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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am - 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.


Hi all, its been a while since the last list. Even that never went out properly due to internet server problems. So I've

combined some of that to make a bumper list that everyone should get. I did the London to Brighton bike ride and

raised over £400 for the British Heart foundation. I was proud of myself that I made the 54 mile journey and thanks to

Martin Harland for roping me in ! Maybe next year we'll get a "northern soul" team !!! Be prepared for a sore arse !

Thanks to all my friends and customers for your great support.

Whats happening soon ? Plinston hall, Letchworth on 2nd July - usually a good night. 3rd July the 100 club & Keith

Money is playing so expect some good tunes. I'm playing at "These old shoes" on the 8th July.

Any old mods look out for a new book "This is a modern life" which I contributed to. You can order it from me for £15

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 IKE & TINA TURNER Everyday I have to cry (Excellent version) A & M (Demo) M £20

2 Z.Z. HILL *** Make me yours (Great version of Bettye Swan) Action VG+ £25

3 FANTASTIC JOHNNY C New love (Great uptempo dancer) N.O.C. Action EX £25

4 DEON JACKSON Ooh baby (Detroit mid tempo gem) Atlantic M £25

5 JIMMY HUGHES Neigbor neighbor (Great R'n' cool.gif Atlantic VG+ £12

6 KING CURTIS Memphis soul stew (Classic club soul tune) Atlantic EX £10

7 OTIS REDDING Try a little tenderness (classic !!!) W.O.L. Atlantic EX £8

8 PATTY LA BELLE You forgot how to love (Lovely mid tempo) Atlantic VG+ £5

9 PAUL KELLY Chills and fever (Solid thumping dancer) Atlantic M- £12

10 THE PEELS Time marches on (Great northern inst) Audio Fidelity VG+ £20

11 DONNIE ELBERT Along came pride (1st label on this stomper)W.O.L. CBS EX £10

12 DUKE BROWNER Crying over you (Classic northern oldie) Grapevine M- £20

13 DE-LITES Lover (Classic northern oldie) Grapevine (demo) M £20

14 RAY CHARLES The Train (Good R'n'B dancer) HMV EX £8

15 OWEN GRAY *** Help me (Superb club soul dancer) Island EX £15

16 DEE DEE WARWICK Its not fair (Lovely UK demo) Mercury (Demo) M- £20

17 THE JB's Pass the peas (Firm funk favourite) Mojo EX £12

18 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD What's it gonna be (Great vers Susan Barrett) Philips M £12

19 THE CARROLLS Surrender your love (Great Ashford / Simpson song) Polydor EX £12

20 HECTOR RIVERA Do it to me (Latin soul classic 2 sider - hard on UK) Polydor M- £60

21 JOHNNY GUSTAFSON Take me for a little while (Blue eyed version - very good) Polydor M- £12

22 CHUCK JACKSON Any day now (All time classic slowie) Pye Int M- £15

23 BOOTS BROWN Cerveza (Absolute mod classic) RCA EX £8

24 THE CHANTS *** Baby I don't need your love (Superb UK soul group) RCA M- £60

25 ISLEY BROTHERS Twist and shout (The tune that inspired the Beatles) Stateside EX £12

26 THE PLATTERS Washed ashore (Classic) Stateside EX £8

27 RUFUS THOMAS The Memphis train (Old mod favourite) Stax EX £12

28 THE TEMPTATIONS Aint too proud to beg (Classic) TMG 565 EX £8

29 MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS One way out (Tough on UK no.) TMG 621 EX £10

30 STEVIE WONDER If you really love me (Great & getting plays) TMG 798 M- £8

SECTION 2 - U.S. Motown & related - a lot are nice promos and W.O.L. is just release dates

