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chris anderton

Midas Touch 63

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Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 63 and another selection of great soul tunes for your perousal. I cant stop buying at the moment, records seem to arrive daily, look forward to some great stuff in the coming months. As usual I will be having my traditional January sale list next month!

Sales Cds are always popular, they usually come out a few days before the main list is sent out. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chane to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. You get 3x monthly CDs for only £5.00. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £2.00 recorded (only insured up to £39) or £5.60 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.00 airmail or £5.60 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.Please note if you do not take out the correct amount of postal insurance and your item is missing or damaged this is not my fault.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported the last "Dab of Soul" session in Nantwich. This event goes from strength to strength and is now fast becoming a "must attend" night for lovers of quality 70s and crossover soul. Our next event is on Friday (for a change) December 18th and the guest DJs will be 2 of the nicest people on the scene, Rob Kay and Orwell main man Steve Plumb. As well as being nice guys they also have some tunes to die for! As always the guests will be supported by Dave Lucas and Myself.Contact me if you need any more info.

1.Thelma Lindsey-Prepared to love you-Magic City WD M- sold

(Classic Detroit double sider..so rare on White Demo..Looks Beautiful!)

2.The Intensions-I`m losing your love-Up tight M- 100

3.Hoagy Lands-The next in line-Laurie M- 100

(Classic oldie. Looks great on Original first press)

4.Jeanette Baby Washington-Let love go by-ABC E+ 75

(Great R&B style Northern dancer)

5.Tomorrows Men-Who`s that lady-Congress M- sold

(Same backing as El Anthony)

6.Marie Knight-You lie so well-Musicor M- 120

(Classic, always reminds me of the 100 club)

7.The Triumphs-I`m coming to your rescue-Okeh WD E slt crack 80

(Very small edge crack, just took me 10 mins to find it! Plays fine)

8.Little Hank-Try to understand-SS7 E 90

9.Cookie Jackson-Your good girls gonna go bad-Okeh WD M- 55

10.The Masqueraders-How big is big-Bell WD E+ sold

(Few very light marks, plays fine)

11.Dan Brantley-I`m so lonely-Holywood M- 90

(Rare deep soul)

12.Hal Frazier-After Closing time-Reprise WD M- 100

(Big city soul)

13.Emanuel Laskey-I`d rather leave on my feet-DT vg+sold

(Plays ok for DJing)

14.Sammy Bryant-Grapevine-Roulette WD E+ wol 70

(One felt pen mark on label)

15.Phillip Mitchell-One on one-Atlantic M- 30

16.Debbie Dean-Why am i lovin you-VIP WD M- 55

(Rare Motown)

17.Ray and Dave-Wrong wrong wrong-Mica E- 45

18.The Love Column-Cant get enough/You made me so very happy-Duo M- sold

(Two great sides)

19.Billy Conn-I should have known-Federal WD M- 60

20.Melvin Boyd-Exit loneliness enter love-Era E+ 40

(Cool looking DJ sticker on label)

21.High Voltage-Country road-Columbia E 25

22.The Montclairs-Wait for me-Sunburst vg+ sold

(Plays fine,...great tune)

23.Harry and Keyavas-If this is goodbye-IPG E+ 70

24.11th Commandment-Why are you so hard to forget-Chess E+ 40

(Hard Chess number, great crossover)

25.Citations-Inspiration of my life/We`ve come a long way-Redline E 40

26.Skip Easterling-Keep the fire burning-Alon M- 70

27.Baby Washington-Your fool-Sue E+ 20

28.Lawrence Payton-Love makes you human-ABC E+ 15

29.The Delcos-Just ask-SS7 M 75

(Great early dancer in Minty condition)

30.Blues busters-Wide awake in a dream-BRA WD E+ 100

(Slight ink smudge on label)

31.The Symphonics-Silent kind of guy-Brunswick E+ 25

32.Betty Everett-Too hot to hold-VJ E+ 35

(Great R&B style Northern...)

