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  1. Does anyone have the contact details for Terry as I have lost them? Phone number or e mail. thanks Andy
  2. As a Discogs seller myself I think it's very important that we find out the outcome of this. Feedback is a very big part of Discogs and gives the buyer confidence. Although sensible precautions around payment method should also be adhered to as in any other internet transaction. We need to know whether a seller with a good reputation has had his Discogs identity hijacked or whether a hitherto trustworthy seller has committed fraud, and what measures are being taken to prevent it re-occuring. I also imagine that Discogs will be very concerned if this becomes public knowledge.
  3. Happens to me a lot. I seem to get a better response from normal e mail to buyer rather than message via Discogs. Many Discogs buyers have phone numbers on also. Often Discogs address is work and you can contact buyer that way.
  4. On the subject of cover-ups and with so much information and knowledge available these days, are there any current "cover-ups" that haven't been identified ?
  5. "I think he already had a bad reputation among the local dealers, many of whom wouldn't deal with him but he always got on well with musicians and music people." Why would that be Ian? You'd think he'd be popular with the US dealers as a customer buying up all the records that no-one else wanted! Or maybe he was the sort of buyer that no amount of spend would make up for his personality.
  6. Actually has 2 b sides the one to get has "doing fine" as b side. From memory it's a total rip off of Cloud 9 and the original writers aren't credited.
  7. Seems obvious I know but you should check feedback before ordering! I spend a lot of time on feedback which I hope would differentiate me from someone like your seller. If the seller has poor feedback from several different buyers then give him a wide berth.
  8. Quick Question (from prospective purchaser) As I've got just about every book/ video about the northern Soul Scene, how much original material is in the book, DVDs? I ask because I've noticed somewherethat some (all?) of the book is transposed from a previous book. Also, how many of the tracks are new to CD? Apologies if this info is already out there!
  9. Good to hear. so you can tell them apart just by sight, feel etc based on experience? Gonna be difficult for new collectors though, who don't have your expertise.
  10. Am I missing something here ? Are we saying that they look exactly the same as an original and therefore the only way to tell if it is an original is to examine the matrix markings etc in the run off ? If so it's time for an updated guide with original matrix markings.
  11. You wouldn't be "cashing in" but "satisfying demand! "
  12. "We regret to inform you that we no longer have stock to fulfill your order and won’t be receiving any additional inventory for this title. We have issued a full refund into your method of payment, which will reach your account within the next few days. We understand this is frustrating, therefore as a way of apology, we have included a 10% discount code which can be used on all available products on the Demon Music Store. " Just had this reply so as I paid on 15/01 I guess that if you ordered after that you won't get one!
  13. Thought you may have been consulted on it, when it was licensed, but obviously not. Maybe promote the Soul of Money CD instead ?

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