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  1. Santiago 'Feeling Good / Land of the Leaping No No' (bam be) original 1st pressing VG+, record in ex condition £375 + postage (paypal gift or + 4%).
  2. The Village Choir - Street Opera with a Blue Waltz (SCM Ringer) original LP in NM condition, featuring 'All Purpose Love' with Lee McDonald - £900.
  3. Kenny Bernard ‘Ain’t No Soul / Hey Woman’ (compass) NM £25 Roy Hamilton ‘The Panic Is On / There She Is’ (mgm promo) VG £80 Brooks Odell ‘Standing Tall / The Lively Ones’ (columbia promo) VG+ £65 June Conquest ‘Almost Persuaded / Party Talk’ (fame) VG+ £20 Bud Harper ‘Mr Soul / Let Me Love You’ (peacock promo) VG+ wol £40 Joe Matthews ‘Sorry Ain’t Good Enough / You Better Mend Your Ways’ (thelma) VG+ £30 Donnell Pitman ‘Your Love Is Dynamite / Candy Love’ (after five) VG+ £45 Yvette Anderson ‘Am I Gonna Be The One / I’m Putting My Love On Hold’ (deb) NM £25 Gifted Four ‘Are You Choosing / Fallen Star’ (hamito-semitica) VG+ £150 Wales Wallace ‘Somebody I Know / Talk A Little Louder’ (brc) VG+ £40 Lorraine Johnson ‘The More I Get, The More I Want / Just For The Moment’ (prelude) NM SOLD The Young Devines ‘Deep In Your Heart / I’ll Show You With Love’ (cotillion) VG+ minor scuff on I’ll Show prevents NM £70 The Joneses ‘Who Loves You / Lies’ (epic) NM £50 Ron Jonas ‘Cross My Heart / One More Time’ (wire) NM £60 Joe Anderson ‘You And I’ short/long (buddah) NM SOLD The World’s Funkiest Band ‘When You’re Alone / I Feel Your Love’ (california gold) VG+ £30 Public Company ‘Got To Touch Your Face / Hearts And Flowers’ (rca promo) VG+ & wol £35 General Lee And The Space Army Band ‘We Did It Baby’ pt1/pt.2 (lost weekend) NM £175 Denise LaSalle ‘Here I Am Again / Hung Up, Strung Out’ (westbound) VG+ £45 Carol Anderson ‘You Boy / Holding On’ (mid-town) VG+ £20 125th Street Candy Store ‘Loving You Baby Is So Very Hard To Do’ stereo/mono (uptite) VG+ £40 Shine ‘Equality / Give Your Love A Chance’ (sos) VG+ £20 Mister ‘I Wanna Thank You / Lover’s Holiday’ (starville) NM Offers min £400 till Sunday lunchtime Vernon Cheely ‘Get To The Point (Don’t Lead Me On)’ (babs) VG+ £50 Special Touch ‘This Party Is Just For You / Just What Is For Ever’ (brackett) VG+ £36 The Identities ‘When Love Slips Away / Hey Brother’ (house of the fox) NM £30 Bill ‘Space Lady / I Feel Good With You’ (dollar bill) NM £65 Prince Phillip Mitchell ‘Just The Beginning / Something New To Do’ (s4r) Just side VG has noticeable scratch dnap, Something side NM £15 Bobby McClure ‘To Get What You Got / High Heel Shoes’ (hi) NM + drill hole £40 Philharmonics ‘I Need, I Need Your Love / Will You Marry Me Girl’ (soulin) VG+ £125 A.M. Muhammad ‘What Freedom Means / Tenderly’ (real world enterprises) G+/VG- visible scratches but record plays throughout fine with an occasional pop £50 Top Shelf ‘Doggone Baby I Love You / You’re Hurting Me’ (spectrum) VG minor signs of wear dnap SOLD Eddie Randall & Roger Vaughn ‘I Feel Like Praising God’ / Poppy Vaughn ‘Jesus & Me’ (voices of joy) NM £165 Rikki Aaron / David Watson ‘For The Love Of Music / Say What’s On Your Mind (r.a.c.) original + pic sleeve £450 Homegrown Syndrome ‘Confrontation (stereo) / Confrontation (mono) (arista promo + label sleeve) NM visually but a bit hissy more so on the stereo side but plays fine throughout so VG sound. All styrene these promo copies I believe £165 Stratus ‘Girl / Wild Woman’ (wyldwood) NM £135 Finess ‘Have It Your Way / I Don’t Want To Be Left On The Outside’ (brown bomber) VG++ SOLD
  4. Thomas East 'Follow The Rainbow / inst' (true soul)VG++ £400 Mark IV 'Signs Of A Dying Love / ptII' (OTB) NM (minor mark on label) £300 Jeanie Tracy 'Making New Friends / Trippin On The Sounds' (brown door) VG++ Sold
