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Luxury Soul 2020 Album - Expansion Records

Luxury Soul 2020 Album - Expansion Records magazine cover

Luxury Soul 2020 Album - Expansion records

A new triple cd comp from Expansion Records,  which is in fact the latest in this annual luxury series

35 tracks to get your teeth into on the cd, also available via download and streaming formats

Listings, listens and links follow below


Side 1
1.    Cornell CC Carter - "I See Love" (Metlife remix)
2.    The Terri Green Project - "It's You"
3.    Tyra Levone - "Keep Steppin'"
4.    Rick Clarke - "Friends" (feat Don E)
5.    Brian Power - "Take Me Away" (feat Hil St Soul/Mike Lindup)
6.    Darryl Anders AgapeSoul - "The Way We Love" (Boogie Back remix)
7.    Alex Puddu - "Don't Hold Back" (feat Gene Robinson Jr)
8.    Zo! - "Love Up!" (feat Eric Roberson/Carmen Rodgers)
9.    St Paul Peterson - "You Got 2 Love" (UK remix)
10.    Tompi - "Feel This Way"
11.    SouLutions - "Who's Been Kissing You"
12.    Frankie Fandango - "Lovestruck" (2019 rework)

Side 2
1.    Najee - "In The Mood To Take It Slow" (feat Meli'sa Morgan)
2.    Glenn Jones - "Better Man"
3.    Blue Soul Ten - "Life"
4.    Tony Momrelle - "We Had Searched For Heaven" (feat Maysa)
5.    Richard Alexander Davis - "Set It Off" (Back 2 The 80z remix)
6.    Ed Motta - "Your Satisfaction Is Mine"
7.    Paul Johnson - "Follow"
8.    Tony Lindsay - "Find The Day"
9.    Francisca Thomas - "Clouds In My Mirror" (Nigel Lowis Sholes mix)
10.    Lasperanza - "It Should Have Been You" (feat Izzy Chase)
11.    Noel McKoy - "People Make Change"

Side 3
1.    James Day - "Speak Love" (feat Glenn Jones/Tony Terry/Tim Owens)
2.    Bill Henry Band - "Slow Down"
3.    Incognito - "Jakarta Dreams" (feat Dira/Tompi/Petra/Rega)
4.    Halo - "Let Me Do It"
5.    Soulpersona/Princes Freesia - "Music Man"
6.    Rockie Robbins - "Together"
7.    Candace Woodson - "Never Let Go"
8.    James Day - "Who Can Tell The Heart" (feat Tony Terry)
9.    One Way - "We Won't Stop" (feat Al Hudson)
10.    Victor Haynes - "Who Do You Love"
11.    Laura Jackson - "Reach Out"
12.    Ed The Red - "Love You Down" (feat David A Tobin)

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For those interested, this isn't out at Amazon until 24th so plenty of options from our independent Soul sources of choice to get it now.

I've got all of this series except 2004 and 2006 which are out of print and comapratively expensive which is a shame. I may end up buying them for completeness at some stage.




Look like another great Luxury Soul compilation. One of the highlights of the year.

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Guest Shufflin


this has quite a few standout tracks, own some already on vinyl or CD, favs would be 

Cornell CC Carter - "I See Love" (Metlife remix)

SouLutions - "Who's Been Kissing You"

Victor Haynes - "Who Do You Love"

among others, very nice comp


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