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  1. My memory is a little fuzzy now, but I seem to recall when I was doing the Stafford interviews at one point Pat Brady and I went off on a tangent talking about how much we'd spent on tunes that were believed to be rare. I'm fairly certain that Pat said the first time he'd ever heard of a thousand pound cash money only deal (i.e. no records or cars/scooters/fishing equipment etc included in the deal), was when he personally had £1000 in notes counted into his hand. I think the record concerned was Junior McCants, and I think the buyer was Gary Spencer. Now as I say my memory isn't that reliable
  2. Can this be pre ordered ? is there a link or will it be available through Source Store ?
  3. I don't know the answer to your question, sorry, but I've been collecting the label for a great many years so feel I have some input that might help you. Because of its origins at the Catacombs and my black RCA addiction you'd wonder why I've sold one and given one away without keeping one (same score on WDH copies as well 1 sold 1 given away) The reason is that it has that unfortunate beat that is impossible to dance traditional northern soul style dancing to. Vocally and production wise its a fabulous record, but it becomes a very difficult sell due to the dance floor issue unless you can
  4. I had a small quantity of the Boy needs a girl Junior McCants 45 some years back and couldn't sell them for love nor money. I liked the messiness of it and didn't think it was that well known so it fitted my agenda of bringing forward lesser knowns at that time. I virtually had to give them away to get rid. This would have been the early Albrighton era when most folk were very open minded to the whole spectrum of rare soul. In fact I put it on one of my snippet sales cassettes and didn't sell a single copy (think I was aking £8 and dropped it to £4) which never happened with those cassette sal
  5. Such a great lad, a proper bloke. I can't help but think he'd be devastated to think his records went up in flames He idolised Mick Smith, he'd always sing his praises as a record hunter, seller, collector and DJ (of course he wasn't wrong) He found a record the one time and decided that I literally had to buy it and that no one else should own it ( I still have it btw)
  6. any chance of a scan or photo ?
  7. That was a great read and a great story, thanks guys ! To think if she hadn't left The Wonderettes we would never have had the two sided Big Wheel gem
  8. Haven't had time to listen to it all the way through, just hopped along every few mins, but managed to find a brief introduction between some tracks and it probably is Max, its always difficult to tell who a DJ is on an old live tape, but the way he says things, he was still saying similar phrases right to the end of his DJ'ing life. Safe to say it is him for now. I will find the time to listen to it properly and get back to you
  9. Because I felt as you did about never getting a bargain I promised myself years ago that if I ever had one of those " I paid 50p for a £500 record and it played well, arrived on time, etc" it would be a sign that my collecting career had run its course and it was time to call it a day. The following day I was just about to turn off the computer and I spotted a Livin the Nightlife on Wand, approx £6 including the postage. It had been listed for the other side, which is actually my favourite side. I suppose at the time it would have sold for maybe £250-300. Of course I bought it, and immediately
  10. Most of the scene at that time were fortunate enough to see them perform this live. Totally captivated, perfect exciting dancer for that era. My top 20 N/S records of all time change daily, but this almost always features, because part of being a purist is refusing to deny what actually happened, which records were and weren't played, enjoyed, danced to etc
  11. Liked it then, still like it now, "Dena Barnes " These Heartaches
  12. It'll always be JJ Barnes to me, but I'm a dedicated fan of the art of covering up.
  13. Fab Jades, 1606 dollars, I know its become quite popular with the dancers lately, but what sort of price has it been selling for prior to this auction ( I know this is a tricky question because of the counterfeits which might get listed as originals)
  14. Martin Robinson was after one of these the other week, will message him

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