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  1. homeoftheblues

    Chuck Jackson - what’s with this loneliness ?

    The 100 club single sold for over £300 on eBay the other week, very sought after single also very few copies up for sale these days
  2. homeoftheblues

    Gloria Jay - Know What You Want (Stage)

    Hi Nick, just PM’d you
  3. homeoftheblues

    Jan Jones - Independent Woman

    Hi pm'd you Martin
  4. homeoftheblues

    Norman Johnson - Take it baby ACTION

    I nearly managed to collect the whole run about 10 years ago, if my memory serves me right, Tom Green was the only one I didn't get, always thought they would hold their value but quite shocked how much they have increased in value. Martin
  5. homeoftheblues

    Little Richard "get Down With It"

    Little Richard - "Get Down With It" Dutch Epic Picture Sleeve £45 Thanks for looking Martin
  6. homeoftheblues

    Little Richard - Get Down With It - Columbia

    Hi Paul I've got a Dutch picture sleeve on epic if it's of any interest All the best Martin
  7. homeoftheblues

    Betty Lavette -What Condition My Condition Is In

    pm'd ya
  8. homeoftheblues

    News: Pat Lewis Live In The Uk Feb 2012

    St Bernadettes Club Bury, count me in. Can't wait for that one Martin
  9. Hi If your buyer drops out for the Renee Geyer please let me know, been after one for ages All the best Martin
  10. homeoftheblues

    Due In - Advanced Order - Bobby Patterson

    Hi Keith will be round later tonight Martin
  11. homeoftheblues

    Marva Whitney - Don't Let Our Love Fade Away

    Got a mint copy of this at home, what you looking to pay? Could be persuaded to sell All the best Martin
  12. homeoftheblues

    Kent Anniversary Single - Milton Bennett

    Shouldn't it be Chuck Jackson?
  13. homeoftheblues

    Kent Anniversary Single - Milton Bennett

    You're right Keith, it is one of the best and at £60 it's a steal ATB Martin
  14. homeoftheblues

    A Couple Of "wants"

    Got a very nice issue of Jackie Lee if you're still looking Martin