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  1. Gouch


    Troop; Looking forward to this one. BG
  2. Gouch

    Dave Box RIP

    Such a sad loss, my thoughts with Val, an absolute gentleman. He will be missed in my world. Gouch
  3. Troop; A cracking day was had by all, thanks to all the spinners and those who came to enjoy. More playlists to follow; Early Doors; Show Tyme "Come on home to me" Ebonys "When the love is gone" Bonania Sound Machine "Place for love" Gene Chandler "Love is growing deeper Darcell "Stay" Mighty Clouds of Joy "Truth will set you free" Al Lyndsey "Versatility" Sol "That's the way I feel about you" Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities "Do Something" Winding down; Staple Singers "Trippin" Esther Phillips "Changin" YBS "Just cant fight the feeling" Soul Naturals "Gotta get myself some lovin" Temptations "Be my wife" Suffers "Mammas" Kindred the Family Soul "Legacy of love" Brian Alexander "I don't want to sleep alone tonight" Lee Fields & Sharon Jones "I'll be around" Denise Lasalle "Here I am again" Ronnie West "Lill woman" Lloyd Williams "In love with you" Flint Emeralds "Just like a baby" Dramatics "Since Ive been in love" Prince Phillip Mitchell "Something new to do" Bottom & Company "Gonna find a true love" Snapper "I was just passing by" Freddie South "Set me free (to love my woman) Small Society "If you stand by me" Isley Brothers "Who's that lady" Leon Bridges "Better man" James Bell "Amazing Love" Gouch
  4. Gouch

    S G R Sunday - The Stanwick Hotel - 29th July

    Troop; What a cracking night of all things sou-lfull, here's my tuneage. Thanks to Steve for the sound system and too Dave, Tricky and Sid. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "Come & be a winner" Sugar Ray Rayford "Don't regret a mile" Suffers "Mammas" Temptations "Be my wife" Soulnaturals "Gotta get myself some good lovin" Isaih Sharkey "Heaven" Sir Charles Jones, Omar Cunningham & Calvin Richardson "Call on me" Soul Unlimited feat Ellis Blake "I'd rather have you than memories" Apostles "Winner in you" Exit "One more hour" Elevation "Love won't pay the bills" Extensions "Your heart belongs to me" Equations "I love your love" Alton Ellis "Wish I could make you mine" Soul On Gouch
  5. Gouch

    Living Room DJ

    Troop; Had a mate round yesterday so he could access my laptop and pick up some tunes he was chasing, trying to buy tunes on his small phone screen is proving impossible, he is a staunch early 60's man so whilst he was tapping away at the keys I was spinning some tunes; Ed Cooper "Just like the hero" (Nimrod) Fabulous Caprices "My Love" (Camaro) Barrino Brothers "Just a mistake" (TCB) OV Wright "Treasured moments" (Back Beat) Walter Jackson "It will be the last time" (Columbia) Ray Hines "Why don't you give me a try" (RNH) Dynells "Let me prove that I love you" (Blueberry) Brook Benton "Where does a man go to cry" (RCA) Kenny Carter "I've got to find her" (RCA) Masqueraders "How big is big" (Bell) Chris Bartley "Tomorrow keeps shining on me" (Musicor) JiveFive "Crying like a baby" (Musicor) George Jackson " I found what I wanted" (Verve) LIoyd Williams "In love with you" (Studio 1) James Bell & The Highlighters "Amazing Love" (RoJam) Flint Emeralds "Just like a baby" (Gatewood) Freddie South "Set me free" (King David) Vibe Creators "I don't wanna be lonely" (Fontano) Fabulous Playmates "Don't turn your back on me" (Select) LV Johnson "Find yourself another fool" (Palos) Frank Lynch "Young Girl" (My) Isley Brothers "Who's that lady" (United Artists) George Jackson "I just got to have you" (Public) Little Walter Hammond "We go together" (Duo Disc) Lew Watson "Soul Man Blues "Pompeii) Maurice Williams "Baby Baby" (Deesu) and finally Jimmy Jones "Aint nothing wrong in making love the first night" (Conchillo) Im not alone in thinking the JJ could be the new Charles Johnson in the right hands. Thanks in advance for looking. Gouch
  6. Gouch

    S G R Sundays at The Stanwick Hotel

    Troop; An early bump for this coming doo, we have guests Dave Halsall and Tricky bringing there tastes in soul to our decks along with Scotters and Gouch. Expect to hear the best in all aspects of Soul, Gospel and a touch of Reggae. Free in, plenty of parking and the finest sound system out there. Gouch
  7. Gouch

    S G R - Soul Gospel Reggae. The Stanwick Hotel

    Troop; Superb night musically just short on folks to appreciate what was played. My plays, not in order. Groove Nation "Do you" Soul Naturals "Gonna get myself some good lovin" Tower of Power "Do you like that" Darell "Stay" Bags "Hey girl" Coko & The Iron Souls "My love is true" Johnny Benavidaz "Lets get together" Soul Scratch "Telephone" Bobby Barnes "Thankyou for lovin me" Perfections "The right to cry" Snapper "I was just passing by" Gouch
  8. Gouch

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Graham Warr had 50 copies in his shop at the Oasis in brum, it was a massive seller for the other side and the Diskery in brum also had multiple copies for sale too, not a rare record at all but one collectors like to keep. Still think "Baby I cried" is the best side though Gouch
  9. Gouch

    S G R - Soul Gospel Reggae. The Stanwick Hotel

    Ah yes; the brothers Lockwood two of the assassins on the scene who quietly go about the business of hoovering up all manner of quality soul tunes, both have serious collections and Sid who's been around for so long now we have to constantly tell him that the sound system doesn't play 78's. See you there Gouch
  10. Gouch

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Thomas Bailey on Stone has eluded me for 40 years.
  11. Gouch

    Sunday Soul Sessions - Stanwick 24/09/2017

    Dave; That Ed Townsend really is something else, new to me on the night, and all the better for relieving you of your spare. Thankyou Gouch
  12. Troop; Another cracking intimate night of all things soulful. Huge thanks to our guests this time round, Kev Such, Cliff Steele, Dave Halsall and Tricky. I'll kick off the playlists, not in order of play; The Sound Investment "Ask the lonely" Cobra Heart Band "Thinking of you" Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders "Too good to be true" Thomas Bailey "Fran" Experience Unlimited "You got to tell me" PHD's "It swells my desire" Grant St Exit "That's why I love you" John Parker "A big mistake" Joseph Cotton "Day by Day" Black Merda "For you" George Jackson "I don't need you no more" Chick Willis "Love stealing aint worth the feeling" John Simeone " Who do you love" Acooustics "Living in hard times" The mighty Golden Wonder's "What we need is more love" Shades of Brown "How could you love him" Fletcher Walker III "Guess I'll never understand" OC Tolbert "Marriage" Steve Dixon " All that's left are memories" Ed Super Gooch "Sweet dreams come true" The Young Ideas "Put yourself in my place" Freddie South "I'll be watching over you" Further playlists will follow. Gouch
  13. Troop; Full review here for those interested. http://ukvibe.org/ Gouch
  14. Gouch

    The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Troop; This is the last one for the year and we are joined by Cliff 'Id DJ in a cupboard if asked' Steel along with his regular sidekick Tricky, hopefully Sid will bring a box of sweetness with him too. See you there. Gouch


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