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    Blimey,  ..... Youth Club soul 1968 / 69, eventually The Torch & Mecca and lots of other places in between.

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  1. Kev Rodgers


    Groovin' Episode 4 2024 After three, already cracking events, we're back again for our 4th outing this year. We're lucky to have two guest DJ's who are familiar faces, across the UK, both with outstanding soul pedigrees ... ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you ... Pete Ratcliffe & Bob Spendlove. Dave Lucas & I will be filling in the gaps before and after Bob & Pete. It all cranks up around 1.30 pm and we tootle on through to around 8.00pm, occasionly, later. I'm anticipating young Mark Coddington, being in attendance with all things new on the soul CD and vinyl front and of course, there will be, the now traditional, 5.00 pm 'ish samosas, which you can wash down with a real or two. Hope you can join us for another afternoon of 'across the board', soulful, ear and foot refreshment. Kev
  2. Kev Rodgers


    Episode 3 - 2024 - Residents, Kev Rodgers & Dave Lucas are happy to announce that our May event will feature, not one but two fantastic connoisseurs of all things soulful ... Jordi Ripolles and Dave Halsall. If you fancy spending an afternoon/early evening listening and dancing to fabulous soul music with lots of like-minded people then you should come along and partake of the soulful ear and foot refreshment that will be available. It all cranks in to action at 1.30 pm and we tootle through to around 8.00 pm 'ish. Entry is free, parking can sometimes be a bit of pain, but there are real ales and free samosas for tea!
  3. Kev Rodgers


    Groovin' - Episode 2 - 2024 starring the ever-youthful, Carl Hedberg and from closer to home, young Mr Paul 'Dallo' Dallison, ably supported (I hope) by regulars, Kev Rodgers and Dave Lucas. The boilers should be lit by around 1.30pm then it's full-steam ahead until around the 8.00pm mark, maybe slightly later or perhaps earlier? - the determinant variables are beer and degree of knackeredness after a Saturday night on the pop with the Swedish Beer Monster and Gareth 'I only drink in moderation' Donovan. Regardless of the above, it would be lovely if you could join us for an afternoon of soulful delights, dancing, record rummaging and generally having a good time. Cheers, Kev
  4. Kev Rodgers


    Steve Plumb & Baz Maleady will be joining residents, Dave Lucas and Kev Rodgers for an afternoon of all things soulful, from crossover to jazzed-up soul, low-rider and soulful house with a little bit of who knows what in the mix; add in a good dollop of pleasant banter and piles of sales boxes to rummage through, all washed down with some real ales and a samosa or two to nibble on, then you know where you ought to be on the last Sunday in January. I hope you can join us for our first gathering of 2024.
  5. Kev Rodgers


    We're finishing off Groovin' 2023 in style, with two fabulous guests - Bob Snow and Tony Jackson. The knowledge, the records and the enthusiasm of these two guys is second to none ... so, stick the date in your diary and come and join us for 7 hours of fabulous soul music, all mixed in with sparkling chit-chat, real ale and record rummaging at the "sales counter". Dave Lucas, Rob Kay & myself will be adding to the mix and it would be great if you could join us - it all kicks off around 1.30pm 'ish through to around 8.00 - 8.30pm 'ish. Kev
  6. Kev Rodgers


    Groovin' 2023 - Episode 4 ... sees two fantastic guests, in the guise of, "Sweet Soul" Susan Stutting and the rather enigmatic, but superbly knowledgeable, Neil "Cressy" Cresswell taking to the Groovin' decks. Myself, Rob Kay & Dave Lucas will be filling in the gaps across 7 hours of the many guises, of this thing called soul. We can also offer you lashings of real ale and other intoxicating imbibements, courtesy of our fantastic host, Joe Hoey. There will, of course be music, lots of music and chit-chat of every variety with like-minded people; there will be records to rummage through and even buy! And there will be spicy samosas and pakoras to sample ... what's not to like? Hope you can come along. Kev.
  7. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN's back for Episode 4 2023 Summer Groovin' with Rob Kay, Dave Lucas & Kev Rodgers + Guests: Chris Anderton & Kelly Goodman If you are able, please come and join us for an afternoon/early evening of all things soulful mixed in with sparkling repartee and banter, real ale, record digging and of course, samosas!
  8. Kev Rodgers


