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    Tattooing, plant poisons, bonsai, Dore records
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    Bourne, Lincolnshire
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    Johnny Vanelli - Seven Days Of Loving You

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  1. I'll have to cope Steve, it's a little daunting for a self confessed pillock, I just hope the locals understand my mumbling, I get some strange looks in Lincolnshire.
  2. I'm good thanks Swifty, moving to Lancashire in the next few days, I'll have to learn a whole new dialect. Dave
  3. Happy belated birthday Swifty. Dave
  4. I enjoyed it, 30 minutes of escapism on a Wednesday night does no-one any harm. I hope Anthony's love of soul continues for as long as mine and other's on here, if his friends teach him well he's in for the ride of his life as there's far more knowledge now about the music than there has ever been, and with a curious mind he'll go far. Good luck to him, maybe see him at the 100 Club sometime.
  5. Happy Birthday Martyn, Have a wonderful day Dave (ditto)
  6. probably damp rot fungus then, never experienced it before, are you sure it wasn't alien?
  7. Steve, I doubt if it's of plant origin, looks more like animal, maybe a spiders nest or even an alien pod!!
  8. It's definitely a palm frond, this will give you some idea, though it isn't the right species
  9. Happy Birthday Guv, hope it's been a happy and healthy one Dave
  10. Pigging out on beetroot burgers followed up by bagel pudding (my own invention after baking bread for a week and letting the bagels go stale), I don't think I'm any madder than I was a month ago, but that's not saying much. Thanks all, ran out of likes, might try to take my hat off to you, see if that works (it doesn't).
  11. Happy belated birthday Dave, Dave
  12. All's well here, incredibly quiet, yet only heard the cuckoo this morning. I've been thrown out of a few countries, never banished to one, I'll have to try that.
  13. I'm in Lincolnshire Ste, left Spain in February just before the lockdown, going stir crazy but as long as there's alcohol in the house I can enjoy seeing double and talking to myself. Missing the 100 club though. Dave
  14. That's right, I will have, they are Spanish bluebell hybrids, a real menace as they breed with the native ones and they reproduce faster, nice enough in a garden if you have to have them, but should be banished to the Iberian peninsula. Unlike me!!

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