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  1. The Joe F doesn't sound like the same singer on other tunes I've heard credited to him, I wonder if this was a songwiters cut for Joe F to learn the tune from?
  2. purist

    I won!!

    When you see all these competitions advertised on TV I tend to think they are just catch-pennies. Really glad you won, restores my faith in humanity
  3. purist

    Dave Clegg

    Really sad news. Dave was one of my most favourite people ever on the scene. Everybody knew him as a laugh, but he was always kind and supportive to me. Back in the day I've had several promoters come up to me and say ' Dave Clegg has told me I have to book you'. I never knew what to say to that.I like to think of myself as a gentleman in the proper sense of the word, and that's the most apt description for Dave. At Dave Rimmer's wife's funeral in the car on the way home my wife asked me while we were at the doo afterwards what I'd been talking to Dave about. I said I couldn't remember, she said ' well you've been talking for about four hours non stop to each other'. He had some great stories, even if you'd heard them multiple times before.A memory has just popped into my head. One night at the 100 club Niter, mid way through the night Dave appeared. Some body called him on it, saying ' where you been, part timer '. He told us that he'd travelled 60 miles to some soul night, then gone a further 200 miles in the opposite direction up to Blackpool to see some artist at a doo up there, but then came down to the 100, which clocked up another 250 miles. " Can't miss the 100 club" he said. I wish I could remember the instant witty comment I gave him, but he did a double take over his shoulder, first with a snarling angry face, then with a massive grin. He literally picked me up and said " I love you Mr Pugh". I shall treasure that memory for as long as I live.
  4. you might have heard me play it Daz
  5. purist

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    I wonder how many beside 'Willie' have Teri on lead? SOS is definitely CC, so maybe there's other tracks that feature other girls on lead ? My hearing isn't that great to distinguish between them all, though Teri is different vocally to CC
  6. purist

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    sounds the same to me, just with an introduction
  7. purist

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    One of the two middle ones on the back row ? Don't know if I've still got the album, seem to think they named all five members, anybody got it handy to check ?
  8. purist

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    Christine Cooper is a puzzle to me. I bought the Teri Nelson album donkeys years ago, and the version of S-O-S on that album is the same as the CC 45. I used to wonder if the vocalist on the Teri Nelson tracks was the same person as CC, but I read that Teri Nelson Group wasn't ever a group as such, just Teri and various backing vocalists she'd used. The photo on the album cover has three girls who all could be the same person as on the really poor quality video from those old Shivaree shows on youtube, she appears to have a gap between her front teeth but sadly the album photo has them posed with their mouths shut. Is the general concensus that Parkway was not exactly run correctly/legally/ineptly ? Has anyone got a clear photo of CC, or have any confirmed info on her?
  9. purist

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    I always thought I'd heard a different version to that green label Pretention one, so glad somebody else remembers it. You've made my day !
  10. Then, as now, I believe the arguments helped attendances at venues that were labelled 60's Newies etc. It made people nail their colours to the mast. My favourite thing from this whole backward and forward debate, was being fortunate to go round Dave Hitch's house as he decided to sell off all his rare 60's northern to finance buying new and independent release 80's. I think between myself and one of the main Stafford DJ's we had most of his very impressive collection, a lot of which found it's way onto the turntables of the venues playing rare 60's, so for all his disagreements in the columns of Black Beat in his way he helped promote the 60's scene !
  11. purist

    20 Classics Rarities & Dancers Just Listed

    That ZZ 45 shares the same backing track as ???? rarer Okeh item possibly ? solo male artist, damn my memory, grr
  12. I wonder if it's a chrome thing ? I'm having the same problem. Even if i go into advanced search and select north america only it still shows records in belgium, UK, etc. When I choose the item location and click "see all" the box opposite is empty, so I cant choose north america or whatever because there are no choices if i go onto ebay uk the only choices are worldwide, euro , within distance etc could it be anthing to with the bit that says " post to and it has my postcode?
  13. Back when JMM started it's domination of the rare soul scene, I remember some of the boys playing the Black Nasty version at venues like Albrighton etc and I was completely dismissive of it, because I was doing a straight comparison. I will always adore JMM, but these days I understand the Black Nasty and how it's different approach has something to offer. Older & Wiser maybe, but still voted JMM
  14. purist


    That would be me Ted still got it still plays perfectly. btw, would love to see a photo of this stock issue please Stanley !
  15. Is it just me that prefers this side - ?


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