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  1. Hyped prices coming down to realistic levels maybe.
  2. Original 1st issue Carol Anderson-Sad girl/ I'll get off at the next stop-Fee101 ex no marks on either vinyl or label and plays with no issues. Nice copy £400 all in P/P F&F or bank transfer. cheers Graham
  3. Nice mid-tempo double sider The Coronadas-you can do me some good/I'm sold on your love-Bright Star w/d ex £80 +p/p PM please if interested Paypal f&f prefered thanks for looking
  4. Hi just one please pm if interested p/p f&f . Ruby Andrews I got a bone to pick with you US ABC double sided w/demo con VG++ £30 +£3 p&p. thanks
  5. And not forgetting garden birds ,water evaporates ever so quickly in this heat.
  6. All they have to do is go to any post office with parcel ready packed. Need to go airmail and depending on value of records tracking is available. They will give a customs sticker which needs to be filled in ,description i.e. 7 inch vinyl record and value. post office counter staff are usually helpful , easy really .
  7. Hi just the one- Oscar Perry-I got what you need-Peri-Tone would of been M- but for small initials in biro so vg++ £140 +p/p yellow/green 1st issue pm if interested paypal f&f or bank transfer Ta!
  8. Anyone ever buy Flemings from Scotland Road Liverpool, made to measure jeans good material and well made. Had a couple of pairs but nothing too mad.
  9. Had a root through some boxes enjoyed these- 1 Bobby Jones - come back a foolish man 2 Combinations-while you were gone 3 Lill Dorr -lets have a dance
  10. Two crackers for sale- Winfield Parker=I wanna be with you=P&L m- £100 Ed Summers=I can tell=Soya m- £100 SOLD +post Thanks
  11. Never bothered myself and often wondered what it was all about, but we know really its just getting a few more £ out of people. Would rather look at a nice label more than a boring white demo.
  12. M- copy of this New Orleans rarity Eddie Bo Lucky in love Blue Jay 157 £500 post at cost cheers
  13. Sending payment as Paypal F&F got no recourse to any problems regarding delivery etc., maybe its time to knock it on the head. Just a thought.

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