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  1. It depends which side you're talking about. Only one of the tracks are on the album.
  2. She did a solo 45 on Invictus in 1972 so that list is not very well researched.
  3. A new listing will create a new inventory number for the item and solve the problem. You should also go to the shipping calculator page to unselect all countries except UK. This way customers in other countries will not be able to add your items to their shopping cart. (You don't need to add shipping prices to the calculator if you prefer to invoice manually.)
  4. https://www.discogs.com/label/716852-Music-City-Recorders-Nashville
  5. It doesn't look like it qualifies as a reissue by the discogs guidelines. The contributor who added it just tagged it as reissue because of the Cotillion distribution. The yellow one is a Southern Plastics pressing.
  6. Review from Record World, december 1968. It got listed under "radio station picks" by a Miami radio station in november same year.
  7. There's a Tramp reissue. Not sure if there's a bootleg too. Not really a soul record though, but I do like it.
  8. Steve Colt was from Lynn, near Boston Mass. It doesn't sound like him.
  9. Looking for a nice copy of this. I'm aware labels will be bad.
  10. QCA has listings on discogs for most parts of the company. Not many of these backgrounds spotted while browsing the 45s by them though. Could be albums if you have the time to look through the images. https://www.discogs.com/label/320186-QCA-Custom-Pressing There'll probably be more if people start adding runouts to their records
  11. Bob Yorey again. He was also involved with Laddins and Mar-Vells (aka Fabulettes) as you can see from the label image in my previous post. There was a lot of Miami-New York connections with him. Is he still around? I had his e-mail address a few years ago.

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