31 MARTHA & VANDELLAS Love guess who (Superb late 60's motown gem) Gordy VG+ £15

32 THE TEMPTATIONS The girls alright with me (Rare demo on this classic) Gordy (Demo) EX £25

33 MARTHA & VANDELLAS Nowhere to run (Rare demo on this classic) Gordy (Demo) EX £20

34 UNDISPUTED TRUTH You've got the love I need (Brilliant Motown dancer) Gordy M £10

35 FREDDIE GORMAN The day will come(Superb early popcorn / soul crossover) Miracle M- £100

36 THE SUPREMES Let me go the right way (Pre hit Supremes dancer) Motown (Demo) M £20

37 FOUR TOPS It's the same old song (Nice demo - W.O.L.) Motown (Demo) M- £15

38 JR WALKER What does it take (Nice demo - still the best vers.)W.O.L. Soul (Demo) M- £15

39 GLADYS KNIGHT & PIPS Just walk in my shoes (Classic on a nice demo)T.O.L. Soul (Demo) EX £12

40 JR WALKER Tune up (All time classic inst) Soul EX £20

41 MARVIN GAYE One more heartache (2 great sides) Tamla EX £10

42 THE MIRACLES The tracks of my tears (Hard on U.S. especially mint) Tamla M- £10

43 KIM WESTON It should have been me (Gorgeous stuff) Tamla VG £7

44 THE MIRACLES Mickeys monkey (Great 45 on a tough demo) W.O.L. Tamla (Demo) EX £15

45 THE MIRACLES If your mother only knew(Wonderful early Smokey magic) Tamla M- £40

46 MARVIN GAYE Hitch hike (Classic - plays fine W.O.L.) Tamla VG £6

SECTION 3 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

47 COLLINS AND COLLINS Top of the stairs (Massive modern spin - rarer issue) A & M EX £150

48 BABY WASHINGTON Let love go by (Monster spin in recent years) ABC EX £40

49 CHUCK JACKSON I only get this feeling (Great 70's) ABC M- £15

50 RAY CHARLES I don't need no doctor (Classic oldie) ABC EX £15

51 BETTY EVERETT Love comes tumbling down (Great dancer) ABC M- £40

52 MARTHA JEAN LOVE *** Talkin bout my man (Great 2 sided girlie sounds) ABC (Demo) EX £25

53 HIGH AND MIGHTY Escape from Cuba (Rare Wigan pop stomper) ABC (Demo) M- £15

54 JOHNNIE MAE MATHEWS Lonely you'll be (Killer Detroit dancer) Art M £40

55 TSU TORNADOS What good am I (Brilliant crossover) Atlantic EX £15

56 BARBARA LEWIS Straighten up your heart (Class 60's soul) Atlantic (Demo) M £15

57 MICHAEL & The CONTINENTALS *** Little school girl (Beautiful mid tempo) Audio fidelity(Demo) M- £100

58 JOE HINTON There oughta be a law (Solid 60's dancer) Backbeat EX £20

59 CARL CARLTON I can feel it (Fantastic 60's soul gem) Backbeat (Demo) M- £30

60 VOICEMASTERS *** Dance right into my heart (Wicked crossover !) Bamboo VG+ £25

61 THE VOICEMASTERS You've hurt me baby (Fabulous group dancer) Bamboo M- £20

62 VIPS Flashback (100 mph group northern dancer) Big top (Demo) VG £15

63 JACKIE WILSON This love is real (Brilliant song beautifully sung) Brunswick M- £15

64 JACKIE ROSS Keep your chin up (Classy mid tempo Chicago) Brunswick EX £40

65 THE ARTISTICS I'll always love you (Classic northern oldie - rare demo) Brunswick (Demo) M £20

66 THE SYMPHONICS Silent kind of guy (Clip clopping girlie soul) Brunswick(Demo) EX £20

67 JACKIE WILSON Because of you (Monster nighter spin) Brunswick(Demo) M £100

68 ARTHUR ALEXANDER Everyday I have to cry some (Classy version) Buddah M £20

69 POOR BOY & ORPHANS *** I know she loves me (Uptempo crossover magic) Butch's thang EX £30

70 JOHNNY BARNES *** Real nice (Good dancer) Cap City M- £15

71 MICKI LYNN I've got the blues (Atmospheric H.B Barnum prod.) Capitol M- £35

