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  1. MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Jet magazine mentioned why the name changed:
  2. MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Looks like they renamed the label and the artist. Mo-Soul Records became M.S.R. and The Angry Six became The Sparks: https://www.discogs.com/The-Sparks-Cool-It-Woe-Woe/release/9485553
  3. Eureka ! Unidad Records

    Arranged by James Reese who did those Najma 45s.
  4. Do people dance to this? I love it, but it's a bit fast for most days.

    1000 copies if the discogs info is correct: https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Wilson-Chris-Clark-Do-I-Love-You-Indeed-I-Do/release/6914065
  6. Billboard treasure trove online

    I think what you need is this excellent one-man project: http://americanradiohistory.com/index.htm The site also has Billboard and Cash Box magazines scanned, but not everything.
  7. Records signed by the artist..

    Picked this up on ebay a few years ago.
  8. Beware Discogs Seller

    In discogian language Unofficial is anything that's not licensed properly, mostly bootlegs. Have you tried asking discogs staff about his business? Not all forms of bootleg business is allowed, especially if he makes them on demand. I can't remember exactly w...
  9. I was looking at what I bought last year and thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else had purchased in the last year. Old or new, cheap or expensive. Post your favourites! These are mine: Landy Mc Neil ‎– Move It (Move On) Rated...
  10. I recently bought from a US seller who sent through DHL Global Mail, at a rate of $7 for one 45. I don't know if he has any special deals going on, but that's a very old-fashioned price. Free shipping would free up more money which I'd spend on other ite...
  11. Something I've noticed

    Are there 7.4 billion soul collectors? And did all 500 survive through the decades?
  12. Fabulous Dinos Musicor scan

    The other demo looks like this:
  13. Funk Forums

    Lots of funk to listen to here: http://www.trntbl.me/funksoul There are no decent funk forums anymore, just some fb groups like the one mentioned.
  14. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    Probably. I've only bought one 45 with GSP but when I placed my bid ebay updated the customs price as soon as I entered a number in the bid box. I used that to find the exact top bid I could place without getting hit with a customs charge.
  15. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    I've never felt comfortable asking for a low value on the customs slip. I am happy every time someone does it, but technically it's fraud and could get the seller in trouble if someone wanted to strike down on this (which becomes more probable with every new ...

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