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  1. S'cuse me, I've been away from the scene for some while : - whats a carver, also what does O V O mean ? Also - if anybody can >> please tell Peb Stone that SW would like back the records he and his pal 'borrowed' back in 1998. Thank-you all.
  2. Mate, I'm from Derbyshire, Ashover to start then dumped in Matlock Bath. I had a blue n silver issue then a pink Big Top, am sure. But am equally as sure that I had Happy Velvet Hammer on a same sort Suomi blue label with, again, silvered detail which I got from Soul Bowl, but which no one else seems to know about???? Is my recollect going W e s t....
  3. Bit late to this but no-one mentions the dark blue/silver script Suomi label issue that I got from S Bowl. I know I had it, sold it to Rob Wigley in 93 "I think
  4. Sos peeps - Ayup Chalky how you doing mate, been somewhile.
  5. and Judi Scott - Billy Sunshine/Page One

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