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  1. Is this like panic buying for fuel? Will our projections force up the price? Well I think it will be North of £5,000..... Mark T
  2. Classic Example "Right On"..... more like spot on.... stunning track! Mark T
  3. Just up the road from John there is a well known looking for £1500 for Barbara Lynn..... Cannot believe rare, I have had 3 copies in 20 years and I am small time... Bet there are 100's!
  4. I only subscribe to his list for a daily laugh at the prices! Just divide by two! M
  5. Skip Jackson £473.... really... I bought this twice many years back (90's) for less than £20 so not rare, the dealer in question had dozens he told me. I sold one on here for around £100 15 years ago, sent in good faith and was never paid..... I got sent a book instead! Glad I am not buying now apart from new release..... M
  6. Agreed with that side, I think I read the singer was only 15 when recorded so probably accounts for its "thin" feel.... Mark T
  7. I feel satisfied at being able to save the £125 asked on Discogs for that one...... Rather have Kung Fu Fighting on Pye LOL
  8. There seems to be a lot of pension draw downs around since the rule change a few years back Mark T
  9. PM please to share payment details and reserve. All records PayPal F&F or plus 4%. Postage £3 signed for or £8 special in the UK. Europe £11 tracked and signed. Raymond Martin "I'm Guilty of Loving You" Composer's recording company VG++ £75 European tune, getting played by a few now The Volumes "Same Old Feeling/Trouble" Impact Issue VG+ plays great but got a drill hole right at the end of the grooves in the run out area. Needs lifting at close of play but otherwise really loud and clear £140 Lorraine Rudolph "Keep Coming Back for More" JET EX £100 Lee Williams "Girl from a country town"/"Just a teenager" RAPDA VG+ £195 SOLD Mel & Tim "Forever and a day" STAX VG+ £60 SOLD Darrel Banks " I'm The One Who Loves You" Volt VG- with label scuffs £60 plays okay for lesss than half Compliments "Beware beware" MIDAS EX++ £50 The Yellow Cook "Why Don't Love Me" One Way Brazillian 33 rpm M- £80 SOLD Ellen crossover yet to have it's day Thanks for looking M
  10. Please PM to reserve, payment F&F 0r plus 4% plus £3 signed for. Condition EX barely played, minor card sleeve marks £85 (previously priced high based on information given Selling £175 Discogs) Thanks M
  11. I think my reservations are around the goals of the label. I support the idea of issuing largely unreleased and unearthed rarities I guess above just re-issues of in demand items. Doesn't make labels like SW/AOTN wrong, just not my bag.
  12. Even if I wanted one, these are the most awful looking label to collect... Someone needs to look at the class re-issue labels like Hit and Run/Soul Junction or Diggin Deep..... You can keep Sonic Wax thanks.... M
  13. All records graded conservatively and available Paypal F&F or plus 4% plus £3 signed for or £8 Special in UK. Overseas ask please. Lee Williams "A Girl from the country/I'm Just a Teenager" RAPDA VG++ plays nearer EX £240 (selling over 350 dollars on eBay for VG) Mel and Tim "Forever and a Day" STAX EX £75 Spice "For Old Times Sake" Carrie EX £275 SOLD Superb sweet soul crossover JJ Barnes "Got to Get Rid/Snowflakes" Volt Vinyl copy EX £90 SOLD Exsaveyons "I Don't Love You No More" SMOKE VG £50 SOLD looks not shiny but plays loud Darrel Banks "I'm The One" VOLT vinyl copy VG looks worn a l little but plays great some feint writing faded £70 Please PM for reserve and payment details. Thanks
  14. All records available to be paid for PayPal F&F or +4%. Postage £3 signed or £8 special with insurance in UK. Overseas please ask. Fabulous Caprices "My Love/Groovy World" Camara EX plays perfect. £495 SOLD An excellent Texas record that has an awesome crossover side and a funky Northern side. Hard to find and waiting to go big. Bobby Sansom "Don't Leave Me Baby" SUBLIME EX £105 ON HOLD Darrow Fletcher "It's No Mistake" Crossover MINT with original sleeve £200 Lorraine Rudolph "Keep Coming Back For More" JET stream EX £120 JJ Barnes "Got To Get Rid Of You"Volt NM £120 Please PM to reserve Thanks