    Hello, hello, hello .... Groovin', Episode 3 2023, is happening on Sunday 21st with two fantastic and knowledgeable guest DJ's - Mark Whiteley & Brian Goucher, supported as per usual by the resident Groovin' gang of Rob Kay, Kev Rodgers & Dave Lucas. It kicks in to life around 1.30pm (depending on how quick I get the kit set up!) and continues to around 8.00 pm 'ish, occasionly later!! There will be the usual tea-time snacks of samosas and pakoras and hopefully one or two boxes of records to mooch through. So if you fancy coming along to hear some rare soul, recent releases and have an enjoyable afternoon/early evening with like-minded people, it would be lovely to see you. See ya, Kev.
  9. Kev Rodgers


    Hello there, Groovers! Late-ish Feb and it’s a bit chilly in the wind today, but cripes, it’s a bit warm when the sun pops out – walking the dogs at present, involves quite a lot of coat-on, coat-off! Such is life. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we now have another fabulous guest for our March 26th get-to-together, but first let me tell you about our original guest, Rupert Burdass, "Rupe". I think it’s fair to say, Rupe is one of those ‘quiet guys’, whose name you’ve heard, but you’re not really sure if you’d recognise him; an individual with fantastic taste, when it comes to soul music, whether it’s long forgotten gems or current day ‘biggies’. Rupe’s currently a resident at Harbour Soul, Spalding and Soul Spirit, Boston and has also guested at Soul Not Dole and the Horse & Groom, amongst others – I’m really pleased to have him DJ’ing for us at Groovin’. As for our second guest DJ, well, he’s got a pedigree to match Red Rum, Arkle & Frankel all together … it’s none other than … the man with the flamboyant shirts, the rather marvellous, Ted Massey !!!!! It would be really nice if you could join us for another afternoon of soulful music, talking crap and just generally enjoying each other’s company. Take care, Kev..
  10. Kev Rodgers


    To paraphrase, Nina Simone … it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and it’s a new year. So Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2023 is a good year for each and every one of you. We’ve got some great guests lined up for 2023, one or two “returnees” (because they’re very good) and also five Groovin’ debutantes – Carl Hedberg, Rupe, Cressy, Sue Stutting and Tony Jackson. We’re kicking off with Steve Jackson and one of our debutantes, Carl Hedberg, later this month on Sunday 29th Jan. I hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be a cracking afternoon/early evening of soulful ear and foot refreshment. As per usual, we’ll be set up and playing tunes by around 1.30pm ‘ish right through to anywhere between 7.30-9.00pm ‘ish. Take care, see you soon, Kev
  11. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN' - Episode 5, 2022 Guest DJ - Rob Hurcomb & friend?, with residents - Dennis McDonald, Kev Rodgers, Rob Kay & Dave Lucas 1.30pm - 8.30pm Free entry
  12. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN' - Episode 2, 2022 Guest DJ - Steve Plumb & Baz Maleady, with residents - Dennis McDonald, Kev Rodgers, Rob Kay & Dave Lucas 1.30pm - 8.30pm Free entry
  13. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN' - Episode 2, 2022 Guest DJ - TBA - with residents - Dennis McDonald, Kev Rodgers, Rob Kay & Dave Lucas 1.30pm - 8.30pm Free entry
  14. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN' - Episode 2, 2022 Guest DJ - Mick Heffernan, with residents - Dennis McDonald, Kev Rodgers, Rob Kay & Dave Lucas 1.30pm - 8.30pm Free entry
  15. Kev Rodgers


    GROOVIN' An afternoon/early evening in the company of like-minded souls bringing you a mix of all things soulful, from steppers to northern and everything in between. For our first event of 2022, we have a guest DJ of outstanding pedigree and knowledge, who's being sharing the soul for at least a decade - check out Chunky's Choons on Youtube - Groovers, ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls ... I give you, none other than, Val Challoner. The usual suspects - Rob Kay, Dave Lucas, DenMac & Kev Rodgers will all be there too, adding to the vibe. It all gently kicks, (usually, but not always!) off around 1.30pm 'ish through to anytime between 7.30 - 9.00pm 'ish. If you've not been before, it's unrestricted on-street parking in the nearby streets around The Tavern. Unfortunately, there's no hot food, but there will be free veggie samosas/pakoras will be available late afternoon. Hope to see you there. Kev PS - Derby County are due to play Birmingham City on this day - kick off is 12.30pm. This might mean, parking is a little more awkward than usual and traffic around the Pride Park area is likely to be a bit heavier around the 3pm mark, as fans come away from the ground.

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