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  1. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    I'm heading down from Edinburgh to this one...too good an opportunity to miss...frankly, he could sit in a chair and chat all night I wouldn't care...will be magic to hear him whatever he does..
  2. isn't that one of the wonders of London though...sometimes, the music options are just world class!...Mavis was superb....and Union Chapel returns out to be an outstanding venue.... loved it!
  3. need one ticket for tomorrow's Union Chapel Mavis Staples Gig..Two of us travelling from Edinburgh - and through a long story - we only have one ticket..Does any kind soul out there, have a spare ticket? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  4. Hope this is OK, here's a link to my sale of a few old skool Northern Magazines for sale..from late 70s and early/mid 80s Including an original copy of Pete Lawson's "Current State of Norther Soul" article in Jock O'Connor's "Jock's view of Soul" mag..an...
  5. What the F

    Thanks for this summary - really important points.... well worth highlighting this
  6. What the F

    it's a reissue - says so in the description....
  7. Chalky, thanks for that wonderful read...You've actually covered my era in Soul..I missed the Casino..was a little but young, and didn't make it..so my starting time was events such as Rotherham, Hinckley etc...I remember the Ric Tic Revue so well - still ha...
  8. looking for a clean copy of this...anyone got one ?? NOW SORTED THANKS!! Cheers
  9. forget your digital or Bluetooth - get yourself one of these !
  10. I want the company sleeve

    ah, I didn't realise that. I have sympathy for you then. You'll need to state sleeve etc clearly in the future to avoid future hassle...good luck
  11. I want the company sleeve

    Hmmm,I'm sure you won't like my view on this. I know you are right in the purity of what you say, but if I saw an "actual record" advertised in it's company sleeve. I'd expect it to be delivered that way.. Feels "a tad" misleading to present it that way and...

    i don't think any of those things mentioned are killing the scene....in fact, most of these topics (albeit not the internet one) were around in the early 80s..DJ's overplaying tunes, not enough new music, too much new music etc etc...it's because people want ...
  13. On Verdy...looking for a clean copy of this...
  14. Undiscovered Modern Soul banger?

    Nice tune...nice tempo too.....Guys voice could be stronger, but would dance to it...thanks for sharing
  15. Got annoyed?? .. People didn't travel around the country to "get patches". They were simply trinkets along the way from attending great nighters...Surely, they went to be with their mates, dancing to incredible music, hearing new tunes, experience the energy...

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