  15. All records for sale based on Paypal F&F or plus 4%. Post £3 signed for or £8 Special inc Insurance. Overseas please enquire. Bobby Hutton "Come See What's Left Of Me" Philips EX with light label wear and feint ink marks £150 SOLD Sensational Little Doc "Just Looking For My Baby" Music Go Round NM £220 SOLD Spice "For Old Times Sake" Carrie EX to NM £300 Sonny Til "I Gave It All Up" CLOWN Mint with label very slightly off centre but not vinyl, that is perfect. £275 SOLD REDUCED Mel and Tim "Forever and a Day" STAX EX £75 Willie Hutch "When A Boy Falls in Love" VG+ £60 ON QUEERY.... Darrel Banks "I'm the One Who Really Loves You" Volt VG+ copy with visible marks and some feint ink on label Plays LOUD and strong £80 Yellow Cook "Why You Don't Love Me" One Way MINT £115 A great 33rpm Brazilian crossover tune in an amazing picture sleeve. Thanks for looking, please PM to reserve. M
  16. Please enquire by PM. Postage £3 signed or £8 fully insured up to £500. Payment Paypal F&F or plus 4%. Darrel Banks "I'm the One Who Really Loves You" Volt VG+ copy with visible marks and some feint ink on label Plays LOUD and strong £95 Willie Hutch "When a Boy Falls in Love" RCA demo VG+ with some ring wear and visible vinyl marks plays LOUD and strong £75 Mel and Tim "Forever and a Day" Stax EX copy plays near perfect £90 TSU Toronadoes "I Still Love You" Volt EX. minor ring wear £85 SOLD Garland Green "Girl I Love You/It Rained 40 days" Revue VG Plays nearer EX with some light ring wear £110 SOLD Thanks for looking
  17. E5973545-D813-46E3-94BF-4BA33511ABBE_1_105_c.jpeg
    AN excellent mid pacer from Brazil with solid Centre and plays 33rpm. Absolutely Mint with a VG+ sleeve. Sold £175 recently and currently £200 Discogs. Looking for £145 plus £3 or £8 special UK (overseas check) Paypal F&F or +4%. Please PM to reserve.
  18. Class Motown tune, Fight Fir with Fire on B side. Condition EX £125 Paypal F&F or +4% standard. DELIVERY SPECIAL £8 or £3 signed for in UK Overseas please request. Please PM for reserve/details etc Thanks
  19. IMG_4293.jpeg
    Classic double sider oldie for sale Shirley Lawson "The Star/One More Chance" UK Soul City EX.... The label is clean and there are a few minor sleeve marks that DNAP plays perfect. Offers overEX £260 Paypal F&F or +4% standard. DELIVERY SPECIAL £8 or £3 signed for in UK PM for reserve Thanks for looking
  20. Parisians Twinkle Little Star makes my blood curdle.... Although their follow up Ba Ba Black Sheep was not so bad....!
  21. 6C35011C-35E1-44DE-8C24-3D912AC43F1B_1_201_a.jpeg
    Currently posting out once a week due to current Cover-19 situation. At the moment all overseas orders are by prior arrangement with insurance cost to be confirmed. UK postage: £3.00 signed for (insured to £50) or £8.00 special delivery (full insurance) Payment by PayPal Family & Friends or +4% with full PayPal protection. Please PM me to reserve. Rhonda Davis "Caan You Remember"/"Long Walk" Duke DEMO perfect MINTER played once £650 Ujime "I'm Not ready" Epic Mint with company Sleeve £595 Sonny Til "I Gave it All Up" Clown Mint with minor pressing marks not audible £375 SouLutions "Listen"/"Philly Line" Sundae Mint £375
  22. So clearly Our friend John's deal is superior in every way for both parties! Mark T
  23. Looking for a VG+ copy of this please. Better is OKAY too..... Please PM with price and condition.... one offered but lost to date...Got one now! Mark T
  24. Steve Jeffries sold a demo at £275 in Mint... He is usually pretty high so I reckon £250? Cheaper would be nice but I guess unless VG+ I am at least 200? Mark

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