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Jumping Joan added to Monkey Guest Djs Nov 08


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DMSC members may be aware how the vast majority of all DMSC Guest DJs are apart from being ethusastic, passionate hard rare soul fans also are regular DMSC punters, as in have queued, put their cash on table and enjoyed the nite, as they are part of the monkey they know just what the monkey is all about.

Well continuing this we are chuffed to annouce that at the next Monkey At Springfield the rare soul heros 9-10 spot will be filled by Joan, dj skills and passion for soul are well known already by many soul fans.

And we reckon after the rare soul mayhem she caused at recent Llandudno niter and at other events; she is going to perform big style and its going to be another one of those monkey nites.

Dont forget the 10- 1am spots as always feature the BEST of the WORLDS Quality rare northern DJS


SPECIAL Guest: ANDY DYSON ( the return of monkey fav, who since his last monkey blast, been upping the stakes with rave reviews)

Along with DMSC team taking care of the "its 8 so get some of this" and the "monkey till you drop" finish

.....well its going to be a well hard nite of monkey passion


DJ DETAILS 100% 5 more soul heads lined up to make this a monkey to remember, full details posted up soon

Nov 8 dmsc at springfield: A RARE SOUL BATTERING

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Most active in this topic

Dear "One of the Soul Source Team"

I think its ludicrous that Guest DJ's like Chic @ last Monkey, and Jumping Joan @ next Monkey, are subjected to a 1 Hr Early spot. Both these People have Records to match the so called "Quality Northern DJ's". Why not give them all 2 off Half hour spots with a break in between each spot. I think then it Might change your view of who the "Quality Nortern DJ's" really are. If of course anybody did not want this option, they could always be Banished to the first hour, like they are now.

One of the Soul Source Regulars.

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Thanks for your views, as always any feedback or suggestions are appreciated and welcome.

As Steve is away at moment reply is just from my self.

The dj booking policy at Monkey at Springfield is always flexiable and evolving. However to try and ensure the best for members and also continunity we have a set of basic guidelines, which at current moment go like this

Each Springfield Event has 3 top Uk names who we think fit in with monkey is about both dj wise and attitude. These 3 fit in round the 10-1am spots.

Normally 2 of these are given to our regulars Andy and Rob with the other normally a guest.

As said these guidelines are ever changing/evolving, after each Monkey we look at how things went, look at budget and other such stuff and see if we need tweaks.

The 8-10 spots policy has evolved from the start, at the start we were getting full floors at 8 30 , with 100 plus in by 9pm, we had 2 extra guests on and at first worked well. However this year have noticed it has changed, with 9 -10 been the filling time and 8-8 45 fairly quiet Cause of this we changed it to just one guest from 9-10 with dmsc team doing the first hour (currently Johnny j). Budget and above being the reasons.

We want to give the best to members and so go for the best for all spots including the 9-10 spot. With the 10-finish spots being sorted and booked normally 12 months in advance. The 9-10 spot is often not decided to 3/4 weeks before. We try and always offer this to DMSC regulars, as we are well aware that amongst our members there are many and I do mean many who can and would give out great quality sets no matter what time. (we like to think this is being reflected in our dj bookings, at the last one all the guest djs like Robbo, Mick H , Kitch, all are regular dmsc attendees)

ok getting bit long winded here, but think have put out where we are coming from.

On to reply, gotta say am suprised with your choice of words such as "banished" or "ludicrous".

Simple fact is the 10-finish djs were/are booked normally 12 months in advance, closer to the date we look at the 9-10 spot.

We are always well chuffed that the people such as you mention have agreed to do that spot. We are well aware that they are worthy of a later spot, in fact if we didnt think this we wouldnt ask them. However due to frequency of event, planning and all the rest there are just not enough hours in the nite to put on all those we would like to. The 9 -10 spot helps out, sure its not ideal but it helps

No one is ever "banishied", the 9-10 spot is a main part of the nite, in fact we often bang on to people to get in "early" as we would like nite to kick into action straight away as it has done in past. The fact that we have such high calibre djs on at this time will hopefully help us achieve this.

The half hour suggestion? We will look at it as said things are always evolving getting tweaked and so on.

You touched on subject of view "who the quality djs are" and "records to match", which again suprised me, dont want to go down this road in public as dont think fair to any of the djs past present or future, but feel free to get in touch to discuss it off site.

As said we always welcome feedback, suggestions and so on.

Thanks for taking time and effort to pass on, hopefully my reply makes sense and at least you are aware of where we are coming from , if not or have further feel free either here or off site to continue.

Mike h

(as said Steve T is away so just my view not dmsc team)

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Perhaps "The Drunken Monkey" has had One over the Eight this time and lost the plot. Or is it that because (Jumping) Joan Livesey, the one who saved the last Llandudno Allnighteri is a Woman and Not Good Enought to dj with the Big Boys after 10Pm. Mind you she is the First Female DJ you've had on and you've been open 2 years or more now!.

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First female dj ? is she , dunno mate, got better things to do than worry about what sex the djs are

As said we just book the best

We are looking forward to Joan delivering a great set,

Same as we are looking forward to great sets from the rest of all the djs.

Thats all , post name if wanna take it further

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have to agree with you mike but to a certain degree the 'guest' has a point. you are right in that the early spot or openers carry as much importance to a soul nite as the middle or last spots. somebody has to do it and if the starting line up delivers quality music then it gets everybodys interest early on and hopefully the place fills earlier (instead of the 'have a few in the pub nest door' brigrade spending 2 hours in a local hostelry before going into avenue - whats all that about?). From experience ive been there - early spot, given 1/2 hour etc, but ive made the most of it, got a bit of a name for myself with certain people by playing lesser known, underplayed oldies etc. i now play the last hour (yes the piss-heads request hour!!) but you just get on with it. i'm sure that'jumpin joan' will enjoy her spot wahtever time you give her - and hey you cant please everybody mate!!! have a good one.


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Hello Everybody

I have been reading the Input above and i now feel that i must add my comment. Some of the best records i have ever heard have been at the Monkey during the short time that it has been open. The guys who run the venue Mike and Steve OO Soul in my opinion do try to cater for all tastes, on any specific night. Certatain issues have been raised however regarding dj spots/times and even what gender the dj's are. I personaly think that the warm up spots have improved greatly and the standard of records played are now on a par with some main spots. Regarding the Gender issue, i dont think there is one at the monkey. Its just that the scene is more male orientated in the dj department. Mike has allready stated that any issues allready raised will be looked at on their merit. I beleive that we should let him do just that. Sniping through the media of a web site is Not the way to go forward.

Regards Ritchie Andrew.

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