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  1. It'll always be JJ Barnes to me, but I'm a dedicated fan of the art of covering up.
  2. Fab Jades, 1606 dollars, I know its become quite popular with the dancers lately, but what sort of price has it been selling for prior to this auction ( I know this is a tricky question because of the counterfeits which might get listed as originals)
  3. Martin Robinson was after one of these the other week, will message him
  4. title says 4 records but you've only listed 3? HTH
  5. Good luck to all my fellow Source Fantasy League Managers. Girth hoping to do a repeat, and will take some beating. As well as doing this league I'm also trying a Fantasy Draft with my son and some young lads. I will probably finish bottom, so if anybody has played this Fantasy Draft before can you please give me some pointers, some doo's and don'ts ?
  6. A similar really nice condition WDJ went for £1000 on discogs, so this price doesn't surprise me, even taking into account the WDJ is more common than the stock issue. It's been a guaranteed floor filler for a long time, 20 years maybe? so the demand has outstripped supply a long time back, 60-150 seemed to be the price for a while, but once it crossed over from the rare scene to mainstream venues it doubled overnight and then kept climbing in price as more prospective DJ's decided they wanted it for their local clubs, as is often the way once rare scene tunes reach that tipping point. It's the Jessie Davis I'm surprised at. To be honest I didn't see it or I'd have bid on it. I think that's bargain of this list, although I remember trying to buy Esther Grant many years ago and being told the seller didn't want to sell to me as he'd had an offer of £8000. I don't know if the sale went through, but I never got it Quite a few on this list I don't know, which seems to be happening more and more lately
  7. The word Waylo just jumped to the front of my brain, and a quick check on Discogs and there it is. It was indeed Jackie Ross and perhaps the reason it didn't show up on internet searches is because the remade version has no gap in the title, so it's called selfishone, not Selfish One. If anybody has a copy could they please let me hear it, the official A title is I'm Gonna Make It Without You, but I want to hear the remade selfishone. They appear easy to buy at around 10 dollars, which kinda makes me think it's worse than I remember, but 1988 productions in general weren't soul musics finest hour, even if Willie Mitchell was involved
  8. Thanks for trying, sadly not Ty Karim. I feel it was at least a sizeable hit the first time round, at least a radio hit. I'm guessing the artist didn't feel they'd earned enough first time, so another try with another label ( the 2nd attempt wasn't as strong as the first one)
  9. great idea, but the one I mean is the same artist having another go at the record she'd made before. Thanks for trying
  10. Some years back I stumbled across an alternative version of a classic soul song, done by the same artist but in a more relaxed 70's style, as opposed to the early/mid 60's original. When I thought about it yesterday I began to wonder of it was Jackie Ross 'Selfish One'? In it's original guise It was a record that was played on the scene in the earlier days, but also one that had achieved chart success. I'm not talking about a remake done as part of Ian Levine's project, this is something that I'd guess was remade in the 70's or early 80's. I remember first seeing it on ebay maybe a dozen years back or more, by a seller in europe. For the life of me I can't remember if I bought it, and without knowing what it's called I've no way of finding it in my collection, short of going through every single record. Any help appreciated
  11. Expect she'll turn her Dragon northwards, to get even with sour puss back stabbing Sansa (who all the rumours seem to be saying will end up sitting on the throne at the end. I hope not, never liked her character, but with no obvious love interest available to John Snow if Dany dies I could see him doing the "I'm off to live beyond the wall" and passing the throne on to Sansa) I'm just hoping they immediately make the books he set earlier (Hedge Knight) into a prequel series. Much smaller scale, but not sure I think GOT has improved once they got into all this massive scale stuff
  12. congratulations to Girth Devon on taking the league title. I happily finished in the same position as my team, Wolves, gloriously seventh
  13. you haven't made it plain which version you are looking for, the one that plays Candy in the sand on the flip or the one that plays Give me your heart? there is usually a difference in the price between the two versions. Also, what is the reason you don't want any of the ones offered on Discogs? are you looking for a super minter, or a bargain price for a "looks rough but plays okay to DJ with"?
  14. A mate of mine/distant relative was one of the patients on the first series (S1ep2) where they drained every bit of blood from his body and froze him in order to tackle a tumour that was growing up the biggest blood vessel in your body. I found it both fascinating and horrible at the same time. On a tangent, he likes a bit of Northern
  15. purist

    Gornal soul club

    this saturday, what time is it on to, what time last admission?

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