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  1. Yip thats happened to me a good few times thought it was a bug in the android app.
  2. Ronnie and robyn sidras theme does it for me.
  3. Hi after the above M- condtion please.Please pm.Thanks.
  4. Yip came out same time as anderson brothers, lee mitchell the economy and a few more bloody hell its a long time ago
  5. The first ones made were on vinyl with white outside ring and poor crude matrix stamp in runout later boots were on styrene .Hope that helps
  6. Wow didn't realise this was so rare no one got one for sale please
  7. Ive got the galaxy s20+ before that i had a s9 and to be honest the s9 was just as good apart from the bigger screen on the s20.S9 great phone great speed and graphics and much better fit in yu pocket.
  8. Hi iam after an original copy of RPM GENERATION /RONA'S THEME/ROMA demo or issue must be ex to m- condition please pm.Thanks.
  9. Hi looking for a M- copy of reparata and the delrons/ panic/ bell issue or demo.Please pm thanks.
  10. Hi looking for a M- copy of reparata and the delrons/ panic/ bell issue or demo.Please pm thanks. STILL LOOKING FOR THIS.THANKS.
  11. Sombrero chester le street round about 77 very similar play list to Soulstrutter.Great times.
  12. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/major-vinyl-production-catastrophe-apollotransco-lacquers-burns
  13. Both me and my son have one each, great turntable for the money.
  14. Still looking for one of these.
  15. You might try Raym on here he might still have some.
  16. Hi looking for original copy of Frankie & the classicals/What Shall I Do/Calla.M- condition only please clean labels etc.Please pm Thanks

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