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  • Birthday 14/08/1960

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    Dave Brierley
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    Burnley FC, a bit of other football, Golf, Boxing
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    Warwick, united kingdom
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    Johnny Caswell - You don't love me anymore - still the best dancer and most soulful I've heard in too many years.

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  1. Briles

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    I'd like to add the Capreez, never hear it these days.
  2. Briles

    Ray Pollard - Sad thing - booted?

    Yeah the B side plays drifting, so it's a boot but still a great record to play at home......... Thanks for the info Townman......
  3. Briles

    Ray Pollard - Sad thing - booted?

    I’d just like to know if it was ever booted?
  4. Just wondering folks, was this booted, have it but it has stuck on photocopied labels, with just scratched numbers in the deadwax?
  5. Briles

    Top 10 All time Motown Dancers ?

    Cracking mate......
  6. Got a spare issue for sale. Pics attached and as you can see there are plenty of scuffs. So I guess it’s vg but most are superficial with a couple of light scratches. It plays absolutely fine though, no clicks and good enough to DJ with. £100 plus post usual PayPal f and f
  7. Green striped demo pic for reference
  8. Briles

    Volcanos - Laws Of Love

    I have the one sided demo of both 'Laws' of Love and Storm Warning. The scratched in letters on the both are 180 degrees past or opposite the virtue marking, but have different size lettering scratched in. Tried to capture this to post on here but can't get a clear enough image of either. Will try again in daylight.
  9. Briles

    SORTED - Rose St. John

    pm sent
  10. Briles


    Sent a pm......
  11. After nice copy of 6ts Anniversary single if anyone can help, Stuttering Sam...... pm if you can help. Best, Dave
  12. Briles

    Want Kenny Carlton - Blue Rock - plus one

    Kenny Carlton demo sorted
  13. Briles

    6 Records For Today

    Sent you an email Cally
  14. Lost and Found - orig and DJ if poss nice copy Same Dees - Lonely For You - also nice orig copy pm with details if you can help Guys,


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