33.Dee Dee Warwick-Funny how we change places-Private stock M- 40

34.The Lineas-Born to be your baby-Diamond M- 40

(Lovely mid-tempo 60s soul)

35.The Calif Malibus-Love in my life-M&M M- sold

36.The Profiles-I still love you-Bamboo M-sold

37.The Compliments-Beware beware-Midas M- 35

38.Jackey Beavers- Hold on-SS7 E+ 30

39.Emroy and Dynamics-Pretty little school girl-Peachtree M- 100

40.Florida Spiritualaires-I remember when- Ernies M- 50

41.Carolyn Cooke-I dont mind-RCA WD E 50

42.Frankie Saunders-Take another look-Juana M- 30

(Perfect 70s, needs more spins)

43.Freddie Scott-Am I groving you/Never you mind-Shout M- 15

44.Larry and the Larks-Tell me/The girl i love-Veep WD M- 30

(Still in Veep Sleeve, great Northern)

45.Bobby Patterson-Dont be so mean-Jetstar demo M- 15

(Lovely Yellow Vinyl copy)

46.Johnnie Taylor-You`re the best in the world-Columbia E 5

47.Winston G-Cloud nine/I`ll make you cry tomorrow-WB WD wol 20

(Bit of felt pen on label, barely noticable)

48.Fabulous Shalimars-Playing a losing game-Cotillion M- sold

49.Barbara Brown-Pity a fool-Memphis WD M- 90

(Super soulful)

50.The Isley Brothers-Work to do-TK M- 6

If there are 45s on the list you dont know but would like to hear please subscribe to our SALES CDs. They come out a few days before the main list and cost only £5.00 for 3x Monthly CDs (Worldwide). Send a cheque or paypal £5.00 to chris.soul@btinternet.com

51.Norma Jenkins-Me Myself and I-Carnival M- 30

52.Jackie Moore-Here i am-Shout M- 15

53.The 7 Sons-On the run-VTI WD M- 30

(Blue-eyed Northern)

54.Parrish-Your smile-Uptite E+ sold

(Big spins at some of the quality venues)

55.Four Tops-I just cant get you out of my mind-ABC E+ 10

56.Silvetti-Spring rain-Salsoul E+ 8

57.Eddie Day-For my girl/Summers gone-Onyx M stkr 25

(Another cool looking DJ sticker on label)

58.Bobby Womack-How could you break my heart-Arista WD M 15

59.Arthur Prysock-I wantcha baby-Oldtown E+ 10

(The best tenner you could spend)

60.The Players-Why did i lie-Minit E 15

61.Martha Reeves-Love guess who-Gordy E+ 20

(Big plays a few years back)

62.Doris Duke-Congratulations baby-RRG E+ 15

63.The Impressions-You ought to be in heaven-ABC M- sold

(Hard to find Impressions 45)

64.Lee Bates-What am i gonna do-ix Chains demo M- 40

65.Dian James-High blood pressure-Groove WD vg+ 15

(Plays thru great)

66.Spyder Turner-I cant make it anymore-MGM M- 10

67.Vinnie Monte-I dont have the heart to tell her-RCA WD E 15

68.The Artistics-The chase is on-Brunswick YD M- sold

(Great looking Yellow Demo copy)

69.Don Bryant-There`s something on my mind-Hi M- stkr 20

70.The Soul Sisters-Think about the good times-Sue E+ 20

71.Caesars-Lalala I love you- Lanie (Multi coloured) M- 50

72.Joe Haywood-I would if i could-White cliffs M- stkr 25

(Really cool "Weldon McDougal" DJ sticker on label)

73.The Spinners-I just want to fall in love WD M- sold

74.Pat Lundy-The thrill is gone-Columbia WD E+ 25

75.Little Carl Carlton-Dont you need a boy like me-Landa M- 15

76.Scarborough-Make love to you-EJ Scarborough WD M- 30

(One pen line on label...)

77.LLoyd Williams-I need you now-ABC WD M- 30

78.Betty Everett-I`ve got a claim on you-Onederful E- 20

79.Anna King-Mamas got a bag of her own-End vg+ sold

(Two R&B biggies...both play well for DJing)

80.Winfield Parker-I wanna be with you-P&L M- sold

(So many calls on this last time)

81.The Platters-Love you 1000 times-Musicor E+ 5

82.Barrett Strong-Man up in the sky-Capitol E+ 30

83.James Brown-People wake up and live-Polydor M- 15

84.The Astors-candy-Stax wol vg+ 5

85.Emanual Laskey-Crazy-Thelma WD E+ 20

86.Archie Bell-My baloons going up-Atlantic E+ 10

(Coronation Street biggie for Lloyd!))