72 DEON JACKSON You said you loved me (Great Detroit dancer) Carla EX £10

73 PIC AND BILL It's not you (Texas soul thumper) Charay M- £20

74 ITALIAN ASPHALT CO *** Check yourself (Superb group soul dancer) Colossus M- £50

75 JOANIE SOMMERS Never throw your dreams away (Mid tempo beauty) Columbia (Demo) M- £55

76 RONNIE DYSON Lady in red (Great 70's northern) Columbia (Demo) M- £30

77 HUGH McCRACKEN What I gotta do to satisfy you (Great R'n'B dancer) Congress (DJ) M £75

78 CALIFORNIA ROCK CHOIR *** Whoever you are (Massive northern spins) Cyclone M- £75

79 TED TAYLOR Lost the best thing I ever had (Good early soul sound) Dade EX £20

80 PEARLEAN GRAY Have you ever had the blues (Femme R'n'B mover) DCP (Demo) EX £20

81 GENE VITO Undiscovered country (Big beat ballad - plays ++) Decca (Demo) VG £30

82 RONNIE LOVE Chills and fever (Great northern / mod R'n'B spin) Dot VG £10

83 LEE GREENWOOD AFFAIR *** Think it over (Pounding blue eyed northern) Dot M £30

84 BRENTON WOOD Two times loser (Superb mid tempo) Double Shot EX £12

85 MARIE ADAMS *** That's the way to get along (Brilliant femme R'n' cool.gif Encore M- £70

86 DIANE CUNNINGHAM Certain kind of lover (Great soulful mid pacer) Fontana M- £30

87 THE SANDPIPERS *** Lonely too long (Rare mid tempo Detroit dancer) Giant EX £300

88 RICHARD CAITON You look like a flower (Nice slowie) GNP Crescendo M £20

89 THE SPRINGFIELD RIFLE That's all I really need (Excellent flute backed mid tempo) Jerden M- £30

90 LORETTA WILLIAMS Baby cakes (Northern stomper W.O.L.) Jotis VG+ £12

91 JACKIE TAYLOR Walkin' back (Lovely mid tempo oldie) Jubilee (Demo) M- £75

92 THE HESITATIONS You can't bypass love (Cooking Pied Piper production) Kapp M £30

93 PAUL SINDAB Can't wait no longer (Brilliant 60's soul semi known) Kasika EX £60

94 MARVA WHITNEY I'ts my thing / Ball of fire (Funk ! / Soulful mid tempo) King M- £20

95 LITTLE WILLIE JOHN I'm shakin' (Cooking R'n'B / mod northern spin) King VG+ £25

96 LITTLE DOOLEY *** Pity for the lonely (Great R'n'B flavoured dancer) Ko Ko VG+ £65

97 JIMMY NORMAN I don't love you no more (Raucous R'n'B thumper) Little star M- £12

98 THE ENCHANTERS You were meant to be my baby (Great horn led dancer) Loma VG+ £8

99 JERRY SHARELL *** It'll never happen again(Blue eyed dancer seen at £200) Main line M £40

100 TIMI YURO Can't stop running away (Great uplifting beat ballad) Mercury M- £30

101 DEE DEE WARWICK *** Its not fair (Excellent soulful mid tempo) Mercury M- £15

102 CLYDE McPHATTER I'll love you till the cows come home(Early soul spin) Mercury (Demo) VG+ £40

103 ESKO AFFAIR Salt and Pepper (Old Wigan spin - dancer) Mercury(Demo) M- £12

104 AL TAMMS *** Come here you (Great Chicago R'n' cool.gif Midas M £75

105 JACKIE LEE Your PERSONALITY (Nice demo - great oldie)W.O.L. Mirwood (Demo) M- £15

106 RITA DACOSTA Don't bring me down(Classic northern - lbl stain) Mohawk (Demo) EX £90

107 SPANKY WILSON You (Funky crossover dancer) Mothers EX £75

108 BENNY TURNER Love me (Great Chicago R'n'B dancer) M-pac M- £30

109 DOROTHY PRICE *** Seek and you'll find (Cool Chicago mid tempo) M-Pac M- £25

110 THE TYN TYMES *** Baby I love you (Absolute thumping northern) Music box M/M- £150

Obscure as you like college band from the deep south in a pic sleeve ! Raucous version of Howard Tate song.

