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  1. Over 100 records for only £200 including standard postage & packing These are a good slice of funk but also a decent chunk of Northern with a few R&B and Latin tracks All US originals. Condition are all VG+ and NM. I have played them all over the years and checked them recently. Wide range of labels (including) ABC King MGM RCA Minit St Lawrence including many niche original US funk labels Artists include Ruby Andrews, The Tams, Impressions, Marva Josie etc. Brilliant value - it's a bargain pack. Only one pack - so when it's gone it is gone.. NOTE: This offer is standard postage , so If you want next day insured P&P - add £22 quid.
  2. Fontella Bass....Leaving the choice for you..
  3. been checking this out...wonderful summer listening. cheers
  4. are people not in danger of putting their own paradigm of what a good soul event is on to their hopes for this young kid . I just hope he has a laugh , meets good people and enjoys the music and dancing ...if it makes him happy to keep enjoying those nights - then good on him. If he explores other elements , then fair play too .. I thought group dance thing was fun for those involved ..doesn’t the history of black dance have a deep heritage with formation dancing ? ..whilst it may not be seen as rare soul “cool” here, it certainly would in many places, through many decades, around the world . Just looked like a bit of good fun to me .
  5. The story was a story of hope and coming of age for your Anthony. It wasn't about reflecting the soul scene in it's full varieties. Anyway, everyone has their own journey through the soul scene. If someone is loving their music and the friendships and the events...then that soul scene works perfectly for them and many others...
  6. I collected the Big Wheel label (clue is in the username )...have only two of them on white demos...
  7. Just read this thread....40 + miles walk for a nighter...that is a great little story - Respect!
  8. fair enough....just came over a bit of "who are ya?"
  9. the guy is just asking for help with a cover photo for now...hopefully people continue to try to help.. I guess time will tell on the content and quality of the book, or the some of those questions may be answered when the publicity for the books emerges....
  10. Looked pretty decent on this clip...from the show
  11. I've got tickets for this one too Steve and Lamont Dozier in our favourite venue :-) . Hope to see you there.
  12. Apologies if posted but first I've seen n this...should be a great gig..
  13. I went to a couple of live act events that year....may have been the other..but I had logged these photos as Ric Tic revue..perhaps someone else can help identify the artists and event then..cheers
  14. pretty sure it was - only time I saw them live...

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