87.The Celestrals-Chain reaction-RCA WD E+ 45

88.Vivlore Jordan-Put my loving on you-Sound Gems M- 40

89.The Tramps-Trusting heart-Golden fleece E 10

90.David Morris-Snap crackle and pop-Plush M- sold

91.Michael Henderson-Take me Im yours-Buddah M- 5

(Not many better than this)

92.McKinley Sandifer-Sweet little woman-USA demo M- 50

93.Barbara Mason-Bobby is my baby-Arctic vg+ 15

94.Marian Love-Cant forget about you baby-Capitol M 45

(Great midtempo crossover soul)

95.The Drifters-Baby what i mean-Atlantic M- 10

96.Barbara Acklin-Am I the same girl-Brunswick E+ sold


97.Four Tops-Strung out for your love-ABC WD M- 10

(One of my all time faves)

98.The Girls-The hurts still there-Memphis vg+ 10

(Plays fine)

99.Inovations-Just keep on loving me-Hit sound E sold

100.The Imperial wonders-Trying to get to you-Black prince E+ 20

101.The Mad Lads-Did my baby call-Volt E+ 20

102.The love potion-This love-Kapp WD E- sold

(Few surface marks, plays fine)

103.Gladys Knight-Walk in my shoes-Soul E+ 8

104.Deon jackson-I`ll always love you-Shout WD E+ sold

(Every home should have one!)

105.Marvin Gaye-Come get to this-Tamla E sold

106.The Flamingos-Think about me-Worlds M- 10

107.Oscar Perry-Wind me up-Yellow Horizon M- 20

108.Pat Johnson-East of the Sun-west of the moon-Win or lose M- 30

(Fantastic soulful double sider...class!)

109.Moses-Sweetest Love-Pure silk M 20

110.Roy Smith-Dont go away-Ascot WD M- 20

111.Darrow Fletcher-What have i got now-Jacklyn vg+ sold

(plays fine)

112.Vic Marcel-You still got me-RCA E+ 30

(Stunning ender)

113.Edee-Make it last-ICA M- 65

114.Peggy March-Losing my touch-RCA WD E 20

115.The Mark V-Why did you fall in love with me-Alaga M- 15

116.Carletta Sue-You keep holding back-Shoe string M- 20

117.Albert Jones-You and your new love-Candy apple M- 40

(recent biggie)

118.The Isley Brothers-I guess I`ll always love you-Tamla M- 5

119.Edwin Starr-Way over there/If my heart could tell...Gordy M- 15

(One of the best Motown double siders ever)

120.Delilah Moore-I`ll just walk away-Money E 35

Some Great Lps again this month..........


121.Jesse Butler-Free to be me-und sounds E+ sold

(Inc. Let my love bring out the woman in you. In Demand!)

122.David Ruffin-In my stride-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Rode by the place, I cant stop the rain,Questions)

123.Strutt-Time moves on-Brunswick Still Sealed sold

(inc. Said you didn`t love him)

124.The Younghearts-A taste of=20th cent E 15

(inc. Your`e not here with me. seem slightly damaged)

125.James Brown-Get up of that thing-Polydor E+ 15

(Inc.You took my heart)

126.Supremes and 4 tops-Double dynamite-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit honey)

127.Luther Ingram-Lets steal away to the hideaway-Koko E+ 25

(Inc.I`ve got your love in y life)

128.Larry Santos-Just a man-Evolution E+ 15

(Inc. You got me where you want me now)

129.The Dells-No way back-Mercury E+ 20

(Inc. Life is the time)

130.Aretha Franklin-You-Atlantic E+ 15

(Inc. It only happens when i look at you)

131.Gladys Knight-A little knight music-Motown SS 15

(Inc. No one could love you more...still sealed)

132.Jackie Wilson-This love is real- Brunswick E+ 15

(Great soul lp)

133.Aretha Franklin-Jump to it-Arista E+ 10

(Luther Vandross produced)

134.Ronnie McNeir-You`re my lucky number 12"-Motorcity M 10

135.George Benson-In flight-WB E+ 8

136.The Ojays-Super bad-Trip E+ 25

(Inc. Crossroads of life)

137.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 30

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

138.The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla E+ 15

(Inc. Trying to love two women)

139.Weapons of peace-Same-Playboy E+ 10

(Inc. This lifes bout to get me down)

140.Les McCann- Plays the hits-Limelight E+ 25

(Inc. Pretty little girl)

141.Mandrill-New worlds-Arista E+ 12

(Inc. Too late)

142.Motherlode-When I die-Buddah E+ 15

(Inc. What does it take)

143.Lamont Dozier-Bittersweet-WB E+ 12

(Tough act to follow)

144.George Benson-The best-A&M E+ 10

(Inc. My woman is good to me)

145.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 10

(I told you so)

146.Steeplechase-Lady Bright-Polydor E+ 15

(Inc. Never coming back)

147.The Soul Children-friction-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. We`re getting too close)

148.Phillip Mitchell-Top of the line-Atlantic E+ 20

(Inc. I`m so happy)

149.Eddie Floyd- Gotta be Eddie-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. Thats all)

150.Gladys Knight-Same-Columbia E+ 10

(Inc. If you ever need somebody)

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