111 SUNLOVERS *** You'll never make the grade (Pumping west coast soul) Mutt-Jeff M £50

112 TAMMY LEVON A schoolgirls dream (Popular spin up north) Nation M- £30

113 ROBERT PARKER I caught you in a lie (Brilliant mid tempo) Nola EX £30

114 THE BLOSSOMS Wonderful (Nice girlie soul was tipped recently) Ode (demo) M- £20

115 THE VIBRATIONS End up crying (Killer Chicago group soul) Okeh M- £30

116 WALTER JACKSON Special love (superb floater - getting plays Okeh M- £25

117 THE ADMIRATIONS Don't leave me (Great Chicago group soul) One derful M- £10

118 EMORY AND DYNAMICS *** Lets take a look at our life (W.O.L.. Label stain) Peachtree (Demo) VG+ £500

Genuine northern soul rarity and top notch dancer - has a slight warp but plays near mint.

119 DON FLETCHER Two wrongs don't make a right (Great R'n'B mid tempo) Peacock EX £20

120 THE FUTURES Party time man (Its popular !) Phil Int (Demo) M- £75

Catchy disco 45 that somehow manages to pass itself off as 70's northern

121 BOBBY ADAMS You got next to me baby (Driving R'n'B mover) Pilma M £30

122 DOROTHY BERRY You better watch out (Great mid 60's dancer) Planetary M- £30

123 LEE ANDREWS Quiet as its kept (Good old fashioned northern oldie) RCA (Demo) EX £20

124 LAURA GREENE Moonlight music in you (KFC classic !!) RCA (Demo) M- £100

125 PAUL ANKA When we get there (Wigan oldie) RCA (Demo) M- £30

126 JOHN GARY *** Don't let the music play (Big beat ballad) RCA (Demo) M- £25

127 MARY WELLS *** I found what I wanted (Ace version of George Jackson) Reprise M- £15

128 EDWIN STARR Stop her on sight (Early label design with large writing) Ric Tic M- £15

129 THE SOUL FOUR Misery (Great group soul seen at double !!) Ringo M- £45

130 4 BELOW ZERO My babys got ESP (Classic 70's northern) Roulette (DJ) M- £50

131 BROTHERS OF SOUL *** Dream (Wonderful crossover mid tempo) Shock M- £50

132 ADAMS JOHN *** So in love (Great semi known - slt storage warp NAP) Silver bull M- £40

133 THE SWEET Got to have more love (Thumpin oldie - great dancer) Smash EX £15

134 THE TEMPESTS Would you believe (Fabulous soulful dancer) Smash EX £10

135 NOCQULA & FABULOUS SPIDERS -You know I'm gonna make it (water damaged label) Soulin EX £85

136 JOE SIMON *** I got a whole lot of lovin (Excellent dancer) Sound stage 7 M- £12

137 BABY WASHINGTON I've got a feeling (Superb club soul dancer) Sue EX £15

138 S.N. & THE CTS *** The pleasure of your company (Horn driven dancer) Sunburst M- £35

139 THE VALA-QUONS *** Window shopping on girls avenue (Great group soul) Tangerine EX £25

140 MILLIE FOSTER Ole father time (Early gritty girlie spin) TCF M £30

141 FREDDIE HOUSTON Soft walkin (Classic mod / northern spin) Toto EX £35

