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Willenhall Baths Darlo Town Hall Reunion - Darlaston


Willenhall Baths Darlo Town Hall Reunion - Darlaston

The long overdue Soul Re-union the Black Country Class Of 74 have been waiting for!  

Featuring the original main men DAVE DALLAS & NEAL MITCHELL 

Supported by the 80s/90s/00s promoter/DJs

Ken Hickman (Burt Weedon) 'Dripping' (Michael Harris) 

'Harpo' (Paul Harpin), Carl Jones

'Pep' (Ian Pereira) and Dudley's own Dave Rimmer 

In this excellent traditional Town Hall with its wall-to-wall sprung woodlath dancefloor and balcony. Fair price bar too!

Great value! Just £5 for 10 hours : All Day 4pm - 2am 

Or £6 on the door

Pay for tickets by PayPal (friends) to: im.pereira@yahoo.co.uk 

Plenty of tickets already sold! 

The Town Hall have tickets also. Alternative (Better) Town Hall number:
0121 568 6144

Note! Not long put up here on Soul-Source, although advertised on FB and elsewhere for months. Plenty of tickets already sold! 

Venue Address:

Victoria Road, Darlaston, WS10 8AA, United Kingdom


Please contact the venue/club to confirm address and event admission details before travelling







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I was really pleased to see this advertised earlier in the year - Darlaston Town Hall is one of the best venues in the Black Country for a night like this; built in 1888 it's a proper Town Hall; red brick with a balcony, high ceiling, timber queen post trusses, big sprung fine wood strip dance floor, separate bar, grand stage etc. I was gutted when they stopped holding regular soul nights earlier in the year due to the rising cost of hiring the place; so it was brilliant to see it back, if only in a more limited form and with a different promoter.

Perhaps the size and grandness are the problem though as it struggled to feel full before. A very different story this time though, we got there fairly late, just before 7 and whilst not packed there was a decent crowd there but it built up gradually until at around 9 there were over 250 there and it felt pretty full. Lots of Midlands faces and some travelled from as far afield as The Isle of Wight and Thailand apparently!

Not your usual do either, the main point was that it was the two original DJ's Dave Dallas and Neal Mitchell and they did exactly what was expected of them - no major surprises, a bit on the poppy side but fair enough that was probably exactly what they played in 1974 (I have no idea, I'd just started Primary School and was a big fan of Derek Griffiths singing the Ugly Duckling 😂).

Other DJ's did some good sets perhaps along the same theme but still very interesting and nothing too obvious; Dave Rimmer said he'd not played so many oldies for a long time, Carl Jones had some unusual ones, as did the others. Nice to hear Larry Santos - You Got Me Where You Want Me in such a big space, it's one of those songs where the verses sound kind of muddled but the choruses just soar like some grand building breaking through the clouds and it's just not the same though headphones it has to echo though a lofty, huge, dark room; the Jazz version of Compared To What - was it Les McCann and Eddie Harris? I dunno I was too busy attempting (badly) to dance to something that sounded a bit like it was sort of on the wrong speed or something, great to hear it instead of the more familiar Mr Floods Party though. Similarly Wombat - I'm Gettin' On Life sounds magnificent in a large echoey hall and nothing much at all on Youtube. Once again just goes to show it is possible to play 10 hours of varied, quality soul and not resort to flogged-to-death 'standards' like I Wanna Give You Tomorrow or House For Sale. 

Can't think there was much of a downside either, the sound system was a little quiet at times as the night went on but maybe that was either the size of the building or the fact that the crowd grew so big?

The other advantage of an allayer is you can actually draw a bit in the light, so did the hall (which got more abstract (and dark) as the night wore on), the DJ (the organ pipes look a bit rubbish though) and two legendary female dancers. 

The other good news is there's another Darlaston Town Hall gig in September with the same timing, so you can experience it for yourself!

I rarely give 5 stars - I've noticed that often reviews are by people connected with the event who inevitably give 5 stars to everything. I am trying to be objective. 

Karina @ Darlaston Town Hall 6-7-19.jpg

Helen Levitt @ Darlaston Town Hall 6-7-19.jpg

Darlaston Town Hall 6-7-19.jpg

Carl Jones @ Darlaston Town Hall 6-7-19.jpg

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