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Margie Alexander R I P

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Sad to hear that.... Mine is "Can I Be Your Main Thing" on Atlantic Records .....amazing record... Love that Chi Sound release as well....slow Soul par excellence ....

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The first thing I did when I discovered the internet in the 90s was start typing in names of my soul heroes. I typed in 'Margie Alexander' (as she's easily one of my top five favourite  singers) and came up trumps. To cut a long story short I got her number and called her up and interviewed her. The interview found it's way into In The Basement magazine, though I no longer have a copy and can't remember where the tapes are. 


She was really sweet and told me all kinds of interesting things - for example, when she went to Chicago, she had an appointment to see Major Lance - he asked her to babysit his kids and if I remember correctly she said he didn't come home for about three days. 


She said her ambition was to sing at the Albert Hall with a full orchestra. Sounds sloppy I know but I always dreamt of winning the lottery and fulfilling her dream (it would have had to been a big win). I remember seeing Susanne Boyle on TV singing at the Albert Hall and thinking 'Bitch! That should be Margie Alexander'. 


Well Margie, thank you for the music and I'm sorry you never fulfilled your dreams, but you were a fucking seriously good singer. One of the very best. And who can argue with that? 

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