142 FABULOUS CAROUSELS Would you love me (Great early group soul) Towne house(w/d) M- £70

143 CHUCK WILDER *** Why (Good horn driven dancer) Tragar M £20

144 OGLETREE BROTHERS *** Gonna keep a check on you (Rare 70's crossover) Treetop VG £400

145 ROSCO ROBINSON *** What makes a man do wrong (Rare hard hitting soul shaker) Tuff M- £50

146 GARNETT MIMMS Prove it to me (Brilliant club soul / northern oldie) U.A. EX £15

147 SAMANTHA JONES Ray of sunshine (Bouncy Wigan oldie) U.A. (Demo) EX £20

148 BILLY BARNES I'm coming to see you (Great R'n'B dancer) U.A. (Demo) M- £30

149 THE LOVELITES How can I tell my mom and dad (Superb crossover) Uni M- £15

150 THE WASTERS *** Accept my love (Lovely group soul floater) Uni M- £30

151 ESTELLE BROWN Stick close (Oooh sheer class mid tempo) United Artists M £100

152 ODESSA HARRIS You're what I need (Superb R'n'B dancer - future biggie) Uptown VG £15

153 ERNIE HINES Thank you baby(Nice Chicago soul plodder X.O.L.) USA EX £12

154 GEORGE GOODMAN & HEADLINERS I'm so tired (Early group soul) Val M- £10

155 THE SOULTONES You and me baby (Highly underrated group soul stomper) Valise M- £15

156 CHRIS BARTLEY *** Truer words were never spoken (Van McCoy magic !!) Vando (Demo) M- £15

157 JERRY BUTLER I don't want to hear anymore (Awesome beat ballad) Vee Jay EX £12

158 DIANE LEWIS I thank you kindly (Lovely late 60's soul floater) Wand EX £12

159 THE EXCEPTIONAL THREE Unlucky girl (Superb crossover) W.O.L. Way Out EX £40

SECTION 4 - General soul collectors labels

160 CARLA THOMAS Strung out Stax EX £4

161 JOHNNIE TAYLOR/CARLA THOMAS Just keep on loving me (Same as Steve Mancha) Stax M £5

162 OSCAR MACK You never know how much I love you (Great dancer) Stax (Demo) EX £20

163 ALBERT KING Crosscut saw (Great blues) Stax (Demo) M- £8

164 JOHN GARY WILLIAMS The whole damn world is going crazy (Rare 70's) Stax M- £75

165 JEAN KNIGHT Mr big stuff Stax EX £6

166 MABLE JOHN If you give up what you got Stax EX £7

167 MAMIE GALORE Too many memories (great dancer) St Lawrence M £12

168 MAMIE GALORE It aint necessary (Classic - centre hole damaged) St Lawrence EX £6

169 MAMIE GALORE Special agent 34 - 24 - 38 (Great !!!) St Lawrence M £10

170 THE IDEALS I got lucky St Lawrence M £10

171 THE VONTASTICS Never let your love grow cold (Great) St Lawrence M- £10

172 EDDIE LOVETTE I heard it through the grapevine Steady (demo) M- £5

173 CAROL CHANDLER Time hasn't changed you Steel City M £40

174 GORDON KEITH I'll try to please you Steel town M £8

175 THE PROPHETS My kind of girl Stephanye EX £10

176 VIKI ADAMS I'm drowning Stop M- £35

177 JOHNNY R The champ Strike EX £7

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have.

