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  1. LarsC

    A Steinways Pictorial

    Bob Yorey again. He was also involved with Laddins and Mar-Vells (aka Fabulettes) as you can see from the label image in my previous post. There was a lot of Miami-New York connections with him. Is he still around? I had his e-mail address a few years ago.
  2. LarsC

    Soul Source guide to record collecting.

    If you want to be able to understand deadwax from other plants than Monarch you can use this forum thread: https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/743281 Discogs is becoming an ever more informative site. And it's useful to look up represses and bootlegs. Just remember that the discogs term for a bootleg is "unofficial".
  3. LarsC

    A Steinways Pictorial

    That Laddins track was also released as The Marvells since they both performed on it. It was even released in Canada.
  4. LarsC

    A Steinways Pictorial

    I've tried to find a little information on Davey "Dizzy" Jones, but not much comes up other than a few mentions by Henry Stone and other tiny tidbits proving he was there (on stage vocal battles with Little Willie John comes up a few times). "Dizzy Jones Birdland" was pretty much a promotional song for the Birdland club. Both the Laddins and Mar-Vells (aka Fabulettes) are on that track and it was released by both groups. The recording was done the day JFK was assassinated.
  5. LarsC

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I rarely listen to the latin stuff, but I've always thought this was a better version than the original. As a bonus the flip is nice too. Both very breezy summer songs.
  6. I love the sound on those Active 45s. Still looking for Cry Love but it always turns up as VG- or worse, and that Epics 45 may have become too expensive.
  7. LarsC

    The harlem gospel travelers he's on time

    Yes. Same release date. Both were available as pre-release. Clear vinyl was limited to 300.
  8. LarsC

    Record Box Trackers ?

    GPS trackers are getting cheaper. You'd need a low cost SIM-card with it. But tracking would be much better than with a bluetooth tile. It's not much bigger than those tiles either, so you should be able to hide one in your record box.
  9. LarsC

    MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Jet magazine mentioned why the name changed:
  10. LarsC

    MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Looks like they renamed the label and the artist. Mo-Soul Records became M.S.R. and The Angry Six became The Sparks: https://www.discogs.com/The-Sparks-Cool-It-Woe-Woe/release/9485553
  11. LarsC

    Eureka ! Unidad Records

    Arranged by James Reese who did those Najma 45s.
  12. Do people dance to this? I love it, but it's a bit fast for most days.
  13. LarsC


    1000 copies if the discogs info is correct: https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Wilson-Chris-Clark-Do-I-Love-You-Indeed-I-Do/release/6914065
  14. LarsC

    Billboard treasure trove online

    I think what you need is this excellent one-man project: http://americanradiohistory.com/index.htm The site also has Billboard and Cash Box magazines scanned, but not everything.


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