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  1. Groovin' at The Tavern

    Hello, hello hello ....... we're back for our first event of 2018, offering some wonderful, soulful ear and foot refreshment once again, from the Groovin' gang - DenMac, Dave Lucas, Rob Kay & Kev Rodgers, plus guests, John Everard & Ady Crampton. It all kicks off from around 1.30pm 'ish ..... depending on how quick we put the kit together, through to somewhere between 8.00 - 9.00pm. If you can't make this one, future dates are March 25th, May 13th, July 22nd, Sept 23rd & Nov 25th Future guests, "lined up" (dates, not quite nailed down yet!) so far, for this year, include, Mark Whiteley, Cliff Steele, Mark Johnson, Steve Plumb & Brian Flanders & Paul Sharpe. If you fancy dipping your toe in the water ........ the address is ....... The Tavern, 123 Nottingham Road, Derby. DE1 3QR. And ...... if you're wondering what it's all about musically, playlists from last time are on our Facebook page - "Groovn' @ The Tavern" ...... although the FB events page, Groovin'At The Tavern (there is an accidental subtle difference) has recently sprouted "commentary wings" too! Anyway, hope you have a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year, see you in 2018, Cheers, Kev.
  2. Groovin'

    Only 10 and a haldf days to go until our next Sunday afternoon shindig ...... I, for one, am looking forward to it ...... particularly, as to what, Mr Pinches might bring to the afternoon, never mind Steve "Doc" Handsley!
  3. Groovin'

    Another Sunday ...... and another dose of wonderful, soulful ear and foot refreshment is on offer at The Tavern, as we once again don our Groovin' Gang personas and invite you all to join us, and our guests, Bri Pinches and Steve Handsley for an afternoon full of musical delights, sparkling, convivial conversation, record diggin' and generally having a good time ...... and probably, samosas too! It all kicks off around 2pm ..... depending on how quick we put the kit together, through to somewhere between 8.00 - 9.00pm. Here's what a few of the attendees had to say after the last one ...... "What a lovely afternoon out at Groovin'" "Great venue, lovely people and fab music". "Our first time and won't be the last" "Well, what an absolutely fantastic day out at Groovin' yesterday! The people, atmosphere, music, cider and samosas we absolutely spot on" If you fancy coming along, we'd be happy to see you there, ..... the address is ....... The Tavern, 123 Nottingham Road, Derby. DE1 3QR. And ...... if you're wondering what it's all about musically, playlists from last time are on our Facebook page - "Groovin' at The Tavern" Cheers, Kev.
  4. Groovin'

    Just popped on to give everyone a 'heads-up', that, unfortunately, the kitchen's still not quite up to speed yet, ..... so we've ordered in some soul food .....well, actually it's more of the rather tasty veggie samosas & pakoras we had last time, but if that's not for you, you'll need to sort yourself out.... sorry. Hope to see you Sunday, take care, Kev.
  5. Groovin'

    Another afternoon (Sunday 6th August) of soulful ear & foot refreshment, courtesy of the Groovin' gang with special guests Simon Hunt & Chris Anderton ..... here's what our friend Hector had to say after a Groovin' afternoon, earlier this year ...... i'm trying to think of a more convivial,joyous,friendly welcoming vibe than i experienced yesterday at Groovin' and it's a toughie..i'm reading "love saves the day" at the moment about american dance music culture in the 70s and i wouldn't have swapped a night at the Loft or the garage with Larry for my all too brief time at "grooving" yesterday.brilliant people,brilliant music with a touch of magic that happens when something is just right...massive respect to everybody there and thanks to Kev Rodgers and the crew for making it happen So, if it sounds like your sort of a thing, we'd be happy to see you, take care, Kev

