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Dennis T Brennan's Soul 45 auction # 99

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orig posted via tsun email list

Welcome to Dennis T Brennan's Soul 45 auction # 99 for July, 2004.

All records guaranteed 100% and are U.S. originals unless noted.

Only winning bidders will be notified.

Foreign winners will be quoted postage.

Call 717-652-4947.

Bidding on the internet at mailto:Dtb45s.msn.com

Website address is www.dtb45s.com

Auction ends on Monday August 2nd, 2004 @ 7 PM, EST.

1 ABC Donnie Weaver Speak to me/Sad, sad Sam WLP heavy rw Vg

2 ABC Lynn Sobey You'll know I'm around/What happened to our love rw wol


3 ABC Rufus (Chaka Khan) Please pardon me/same WLP StVg++

4 ABC Dells The best in me/same WLP M-

5 ABC Gladys King Orange/I can't get over you Vg/Vg+

6 ABC Icemen How can I get over a fox like you/Loogaboo rw Vg

7 ABC O'Kaysions Love machine/Dedicated to the one I love sol Vg+

8 All Platinum Willie/Mighty Magn. Take my love/same rw WLP StVg++

9 Alston Betty Wright If you love me/I'm getting' tired baby M-

10 A & M Richard Barbary/Soul What's your name/Nature boy bb M-

11 A & M Checkmates, Ltd. Never should have lied/Love is all I have to give

bb Vg++

12 Antler Carrettes Football freddy/Listen green giant M-

13 Arden Barbara/Uniques I'll never let you go/You're gonna make me cheat on

you M-

14 Arden Barbara/Uniques There is goes again/What's the use M-

15 Arista Mandrill Holiday/Too late Vg

16 Atco Mary Wells Fancy free/Me and my baby wol WLP M-

17 Atco Mary Wells Keep me in suspense/Such a sweet thing WLP M-

18 Atco Chris Andrews Yesterday man/Too bad you don't want me rw Vg

19 Atco Marva Lee Lover boy/Can't we talk it over Vg+

20 Atlantic Wilson Pickett I found a true love/For better or worse sol rw

wol M-

21 Atlantic Gene Page Into my thing/same promo M-

22 Atlantic Rascals Hold on/I believe wol M-

23 Atlantic Soul Brothers Six I'll be loving you/Some kind of wonderful Vg++

24 Atomic Art Amaz. C. Whitehead I was dancing when I fell in love/I finally

found myself something.. M-

25 Back Beat Lee LaMont Happy days/Pleasin' woman rw promo Vg

26 BeeGee Power Bye girl/same promo M-

27 Bell Billy Harner Half a man/What about the children rw tol Vg

28 Big Boy Stanley Banks Crawl before you walk/If you can't beat me rockin'


29 Big Daddy Sonny Fulton Sugar woogah/Waste of time rw Vg

30 Bigtop Marci/Mates Let us part for a year/Shall I tell him you're not

here wol rw Vg++

31 Black Circle Showtime Inc. Don't stop/Please take this heart of mine,

girl rw M-

32 Blue Cat Evie Sands Take me for a little while/Run home to your mama rw


33 Boom Dean Parrish Skate pt 1/same pt 2 sol Vg

34 Bright Star Coronadas I'm sold on your love/You can do me some good rw


35 Brunswick Wilbert Harrison Lovin' operator/same WLP M-

36 Brunswick Billy Butler Thank you baby/Burning touch of love bb M-

37 Brunswick Marvin Smith Love ain't nothin' but pain/I want tol Vg+

38 Brunswick Ronnie LaShannon Where has our love gone/same (long version)

sol M-

39 Bunky Mill Edwards Use what you got/Don't forget about me rw G

40 Cadet Dells Oh what a day/Change we go thru M-

41 Calla Frankie/Classicals What shall I do/Good-bye love rw sol Vg

42 Calla Charlie Hodges Someone to love/I'll never fall in love again tol


43 Canyon Irma Thomas We won't be in your way anymore/I'd do it all over you

heavy rw Vg++

