Jack Ashford Just Productions Volume 2 Kent Record

Jack Ashford Just Productions Volume 2 Kent Record magazine cover

A recent release from Kent Records - Volume 2 of a look at Jack Ashfords Just Productions setup, available in cd and download formats.
Listen and read below....


Jack Ashford Just Productions Volume 2
Various Artists (Producer Series)


High calibre Detroit soul from Jack Ashford’s Just Productions company, including 10 previously unissued masters.

This second and final volume of Jack Ashford’s independent soul productions, spanning 1967 to the mid-70s, is an equal to the first well-received compilation. It opens with the revered original version of Softouch’s ‘After You Give Your All’, sung by the co-writer Sandra Richardson, previously available only the 2016 100 Club anniversary single. Richardson’s great Inter Soul 45 ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, from the same 1974 session, is also included, as are Softouch themselves with their highly prized Prodigal B-side ‘Say That You Love Me Boy’. The Magnificents’ ‘I Can Fly’, from last year’s 100 Club 45, is the original version of the song Jack Ashford sang as ‘I’ll Fly To Your Open Arms’ on his “Hotel Sheet” album (this is the full version; the 45 was edited by 40 seconds). Ashford himself was a more than capable singer. Witness here ‘This Ain’t Just Another Dance Song’ and ‘Let Me Take Care Of Your Heart’. His delivery of the latter is immaculate, a real .....


full release notes and purchase options via https://acerecords.co.uk/jack-ashford-just-productions-volume-2




1.    Sandra Richardson - "After You Give Your All"
2.    The Magnificents - "I Can Fly"
3.    Softouch - "Say That You Love Me Boy"
4.    The Perfections - "Since I Lost My Baby"
5.    Jack Ashford - "Let Me Take Care Of Your Heart"
6.    Cecil Norman Jr - "How Long Has It Been Since You Had A Love Affair"
7.    Eddie Parker - "Crying Clown"
8.    Billy Sha-Rae - "The Story Of My Life"
9.    Lorraine Chandler - "Don't Leave Me Baby"
10.    Sandra Richardson - "Don't Let Me Down"
11.    Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - "The First Depression"
12.    Billy-Sha-Rae - "I'm Gone"
13.    Jack Ashford - "This Ain't Just Another Dance Song"
14.    The Sound Of New Detroit - "There Can Be A Better Way" (instrumental)
15.    The Four Sonics - "Easier Said Than Done"
16.    Eddie Parker - "I Need A True Love"
17.    Al Gardner - "Watch Yourself"
18.    Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - "Air"
19.    Don Gardner & Baby Washington - "Lay A Little Lovin' On Me"
20.    Eddie Parker - "Can't You See (What You're Doing To Me)"
21.    JC Heard - "JC's Grit Gitter"
22.    Brenda Cook - "Alone Again"
23.    Four Sonics Plus One - "Lost Without You"
24.    Billy Sha-Rae - "I Found The One"











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Guest Spain pete profile photo


Absolute bargain ! 

Mickey Finn profile photo


One of the top albums of the year - fantastic value, and as always excellent liner notes

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Scootboy profile photo


I can't describe with words this one,so emotional



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