  7. Groovin' at The Tavern

    Sunday, Sunday so good to me ...... (to mis-quote The Mama's & The Papa's). Well, it promises to be good because we've got two rather marvellous guest DJ's in the form of the rather lovely CARMS and the scumptious NIGE BROWN for our inaugural event in our new home ..... I'm looking forward to hearing what they might bring to the decks, hope lots of you can make it, take care, Kev.
  8. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    Well then, what to say ..... firstly a monster thank you to all of you guys for coming along and making Groovin' a wonderful place to be. So, if you weren't there, you missed a great soulful afternoon, with some rather splendid music from Bob Snow & Terry Wright, ably assisted by Mr Lucas & Rob Kay....but additionally, you may also have heard, that it was our last Groovin' at the Five Lamps and so it was. Graham, the landlord spoke to Rob & I at around 2.00pm yesterday after we'd set up, to say it would be our last one and that we wouldn't be welcome there any more....... which is disappointing, because it's a great little pub and we felt that Groovin' was slowly building a real good support base ...... anyway, it's their loss, let's not dwell on the whys and wherefores, it was great while it lasted. So then, we're going to be in the hunt for a new venue and as soon as we have anything to tell you, we'll let you know - Thanks for all the suggestions and offers so far. Take care, be happy! Kev
  9. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    So, second Groovin' of the year is less than 12 hours away ..... hope you've all had a lovely time, on day this cracking Spring day, barbecueing, gardening, chillin', watching your favourite footy team or just some nice family time .... so, if you fancy some real soulful ear & foot refreshment tomorrow afternoon, we'd be happy to see you at the The Five Lamps in Derby, where we're gonna be Groovin' .... with Terry Wright & Bob Snow & Rob Kay & DenMac & Dave Lucas & yours truly .... it's a gentle start from around 1.30pm 'ish through to somewhere between 8.00 - 9.00 pm 'ish. If you can't make this one, we're gonna be doing it all again in a couple of months time on June 4th, perhaps, we'll see you then? Take care, Kev
  10. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    Well, we've got our finger out and booked another couple of cracking DJ's for the next Groovin' ......... Terry Wright & Bob Snow, who comprise 50% of the very successful Soul Not Dole franchise as well as regular appearances at the Skegness Crown Jewels Soul Weekend .... they're two very nice people, both with superb soul music collections ......it promises to be another great Sunday afternoon at The Five Lamps!
  11. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    After a cracking first Groovin' of the year in Feb, we're back again at The Five Lamps for some more soulful, ear and foot refreshment. It's usually a gentle start from around 1.30 - 1.45 pm 'ish through to somewhere between 8.00 & 9.00 pm 'ish. Pub grub's available from 12.00 through to around 4.30 pm - if it takes your fancy, you there's why not turn up early, have a relaxed lunch and sample one or two of the many real ales on offer - the Plum Porter is fantastic, if it's still available! Musically, it really is "across the board" , with the usual suspects of Rob Kay, Dave Lucas, DenMac and Kev Rodgers bringing you all things soulful along with a couple of guests, one of whom, is likely to be Bob Snow - gotta firm that up yet though. The Five lamps is situated at 25 Duffield Road, Derby. DE1 3BH. Check out this link /address for more info. http://www.fivelampsderby.co.uk/
  12. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    Ooops! Here's the details ..... ..... kicks off around 2 pm 'ish through to 8 pm 'ish ....... usual suspects are .... Dave Lucas, DenMac, Rob Kay & Kev Rodgers + guests. There's pub grub available through to around 4.30 pm 'ish and there's stacks of real ales to choose from ..... it's a very laid back afternoon with quality 'across the board' soul music on tap ..... what's not to like?
  13. Groovin' at The Five Lamps

    Hello Groovy Groovin Groovers ..... howya doin? After a rather splendiferous Sunday a few weeks ago, we're gonna be doin it all again on Sunday 12th February 2017 ...... so, if you fancy some real soulful ear and foot refreshment together with lashings of good company, great music and stonkin' real ales .... then stick the date in your diary. Guests this time will be those "dark horses" of the Derby Soul Scene ..... Mick Brown & Andy MacIntyre ..... here's what they played, when they were at Groovin' in 2014 .... Beau Williams - I'll be home soon - T & SBoulevard - The feelings still there - MBSChurch - Too late - SilasCaesars - I got to know - Both SidesPandella Kelly - Stand in for love - HoroscopeDouglas & Lonero - Baby take my hand - ColumbiaFourth Creation - I think I would cry - DaranRamona King - Everybody knows - ActionJimmie Ellis - baby I love you - RideEnchanted 5 - Darling I need you now - CVSBernard Smith - Never gonna let you - RideReactions - Live my life - SanfrisElements -When I fall in love again - Del NitaMilton Wright - Like a rolling stone - SatironHarmonics - Just want to be your man - SS7Sammy Lee - What goes around - PromcoSag War Fare - Don't be so jive - LibraCurtis Liggins Indications - What it is -Kaycee SoulLee Fields - Take me back - T & SDewey Jeffries - How do you change - E&JRelatives - Leave something worthwhile - LPRay Hines - Why don't you give me atry - RNHSag War Fare - Girl you better change - LibraPaul Burton - So very hard - Music Go RoundCasuals - You can't leave me now - Glass CityFour Andantes - Hipper than me - MoDoTalmadge Armstrong - Give it up - SpindletopTalmadge Armstrong - Baby I'm lost - SpindletopMixed Feelings - Sha La La - UnitedKelly & Soul Explosions - Talkin bout my baby's love - DynamiteThe Vipers - Little Miss sweetness - DuchessApaches - Just another lazy day - Big 8Sheepherders - If you ever need me - Sounds InternationalCombinations - I'm gonna make you love me - KimtoneDevotions - Do Do De Dop - NationMartinques - If you want to call me - Me-OWebs - Little Girl Blue - DynamicsTy Karim - Lighten up - RomarkJoseph Moore - I still can't get you - MarvulusBeverley Schaffer - Where will you be boy -??Demands - Say it again - ClemBernie Moore - I'm still a lonely soldier -LarkMorris Jefferson - ??

    EVENT CANCELLED - 19/12/2016 8.00PM - Just heard from Rob Kay that the pub landlords have changed their minds, this event is therefore CANCELLED!

    FINGER CLICKING, FOOT-TAPPING, MOTOWN, JAZZ, CROSSOVER, NORTHERN & 'POUR IT ON ME' MELLOW SOUL SOUNDS FROM THE 60'S TO THE PRESENT DAY. Looking for something to do, between Christmas & New Year ..... then why not come and dip your toe into The Soul Pool with Rob Kay & myself playing all things soulful at this great 17th century pub. We plan to kick off around 4 pm through to at least 9pm .... or later! There's plenty of choice on the real ale front and food isn't too bad either, although there's not that much room if you're suddenly taken by a mad desire to do the highland fling or other extravagant dancing ....... and, if you fancy bringing along a few tunes of your own ....we're more than happy to accommodate, 4 or so, short 30 mins sets, late afternoon / early evening - just PM me