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    just watched the final two episodes of season one, and in ep 9 "Story of a Scar" I heard a tune I'd never have expected to pop up - Stone Crush On You - O.T. Sykes (Fun City) ! Like most folk I dislike it when northern tunes are added to TV, Adverts, etc, ...
  2. absolutely, although we called the collars penny round (the bigger one) or half penny round for the smaller, more dog ear types. The shirts with those collars followed on as button down Ben Sherman's were going out. We continued to call every style of short c...
  3. Where I grew up we called shoes Royals (or Royle's) that were the same boxy type of shoes as the brogues (which i think were roomier in height than today's examples) but without the "decoration", hence a completely smooth finish with 8 or 10 eyelets. They had...
  4. need pennies to help a friend

    That Paul Smith could happily have come live with me, but the reason for me commenting is to say what a lovely looking thing that Probe label copy of Choice Of Colour is. I think I'd read that it got released somewhere like the Phillipines on Probe, but never...
  5. Hi Dave, I used to play this track from her Equal Opportunity CD (15 years ago might be right as said above, but I'd have thought a bit further back maybe? came to prominence after The Good Gotta Suffer 45 became a regular spin and I'd have guessed 20 years a...
  6. Irish Club,Nottingham, quality of soul

    car parking info, near as poss, disabled
  7. A visit to this club is on my bucket list
  8. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    Pathe Marconi on the sleeve makes you think it's French?
  9. Val Palmer - Back In My Arms Again

    Just to be clear, are you saying that the version that is on the Dianne & New Worlds album is identical to the 45 version by Val Palmer? or do you mean it's the identical backing track with different singers? or the same singer but perhaps a different tak...
  10. Gloria Jones Ebay Madness!

    ................. but worth all of £150 on a good day
  11. Perhaps some knowledgeable person will correct me, but I always thought that The Cat Walk (jingly bells tune) was played on the scene originally only because it was a play on the name Catacombs? Maybe they thought it would become their theme tune? Obviously...
  12. fantasy football

    after copying Leicester last two seasons I'm aiming for mid table mediocrity !
  13. On Television Tonight

    Just noticed there's a programme on tonight at 9pm on the Vintage channel (on Virgin it's channel 343. sky 369, Freeview 82 ) It's called "The History of Blue Eyed Soul", might be worth a watch? Blurb says ' artists down the decades have been inspired and ...

    I remember going to Prestwich one night and there were four copies in a small sales box, along with a Gwen Owens and some other goodies.
  15. Jock Mitchell demo

    Think you'd get a massive amount of interest in a SM issue, auction it (easy 4 figures is my guess when the common wdj has fetched 800) - and your JM wdj try asking for offers on source sales & FB