178 THE MARTINELS I don't care (Great thumping R'n' cool.gif Success M £18

179 THE EXTENSIONS I want to know (Good dancer) Success VG £6

SECTION 5 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

180 SOLOMAN BURKE Keep looking (Club classic) Atlantic M- £10

181 EDDIE HARRIS Listen here (Great jazz fusion - funky !!) Atlantic EX £7

182 SOLOMAN BURKE Cry to me (Another top club soul sound) Atlantic M- £20

183 RICHIE BARRETT Some other guy (Mega mod / R'n'B spin) Atlantic EX £20

184 SLY Buttermilk (Killer inst - 60's funk) Autumn (Demo) EX £15

185 CHRIS COLUMBO You can't sit down (Hammond organ classic) Battle M- £15

186 HORACE SILVER Psychedelic Sally (Top notch jazz inst) Blue note EX £12

187 RAMSEY LEWIS Wade in the water (Classic !!!!) Cadet EX £7

188 COLUMBUS SMITH Got my mojo working (Storming version) Columbia EX £12

189 CREATIVE FUNK Funk power (Great inst with fatback drumming) Creative funk EX £10

190 BOBBY BLAND *** 36-22-36 (Solid centre 33rpm record Great R'n' cool.gif Duke M- £20

191 BUDDY ACE Screaming please (Absolute R'n'B magic) Duke M- £50

192 LITTLE SONNY Wade in the water (Harmonica version - the best ?) Enterprise VG+ £18

193 SLIM HARPO Don't start crying now (Cracking early R'n' cool.gif Excello EX £12

194 RAY BARRETTO Right on (Brilliant Latin soul dancer - mod biggie) Fania M £30

195 JOE BATAAN Uptown (Driving Latin soul dancer) Fania M- £20

196 MONGO SANTAMARIA Hey sister (One of the best Latin soul 45's ever) Fania M £40

197 LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR Somewhere down the line (Classic R'n'B dancer) Galaxy EX £15

198 JOHN LEE HOOKER Money (In demand R'n'B dancer) Impulse EX £20

199 BIG MAC That's the way you treat your woman (Great R'n' cool.gif Jewel EX £20

200 MARVA WHITNEY *** Things got to get better (get together) Killer funk 45 King M- £25

201 B B KING Beautician blues (Great rockin' R'n'B shaker) Kent M- £15

202 JAMES BROWN Just plain funk (Great inst with good Hammond break) King (Demo) M- £12

203 FRED WESLEY Doing it to death (Gonna have a funky good time !) People M- £6

204 THE JB'S Gimme some more (Another hot funky classic) People VG+ £8

205 INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND Bongolia (Brilliant bongo led funk inst) Pride (Demo) M- £15

206 BIG MAYBELLE 96 tears (Excellent version) Rojac M- £15

207 IRMA THOMAS Don't mess with my man (Mod club monster) Ron EX £20

208 BENNY POOLE Pearl baby pearl (Classic Latin dancer) Solid hit EX £25

209 JIMMY McGRIFF Kiko (Great Hammond inst old mod spin) Sue (Demo) M- £10

210 HANK JACOBS So far away (Mod classic - nice demo) Sue (Demo) M- £20

211 JOE CUBA Sock it to me (Great Latin soul) Tico EX £10

212 TIPPIE & THE CLOVERS *** Bossa nova baby (Original of Elvis - club dancer) Tiger M- £15

213 JOE BATAAN Special girl (Killer Latin soul) Uptite M- £30

214 TINA BRITT Sookie sookie (Funky club soul dancer) Veep EX £15

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have.

X1 NINO TEMPO Sister James (Big spin north west) A & M M- £35

X2 ANDREW BROWN If we try (Good R'n'B dancer) 4 Brothers M- £10

X3 G.L. CROCKETT It's a man down there (Great R'n' cool.gif 4 Brothers M- £10

X4 NOLAN PORTER If I could only be sure (Monster) ABC M- £60

X5 RAY CHARLES I chose to sing the blues (Great R'n' cool.gif ABC EX £8

X6 THE IMPRESSIONS Cant satisfy (All time classic northern ) ABC M £15

X7 TOM & JERRIO Boomerang (Massive mod oldie) ABC M- £10

X8 RAY CHARLES Somethings got to change(Great club soul great organ break) ABC (Demo) M £10

X9 RAY CHARLES You're just about to lose your clown (Good R'n'B mover) ABC (Demo) EX £8

X10 BEVERLEY HILLS I don't care anymore (Heartfelt soulful crossover) Air play M- £20

X11 WILLIE HARPER But I couldn't (Killer R'n' cool.gif Alon M £15

X12 COPPER N BRASS Does anybody know what time is it (Demo - catchy tune) Amazon M- £30

X13 LEE DORSEY Everything I do gonh be funky (Demo - W.O.L.) Amy M- £8

X14 GIL SCOTT HERON Johannesburg (Classic) Arista M- £5

X15 MFLAME Nuku Penda (Funky bass heavy inst with shouts !) Asante M- £20

X16 OTIS REDDING Papa's got a brand new bag (Wicked version !!!) Atco (Demo) EX £8

X17 BARBARA LEWIS Straighten up your heart (2 superb slices of mid paced soul) Atlantic M- £10

X18 LAVERN BAKER / JIMMY RICKS You're the boss (Gorgeous R'n'B duet) Atlantic M- £25

X19 SOLOMAN BURKE Looking for my baby (Great club soul dancer) Atlantic(Demo) EX £12

X20 THE DRIFTERS I count the tears (Great 6T's soul - Rare demo) Atlantic(Demo) M £15

