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What a night, £46 Vodka doubles, bad dreams, , back drops at 6 in the morning, and a mad Irishman trying to break down Rich Buckley's front door .......................Jamie Hartford, Rich Buckley and Richard Bayley.................You are my kinda' people

Brett recovery..........

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....but Brett, the Irish guy only kicked up a fuss when Barry Manilow was played - the previous four hours of soul were obviously well received.:wicked:

This is a really great venue, with a nice sunken wooden dancefloor and plenty of seating - perfect for Northern (but with city centre bar prices, unfortunately). I enjoyed the variety of sounds played - as clearly advertised - and was disappointed that there weren't a few more in.

Next month sees Karl Heard playing down there, who's been playing some sets to high acclaim at several nighters recently. A good opportunity for a few more SS'ers to check out this venue and catch a DJ on top form, I think:yes:

Rich, Jamie, Brett (top dancer).... fantastic company and lots of laughs:D

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Finally recovered enough from my mad birthday weekend to post on the look back.............

I thought Friday was a blinding night, i personally really enjoyed myself.

Another night of great music but more importantly, great people and enjoyment.

A massive thanks to everyone who came, but particularly to those that travelled from a far. Great to see the Brettmeister and Mr Bayley making the trip. Gary / Graham and the rest of the Keighly soul club guys, Shaun and the red bar massive.........and not to forget my awsome mates from Manchester who made the journey over.

Probably could've done with a few more in. Number hit the ton mark again, but seemingly last month we had an influx of peeps coming in later on, and that didnt happen this month. However loads in from the word go which didnt happen last month.

We'll keep working hard to get this right for sure. I for one think Leeds needs a top soul night and hope that we're it innocent.gif

Not gonna sit here as a promoter and blow the wind up the arse of our own night but i thought the music was fan bloody tastic on Friday. A top blend of everything we advertise. Not your normal run of the mill same old same old. Some rare, some underplayed, some classics, some forward thinking.............the dancefloor doesnt lie and it was rammed all night.

Seemed to be a buzz word passed on to me in most of the feedback i got on the night - REFRESHING. I'll take that anyday.

Was a pleasure to meet, an play alongside, Mr Pat Brady. An extremely nice chap indeed, and he played an awsome spot.

Also, big thanks to RICH EVANS who stepped in for a sadly missed Liam. Rich played two great spots of driving 60's soul and mod inspired RnB which had the place buzzin, a star for the future i'm sure.

I really hope you can all make it down next month. As pointed out already, the one and only Karl Heard next month!!

Cant wait.

Playlists to follow, and once again, thanks to everyone who came down


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Cracking night .lovely venue most of all some top class soul tunes play all night for all the dj 's

hope to make the next one.... Azza ........ big thanks. m8

Cheers Shaun & The Crew

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Another absolutely cracking night at That Driving Beat, there's no wonder why people are starting to travel for this!

Something for everyone due to the variety of tunes played. As Arron has already mentioned, some rare, some underplayed, some classics, but the emphasis on quality from all era's.

Really enjoyed Pat's set, would love to see his playlist. As ever Azza and Mr Buckley both played top sets. Hats off to the residents for the ability to vary their sets and play accordingly around different guest DJ's. thumbsup.gif

This month definitely build on the launch night at the new venue, and am pretty damn sure its going to get better and better as more people realise what the boys have got going on here!

Cheers for having us down lads, tried to piece my playlist together as both records and mind both became a little mixed up over the course of the weekend!! Though am pretty sure my sets were as follows!

Levon & The Hawks - He Don't Love you - ATCO

Danny White - Miss Fine Miss Fine - Frisco

Dee Dee Sharp - Deep Dark Secret - Cameo

Victoria Williams & Ledbetter - Show Some Sign - Verve

Ray Barretto - Mercy Mercy Baby - Fania

Good Time Charlie - Work and Watch you - Constructive

Dee Clark - That's My Girl - Constellation

Joe Simon - Whole lotta lovin' - SS7

Little Flint - Pain -Beast

Little Jewel - I Want to - Tayster

Al Reed - Sorry bout that - Axe

Little Joe Hinton - I wont be your fool - Arvee

King Solomon - Separation - Mader - D

Little Oscar - Empty Bottles - Palos

Luther Ingram - Baby don't you weep - Kent

Little Willie John - I'm Shakin' - King

King Coleman - Black Bottom Blues - Phillips EP

Mitty Collier - Git Out - Chess

Jimmy McCracklin - Can't Raise Me - Imperial

Leo Price & Band - Hey Now Baby - Up-Down

Buddy Ace - She's my baby - Duke

Big Mac - Bad Affair - Jewel

Buddy Lamp - My Tears - Double-L


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Thanks for those words Rich.

I thought you played two absolutely superb spots..............especially at such short notice (litterally three hours).

Some of the best up tempo 60's soul, had the floor packed. Extremely well put together.

Was our privellage having you down mate, Keep on like this and people WILL be lining you up for the big gigs, mark my words.

Didnt you play Barbara Lynn too???

ACE weekend all round mucka

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My playlists, across a double deck spots with Mr Buckley, and a spot after Pat Brady later on......

Double decking:

Major Lance - How can you say goodbye

Carol Anderson - You boy (couldnt decide which of these two belting sides to play)

Johnny Scott - Let me be a winner

Bobby Womack - Across 110th street

Baby Washington - Leave me alone

Carol Jones - Dont destroy me

Lewis Clark - I need you baby

Darrow Fletcher - The way of a man

Precisions - Into my life

Kris Peterson - Just as much

Tempests - Would you believe

Lillie Fields - I've been discovered

Righteous Bros - Its up to you

Gladys Knight - No one could love you more (to close the night off)

Later spot:

Natural Four - I thought you were mine

Rhonda Davis - Can you remember

Embers - Where did i go wrong

Detroit Soul - All of my life

Gloria Walker - You hit the spot baby

Ann Sexton - You've been gon too long (Request)

Tomorrow's Men - Who's that lady

Nolan Porter - If i could only be sure (Request)

NF Porter - Keep on keeping on (Request)

Shane Martin - I need you

Artistics - Hope we have

Rich is just putting his together now, and hopefully will get Pat's up soon enough.


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