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  1. Chalky, how do old mate, fraid I'm not too good on two anymore, nor have I been anywhere since YM/02, but was a breath of fresh to come across the Inky, Bons etc page, sparkin up a few thoughts from daze gone....
  2. Awrite Knocker, sorry bout misidentification, s'funny, I thought JG initially but the slightly longer hair threw me. Fraud I'm not so mobile these days after RTA back in 86, nor have I been anywhere since YM/02, which is more than sad but being sat all nite insteadve being able to dance at will ruins one's head (!) if kwim. Apart from all that I was dead pleased to come across the Inky, Bons page and to read names not heard for decades, and to find that you're still a-Okeh. Keep On Bro.
  3. As a pps, Bons was where me and me bruv, Pete, first got the bug, Tuesday nights reg, Mick Goodwin and Phil Wilmott etc, until the night Rat Deakin went barmey at us n Johnny Green for god knows what reason, never bothered after that, cheers. Beetle.
  4. Pauline at middle/back... Isn't that Nocker gazing up at Nev ¿? Graham in bottom rh in blue/white striped top. Remember when Mona took the toilets as bluey apothecary one midweek. Bout the night Nev played Gone With The Wind to massive acclaim. No mention of little Ann here, last saw Glynn Murcock Sammys do in 89, Pete Hayes in all. Wendy, no mention of Christine Hindmarsh, ended up with Vin. Bout Mick Harris, Lynn Everidge. Fk, not seen Terry Dean, (Mr Bright eyes), since 78 anat would've been Inky Social..... Just down from Sportsman/Grassmoor, 76/77, was Graham's, Jez's, Bright Br
  5. S'cuse me, I've been away from the scene for some while : - whats a carver, also what does O V O mean ? Also - if anybody can >> please tell Peb Stone that SW would like back the records he and his pal 'borrowed' back in 1998. Thank-you all.
  6. Mate, I'm from Derbyshire, Ashover to start then dumped in Matlock Bath. I had a blue n silver issue then a pink Big Top, am sure. But am equally as sure that I had Happy Velvet Hammer on a same sort Suomi blue label with, again, silvered detail which I got from Soul Bowl, but which no one else seems to know about???? Is my recollect going W e s t....
  7. Bit late to this but no-one mentions the dark blue/silver script Suomi label issue that I got from S Bowl. I know I had it, sold it to Rob Wigley in 93 "I think
  8. Sos peeps - Ayup Chalky how you doing mate, been somewhile.
  9. and Judi Scott - Billy Sunshine/Page One

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