the rain it could have been a beaver.
  12. But did you know that there's a wasp that actually preys on the larvae of the oak gall wasp by laying it's egg in the gall to eat the larvae when it hatches? Nature is fascinating, but sometimes not that pleasant.

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