X21 HECTOR RIVERA Playing it cool (Good Latin soul) Barry EX £10

X22 MONGO SANTAMARIA Watermelon man (Mod classic) Battle EX £10

X23 BAD BOYS What took you so long (Good group soul dancer) Bell (Demo) M £15

X24 LOU JOHNSON Reach out for me / Magic potion (2 classics) Big Top M- £20

X25 JOHNNY MOORE Without your love Blue Rock EX £15

X26 THE COMMOTIONS We'll make it someday (Driving group soul) Blue Rock M- £25

X27 PHIL UPCHURCH You cant sit down (Absolute classic organ workout) Boyd (Demo) EX £12

X28 THE ARTISTICS The chase is on (Great group version of Johnny Howard) Brunswick M- £25

X29 GORDON KEITH Look ahead (Massive nighter spin - Chicago gem) Calumet M £75

X30 THE ORLONS The Wah watusi (Mod fave - used in Quadrophenia !!!!) Cameo EX £8

X31 DARLENE PAUL Act like nothing happened (Lovely mid tempo) Capitol EX £25

X32 NANCY WILSON Uptight (Mod favourite classic) Capitol M £10

X33 MARION BLACK Who knows (In demand R'n'B style mover) Capsoul M £40

X34 C VAUGHN LESLIE I need someone (Rare Texas soul pounder) Charay M £125

X35 LONNIE BROOKS Demonstrating (Hard driving gritty dancer) Chirrup EX £30

X36 JOE FRAZIER The bigger they come (Knockout northern soul !!!) Cloverlay M- £80

X37 ORTHEA BARNES Take my heart and soul (Great upbeat dancer) Coral M £50

X38 THE CHERRIES & Rhythm Kings You know you gonna need me (Early girlie dancer) Della M £25

X39 BOBBY BLAND Call on me (Great R'n' cool.gif Duke EX £8

X40 BOBBY JONES Talkin bout Jones (Rare demo - stomping Chicago)X.O.L. Expo (demo) EX £35

X41 DEE DEE SHARP What kind of lady (Classic northern that's zooming up in £) Gamble VG+ £35

X42 SPENCER WIGGINS Lonely man (Rich soulful vocals on this dancer) Goldwax M £35

X43 GAIL WYNTERS You've got the power (Thumper - very slt warp N.A.P.) Hickory(Demo) M £15

X44 RUBY & ROMANTICS We can make it (Beautiful floater) Kapp VG+ £15

X45 JAMES BROWN There was a time (funky late 60's dancer) King M- £12

X46 THE MARVELLOWS You're such a sweet thing (2 great soulful group dancers) Loma EX £15

X47 ED TOWNSEND I might like it (Awesome beat ballad) Maxx EX £50

X48 SHY GUY Just a little love talk (Oddball mid tempo) MR D M £40

X49 GLADYS Love (Beauty from '67 - super soulful mid pacer) O-Gee M- £50

X50 TED TAYLOR You must have been meant for me (Great soulful R'n' cool.gif Okeh EX £20

X51 MAJOR LANCE Aint no soul (All time great - on a nice demo !!) Okeh (Demo) M- £30

X52 SHARPEES Tired of being lonely (Great Chicago group soul cheapie) Onederful M £8

X53 RHYTHM AND SOUL Bread and water (Superb uptempo dancer - heavy W.O.L.) R & S EX £20

X54 LESLEY MILLER Bringing out my tears (Lovely big city soul production) RCA (Demo) M- £30

X55 LITTLE NATALIE & HENRY Teardrops are falling (Good soul shaker) Roulette EX £15

X56 THE INVITATIONS They say the girls crazy (Really nice 70's) Silver blue VG+ £20

X57 THE SOPHISTICATES Back up baby (Great West coast dancer) Sonny M- £75

X58 ROSCO ROBINSON One bo dillion years (Good R'n'B dancer) Sound stage 7 M- £25

X59 GETTO KITTY Stand up and be counted (Brilliant early 70's stomper) Stroud M £40

X60 BRENDA HOLLOWAY When I'm gone (All time great) Tamla EX £20

X61 JOE CUBA SEXTET Oh yeah (Great Latin soul dancer) Tico EX £10

X62 CHUCK JACKSON This broken heart (great 6T's soul) Wand M- £20

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