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  1. Maark

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    And the kid in Africa who walks 7 miles a day to get fresh water. Wouldn't it be easier to live nearer the water? Just saying.
  2. WARNING!!!! Do not listen to late at night if your heart has been recently broken!
  3. Don Letts and Keiron aka Scooby a dj from Kettering. A very insightful and well told documentary. BBC4 had done some great music documentaries but I thought this was one of the best.
  4. Maark

    Dog fights in the skies over Corby Northants

    Meanwhile , over in Irthlingborough Northamptonshire, the Red Kites get seen off by Crows.
  5. Northampton Town, Champions of Division 2. Pissed it really.
  6. Maark



    Great weather, great music, great company. if you are lookingfor a chilled week in the sun away from a cold British spring with a chance to make new friends and hear some great music on yer hols, I'd give this do a whirl for sure. I've been three times and will be back for a fouth.
  7. Maark

    The Five Stairsteps

    And this completes my fave top 3 Five Stairsteps tunes.
  8. Maark

    The Five Stairsteps

    Love this as well.
  9. Maark

    The Five Stairsteps

    I think this is a cracking tune, cost me a fiver or so.
  10. Maark

    Donald Trump - The Snake

    So, I'm reading a in depth and rather scary article from Der Spiegel about Donald Trump. I get to the last paragraph headed 'A threat to world peace' and .................well, read it for yourself! http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-is-the-most-dangerous-man-in-the-world-a-1075060.html
  11. Northampton Town, from being almost wound up in the middle of November to being 12 points clear at the top of L2 as of February 24th. Since the end of September our league form has been WWLWWDWWWWWLWWWWWWWWWW. 1 draw, 2 defeats and 19 wins.
  12. Maark

    Northern played at football matches

    At then end of Northampton Town's home games, they play 'Rinky Dink' by The Johnny Howard Band which is about as close to anything 'Northern' I've heard at Sixfields.
  13. Pity, it finishes a week before I'm due to be in Hartlepool.
  14. Maark

    regional food dishes

    From Northamptonshire, specifically Wellingborough, Ock n Dough. A hock of ham is placed in a pudding basin and surrounded by onion and potato, topped up with stock and then covered with pastry. Jelly from the hock helps the stock set, so the dish can be cooled and then sliced. There's a pub in Wellingborough named after the dish, a local band and the Wellingborough Town FC's nickname is 'The Doughboys'. My favourite from just uvver the border is Leicestershire rarebit. Bloody lush!


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