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    Koi Carp<br />English Springer Spaniels<br />Soul Music.
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    To many to mention after 37 yrs
  1. Gouch

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Thomas Bailey on Stone has eluded me for 40 years.
  2. Gouch

    Sunday Soul Sessions - Stanwick 24/09/2017

    Dave; That Ed Townsend really is something else, new to me on the night, and all the better for relieving you of your spare. Thankyou Gouch
  3. Troop; Another cracking intimate night of all things soulful. Huge thanks to our guests this time round, Kev Such, Cliff Steele, Dave Halsall and Tricky. I'll kick off the playlists, not in order of play; The Sound Investment "Ask the lonely" Cobra Heart Band "Thinking of you" Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders "Too good to be true" Thomas Bailey "Fran" Experience Unlimited "You got to tell m..
  4. Troop; Full review here for those interested. http://ukvibe.org/ Gouch
  5. Gouch

    The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Troop; This is the last one for the year and we are joined by Cliff 'Id DJ in a cupboard if asked' Steel along with his regular sidekick Tricky, hopefully Sid will bring a box of sweetness with him too. See you there. Gouch
  6. Its one of the finest weekenders out there, 2 alniters plus the Cotton Club Deep & Sweet sessions plus this year extra venues giving a wider choice. As Steve pointed out the City is stunning too. Gouch
  7. Gouch


    PHEW; Nearly missed this, travelling over on the night on my lonesome, Scotters is away on family duties. Gouch
  8. Troop; Another top night of all things soulfull, thanks to everyone who attended and to those of you who spun a few tunes. Thanks to Steve for another top sound system; My playlist follows; Sam Dees "Heritage of the blackman" Sam Dees "Why must I live in chains" Ray Drew "Girlfriend" Lavelle White "About the facts of life" Ronnie Lovejoy "You don't know" Ronnie Lovejoy "Giving my love to ..
  9. Gouch

    The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Troop; A quick bump for our second Sunday Soul Session of the year. Musically you can expect everything, all era's, styles and tempo's, from 1060 through to what's happening today. The sound system is probably the finest Iv ever heard at any venue anywhere and that is down to 'Scotters' and his insatiable urge to provide same. Whats not to like, see you there 7ish. Gouch
  10. Gouch

    Cleaning Records

    Troop; Very informative this, for the past 30 years or so Iv sprayed the playing surface with Mr Muscle window cleaner having covered the label with a beer mat cut to size, then a cotton cloth soaked in warm water & Fairy liquid is used to wipe off the cleaner. The record is then placed into a paper sleeve and left for a couple of hours, I have never damaged any record or label and for the most part the quality of the sound ..
  11. Gouch


    Pete; PM'd you Gouch
  12. Gouch


    Troop; Got me knife fork and spoon packed, just waiting for my lift which is always late. Gouch
  13. Phil; What about you playing us half hour of the more obscure Mecca tunes? Gouch
  14. Troop; Just want to say a big thank-you to those who turned out for our first doo of the year, a huge success with great music, lots of smiling faces and very positive feedback from our Sunday Soul Session first timers. Big thanks to Scotters for putting in a superb sound system. My playlist; Craig Lewis Band "All I know how to do" Roland Johnson "Aint that loving you" Gene Jackson "You're gonna hurt me"..

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