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  1. tosh

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    Luther for me plus very good b side
  2. Just signed. Its a great shame that they are the go to dog for all manner of wankers up and down the country. They are such a happy breed when raised correctly
  3. Hi Have an ex copy of Sonny Jones-stolen moments-Scram. No idea to current price on this, last one I can see being sold was 11 years ago so up for offers . thanks for looking
  4. tosh

    Rare 70s release on AMG

    Hi have this rare outing on AMG from 1977- Taylor La Veeck - Beyond the hurt- AMG 7052-34 in ex condition , 2 marks to vinyl nap. £55 all in p/p as f&f A rare thing and a nice mid tempo 70s offering, never seen an other for sale . PM if interested Thanks Graham
  5. tosh

    Rare Triode release

    Hi for sale very rare low rider tune - The 3 Blue Jays - All in one - Triode 106 in ex con black marker mark on b side. £450 thanks Graham
  6. Hi these two to go- Charlie Starr- Number One -UA w/d M- £125 Ronnie McCain-This time Im gone-Triode M- £200 SOLD +post , p/p as f please. cheers Graham
  7. tosh

    Please sign this

    signed,it gets worse, unbelievable !!!!!!
  8. tosh

    Please sign this petition

    signed G
  9. tosh


    Yes Steve well pleased with Aldi selection and price, Marstons Old Empire IPA my favourite
  10. tosh

    Please sign this petition

    signed,very sad indeed
  11. tosh

    Doty Roy

    After a descent copy of Just you boy on Pic please pm me cheers Graham
  12. tosh

    Errol Dixon on Direct

    Hi no idea what this goes for ?, never see it up for sale so open to offers. Errol Dixon - The Hoop/ I dont want- DirectDS5002 in lovely condition looks and plays m- Please pm me if interested ta Graham
  13. tosh

    JOHN POWNEY RIP - Funeral details

    RIP John Was always helpful , best prices , unbeatable knowledge loved cats I think above all else. Always copius brews and tabs when I went up there, a real gent!. Nice to know people looked out for him and fair play to you. Graham
  14. tosh

    New Top Gear - what does everyone think ?

    Dreadful, no real feel just going thro the motions from the ginger haired twat. END of an era Iam afraid
  15. tosh

    Sammy Campbell

    Wanted Sammy Campbell-I never thought on Queen City please state condition and price many thanks Graham


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