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  1. Is it just me that prefers this side - ?
  2. purist

    Heir Hunters on BBC

    This morning on BBC on their Heir Hunters programme one of the subjects they were trying to find heirs for was John Powney. I wasn't watching the programme but as soon as they said the name it immediately had my attention. If you don't watch this show it's about the companies that make their living tracking down heirs when the person who has died hasn't left a will or any obvious family. They work through records of births/deaths/mar..
  3. Didn't know this had been reissued? Is there any demand? Is it worth anything?
  4. purist


    I think you should be allowed to post on the thread something like - " I've twice offered you a minter for £300 and you didn't even bother to respond. If you had replied, either with 'will you take £275 inc post', or ' sorry wasn't expecting it to be that expensive, the last one I saw was £50', or even ' sorry, spent all my money on another record, once I've got some money together I'll hopefully find you still have it availabl..
  5. purist

    he bitter & the sweet

    a mate of mine paid £500 for it a while back because he was sick of waiting for it
  6. purist

    Edwin Starr ‎– Time / Running Back And Forth

    seconds after I read this wants post, I opened up ebay and my eyes fell upon this exact record. Here's the sellers email - It's Barry May in Warrington, assume he's a member on here also?? (soul galore?? ) hope this helps you. btw, why does it have to be the copy with the small writing? ebay item number - eBay item number: 232670885332
  7. purist

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    Isn't it the same as it always was? that people will want to cherry pick your collection for the best bits and leave you with the 95% that has become very hard and time consuming to sell, that is unless you have a collection that's all big time classic oldies & top rarities which owe you absolutely nowt because you bought them off the bowl list for £2-£8 years ago. In the past every time (except the mid to later 80's) people ..
  8. purist

    Wolfies soul club - Lou & Woody

    Fast becoming the must attend soul night club of this era. Quality tunes, quality people.
  9. purist

    News: Discatron Revisited!

    Great idea and best of luck with it. As has been said above the stylus - and importantly the weight/pressure bringing it into contact with the records is the key for collectors. Also if you are using one for crate diving then the system that delivers the sound through headphones needs to acurately represent the true sound of the disc, not with added bass or any modern fangled unwanted sound suppresion, which I'm assuming you'd have o..
  10. purist

    Combinations - Kimtone

    Don't think I've ever seen this red issue, does anybody have a scan of what it looks like?
  11. purist


    just watched the final two episodes of season one, and in ep 9 "Story of a Scar" I heard a tune I'd never have expected to pop up - Stone Crush On You - O.T. Sykes (Fun City) ! Like most folk I dislike it when northern tunes are added to TV, Adverts, etc, just to try to be trendy, or sell to a certain age group, but when they pop up unexpectedly with no knowledge of our scene then it always makes me smile. O.T. Sykes gem is from..
  12. absolutely, although we called the collars penny round (the bigger one) or half penny round for the smaller, more dog ear types. The shirts with those collars followed on as button down Ben Sherman's were going out. We continued to call every style of short colourful fitted leather jackets Budgie for ages, until the popularity of big loose bomber jacket (not sure, would they have come in at the start of the 80's, a.k. a. the Wigan/St..
  13. Where I grew up we called shoes Royals (or Royle's) that were the same boxy type of shoes as the brogues (which i think were roomier in height than today's examples) but without the "decoration", hence a completely smooth finish with 8 or 10 eyelets. They had quite a thick sole, probably double the standard leather sole of that era (local cobblers would replace the thin standard sole of the cheapo copies of these shoes, and do what t..
  14. purist

    need pennies to help a friend

    That Paul Smith could happily have come live with me, but the reason for me commenting is to say what a lovely looking thing that Probe label copy of Choice Of Colour is. I think I'd read that it got released somewhere like the Phillipines on Probe, but never seen one in the flesh (or is this from somewhere else?)
  15. Hi Dave, I used to play this track from her Equal Opportunity CD (15 years ago might be right as said above, but I'd have thought a bit further back maybe? came to prominence after The Good Gotta Suffer 45 became a regular spin and I'd have guessed 20 years ago for that? ) From memory it had a pink cover. There was another track from the same CD album that went down well with the dance floor back in those days - might be "Don't Get O..