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  1. Looking for a VG+ copy of this please. Better is OKAY too..... Please PM with price and condition.... one offered but lost to date...Got one now! Mark T
  2. Steve Jeffries sold a demo at £275 in Mint... He is usually pretty high so I reckon £250? Cheaper would be nice but I guess unless VG+ I am at least 200? Mark
  3. Wanted either a demo or issue in VG+ at least please... PLEASE PM with condition and price.... Thanks Mark T
  4. That is how my ears hear the Al Wilson version.......
  5. Yep, I am a track rider mainly (That way I don't have to be 60Kg) but I ride a Tree Emonda 9 SLR on the road and when in Cyprus rented a Willier last Autumn. Very nice bike, just make sure you go for disc brakes, descending off those monasteries at 75kph I needed them! ~Enjoy
  6. Hammie, yes you are right, It is an American effort from somebody, probably trying to make it look like a white demo... I will adjust description... Thanks
  7. These first four are part of the infamous set of 14 made in quantity of 50 only. Sound quality is excellent, all on vinyl and very convincing at a glance within the confines of the limits of copying old vinyl/styrene. I decided to sell all my re-issues now and so a few more to go after these. Postage UK £3 signed for Paypal to please. PM for reserves.. I have described as accurate as I can to be clear these are NOT ORIGINAL COPIES. Jonathan Capree "Gonna Build Me A Mountain/Big City" - Ox Bow Mint £75 HOLDING Dead wax details: A side At 8 o'clock RI 3109A scratched in with CIM / DW B Side At 7 o'clock looks like RI 3109B with RI/M DW Black print on original is a bit darker The Districts "One Lover (Just Won’t Do) / Like Clouds" - Nile Mint £50 SOLD Dead wax details: A side At 12 o'clock N40A scratched in B Side At 5 o'clock N40B scratched in John Wesley "Love Is Such A Funny Thing /Stop The Music" Melic - Mint £75SOLD Dead wax details A side At 11 o'clock scratched inM-4196 R-250 B Side At 2 o'clock M-7195 R-849 Louis Paul "The Change Will Do You Good / I’ll Never Have You" INTRO - Mint £50SOLD Dead wax details A Side At 5 o'clock; RE – UM 1001 A then a space RC plus something crossed out B side At 1 o'clock RE – UM 1001 B then a gap and a circular B Side shape with an oval crossed out The Twins "I Can't See Him Again/Darling Tell Me Why" white DADE - Mint £40 Dead wax A Side Duck off Side 2 and 132 scratched in B Side Duck off Side 1 and 131 scratched in A small lip on edge, as pointed out, a real one is Dark Blue (not seen for years) and this one is an America attempt to make a white demo..... Margaret Little "Love Finds a Way/I need Some Loving" GENEBRO - Mint £10 Recent one but good sound quality. Not much like the real label.....
  8. I have the 35 titles released to date. All MINT minus (only because played) and reckon at 35 x £12 worth around £400 to buy discounting some of the rare ones hard... Accept £250n the lot? PM please Mark T
  9. I have a compete set of GRP 70's label with the exception of Sam and Kitty (132) all in at least EX condition. Is anyone interested in a complete set? I reckon based on lower end of prices around £1600 total to buy. Looking for around £1200? Or best offer. Here is the full list.. I will pay postage for set... GRP 101 SOUL TWINS "Quick Change Artist" GRP 102 STANLEY WOODRUFF: "What Took You SO Long" GRP 103 MILTON WRIGHT: "I Belong To You" GRP 104 FLAMING EMERALDS: "Have Some Everybody" GRP 105 KEANYA COLLINS: GRP 106 JUDY STREET: "What" GRP 107 THE LOVELITES: "Get Him Off My Conscience" GRP 108 RONNIE LOVE: GRP110 THE HAPPY CATS: GRP 111 RAY GODFREY GRP 112 DEL CAPRIS: "Hey Little Way Out Girl" GRP 113 CAPREEZ: "How To Make A Sad Man Glad" GRP 114 THE ELLINGTONS: "(I'm Not) Destined To Become A Loser" GRP 115 TONY MIDDLETON: "Paris Blues" GRP 116 SAM WILLIAMS: "Love Slipped Through My Fingers" GRP 117 JAMES BYNUM: "Time Passes By" GRP 118 JIMMY BURNS:"I Really Love You" GRP 1 1 9 EDDIE PARKER: "Love You Baby" GRP 120 LARRY CLINTON: "She's Wanted In Three States" GRP 121 CODY MICHAELS:"7 Days - 52 Weeks A Year" GRP 122 TAMANGOES:"I Really Love You" GRP 123 FLAME'N'KING:" Ho Happy Day" GRP 124 BOBBY WELLS:" Be's That Way Sometimes" GRP 125 BETTY BOO: "Say It Isn't So" GRP 126 THE THRILLS: "Show The Whole World Where It's At" GRP 127 THE DE-LITES: "Lover" GRP 128 MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Too Darn Soulful" GRP 129 THE PRECISIONS: "Such Misery" GRP 130 SEVENTH WONDER:" Captain Of My Ship" GRP 131 SOUL GENERATION: "Hold On" GRP 132 SAM AND KITTY: 'I've Got Something Good" £50-75 GRP 133 CAROL ANDERSON: "Sad Girl" GRP 134 EDWARD HAMILTON: "Baby Don't You Weep" GRP 135 LAURA GREENE: "Can't Help Loving Dat Man" GRP 136 AL WILLIAMS: "I Am Nothing" GRP 137 RONNIE AND ROBYN: "As Long As You Love Me" £ never GRP 138 LESTER TIPTON: "This Won't Change" GRP 139 BILLY HAMBRIC: "She Said Goodbye" GRP 140 BLACK NASTY: "Cut Your Motor Off" GRP 141 DENA BARNES: "if You Ever Walked Out Of My Life" GRP 142 THE AGENTS: "Trouble" GRP 143 NABAY: "Believe It Or Not" GRP 144 NEW WANDERERS "This Man In Love" GRP 145 DUKE BROWNER: "Crying Over You" GRP 146 KADDO STRINGS: "Nothing But Love" GRP 147 ANTHONY RAYE:"Give Me One More Chance"
  10. Looking for a clean copy of this release please. In box me with price.. Mark T
  11. Better than Twinkle twinkle Little Star.... In every way!!!!
  12. Who was it that had two copies and played part 1 followed by part two mixed together? Wanna say Keb, but old age plays tricks with my mind? I wonder if it really is that rare.......
  13. Number 5 in what is the sexiest set of releases along with SoulJunction........ Mark T
  14. These are likely some of the finest releases we could have had.... I cannot wait to see what you have got to come this year.... M
  15. Looking for a Mint copy of the first Diggin Deep release. I was out of UK for the week and it went before I got back. PM please DD 001A Willie Walker ‘Two Paces Ahead Of Love” DD 001B Barbara Brown ‘It Hurts Me So Much’ Thanks Mark T

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