  5. All original 45s, please PM me if interested or require pictures. Carol Anderson 'Sad Girl / I'll Get Off At The Next Stop' (Fee) VG+ Hold Eugene Gaspard 'Holding On / On And On' (Rosemont) VG+ would be NM but for small mark on Holding..DNAP £130 Buddy Miles 'I'm Just A Kiss Away / Pull Yourself Together' (Columbia) NM £100 The Cavaliers 'We Go Together' / The Tokays (Marriage Is Only) A State Of Mind' (Kent 33rd Anniversary) VG+ £55 Gail Anderson 'Be Proud (You're In Love) / Let's Fall In Love All Over' (Salvador) NM £175 Larry Williams 'I'd Rather Fight Than Switch / This Old Heart (Is So Lonely)' (Okeh promo) VG in theory a VG+ but there are some visible marks particularly on This Old....DNAP both sides play perfectly £70 Geater Davis 'My Love Is So Strong For You / I Can Hold My Own' (House Of Orange) VG+ £40 Ed Terry 'All I Want To Do / Don't Let That Love Pass You By' (S T) NM £100 Vernon Steve Weakley 'Lowdown Woman / Let Me Be Your Secret Lover' (Omega) VG Not in the best shape tbh, a scruffy copy but plays no problem and worth listing as LW is a fine track indeed £30 Little Sherman & The Mod Swingers 'The Price Of Love' / The Soul Invaders 'The Price Of Love' (Sagport) VG Also not in the best shape with visible marks but this crossover classic plays no problem Sold Center Stage 'Someday, Somewhere / Hey Lady' (Dispo) VG+ £20 Hermone & The Boys In The Band 'We Are The Boys In The Band / Soul Groovin' (the great record company promo) VG+ Would list this as NM but there is biro on the label donating playable side and there is very minor cue burn i.e. half second on intro £240 Sebastian Williams 'Get Your Point Over / I Don't Care What Mama Said' (Ovide) NM £100 Michael Cameron & the Dynasty of Sound 'Small Bag And You / The Many Faces Of Love' (Atlantis) VG+ Would be NM but for 3 barely visible paper marks that DNAP £100 Stratus 'Girl / Wild Woman' (Wyldwood) NM £125 Mahana 'She Really Needs Love / What Love Has Joined Together' (Brilliant Minds) NM £125 Jimmy Scott 'Love Language / Be Careful' (Earwax promo) NM £20 Sho-Nuff 'Hold On For Love / Don't Keep Me Waiting' (Jamila) NM £125 Skip Jackson and the Shantons 'I'm On To You Girl / Promise That You'll Wait' (Dot-Mar) VG+ £200 Howard Guyton 'I Watched You Slowly Slip Away / I Got My Own Thing Going' (Verve promo) Unfortunate accident 30 years ago resulting in this copy being cracked from lip to the runout - It's a clean crack so the record plays no problem throughout & annoyingly it would be NM otherwise...... Offers
  6. Indeed, top mix from Lars too; always like hearing what you fellas are currently playing.
  7. Thanks Mats, much appreciate the feedback. Surely you prefer to do a bit of investigating than have the tracklistings :-) Let me know of any id's you're after and I should be able to help. All the Best Mark ps - Thanks again to Chris for the quality contribution!
  8. Sweet, deep, group, ballads......a great new mix from Chris Huggins that ticks all these boxes! https://www.independentmovement.co.uk/music/mixes.htm ** you may need to recycle the page if the mix isn't there**
  9. I can't remember Chris but I have a few more from the same night. I think it was either Norwich or somewhere like Cambridgeshire? I'm fairly sure its out towards your way, does the rather fetching artexed walls not ring any bells?
  10. This place had an impressive P.A. somewhere in East Anglia 1989.
  11. Robin selling his modern 45s + Tolbert at £30??
  12. This was round the flat just off Tufnell Park Rd
  13. Will post some more stuff up once I've mastered my scanner.

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