44 Capitol Ohio Players Here today and gone tomorrow/Bad bargain promo M-

45 Capitol Dobie Gray We the people/same promo Vg+

46 Capitol Ruben Wright You've done me wrong/I'll be there promo M-

47 Capitol Patti Drew Tell him/Turn away from me wol M-

48 Capitol Joe Odom Mixing colors/God bless the po' folks promo Vg++

49 Capitol Reflections Day after day/Are you ready StVg++

50 Captain Freddie Houston Everybody's got a right/Willing to try tol wol


51 Carla Jimmy Delphs I've been fooled before/Almost rw M-

52 Carnival Pretenders What is love/Sweet potato gravy (Maurice Simon) M-

53 Carnival Lee Williams/Cymb. I love you more/I'll be gone rw bb M-

54 Chariot Bob Brady/Con Ch. Goodbye baby/Tell me why rw promo sol Vg-

55 Checker Little Milton Sometime/We got the winning hand M-

56 Chess Billy Young You left the water running/Have pity on me bb Vg

57 Chess Billy Stewart Look back and smile/Secret love bb wol M-

58 Columbia Lorelei S.T.O.P./I'll never let you down M-

59 Columbia Townsmen Gotta get moving/Please don't say goodbye WLP M-

60 Columbia Kenny & Yvonne Come on and be my love/Don't go to strangers WLP


61 Cotillion Rasputin's Stash Your love is certified/same M-

62 Crash Steelers Flame remains/Heaven's gift lbl tear Vg++

63 Crusader Barbara Mason Dedicated to you/Trouble child Vg+

64 Cub Gambrells Love is in the air/I'm in love again for the first time

promo Vg++/Vg

65 Curtom Holly Maxwell No one else/Suffer StVg++

66 CVS Enchanted Five Try a little love/Have you ever M-

67 Davis & Goliath Leon Davis I think they call it love/Let it show M-

68 Da-Wal Sugar Happy birthday/same Vg++

69 Decca Brenda Lee Time and time again/Too little time M-

70 Decca B.J. Baker Anywhere/The melody man bb M-

71 De-Lite Realistic's Please baby please/Too shy M-

72 Dial King Floyd Can you dig it/Learning to forget you Vg++

73 Dimension Pete Cooke Little darlin'/I won't cry bb wol rw Vg-

74 Don-El Lady Fox How are you/It must be love M-

75 Dore Lisa Marie Don't sell out/Wish I was my baby's guitar rw sol


76 Double L Billy Guy Whip it on me baby/Women M-

77 Double L Johnny Dunn Darlin'/I'm gonna make you mine sol rw G

78 Duke Bobby Bland You're worth it all/Sometimes you gotta cry a little


79 Duke Bobby Bland You got me/Loan a helping hand rw Vg

80 Duke Buddy Lamp Where have you been/I'm coming home M-

81 Duke Lamp Sisters Way I love this man/Ride on wol promo M-

82 Duke Buddy Ace It's gonna be me/Nothing in the world can hurt me rw wol


83 Duke White Family Band I'm a little bit smarter now/Miss America stand up


84 Dynamo Inez & Charlie Foxx Tightrope/Baby take it all rw Vg+

85 Elf Leon Collins Just wanna say I love you/Knowing I love you M-

86 Epic George Freeman My darling, my darling/Darling, be home soon WLP M-

87 Epic Ferg., Davis & Jones Happy and free/same WLP M-

88 Epic Bandwagon Breakin' down the walls of heartache/Dancin' master rw

sol Vg++

89 Erica Lintons Lost love/Don't you ever walk away M-

90 Excello Kelly Bros. Sound of a cryin' man/same promo rw Vg

91 Fat Back Mary Davis Stop pretending/Get up and dance rw M-

92 Fire D. Gardner/D. Ford Lead me on/T.C.B. Vg++

93 Flippin' Johnny Barness No love for me/Tell me why M-

94 Forest Green Wanda Williams I've got a secret/It's all over rw lbl

tear Vg

95 Four Par Rhythm Masters Talking about my baby/Summer rain StVg++

96 Friends & Co. Esther Williams Would it matter/Yours and yours alone M-

97 Galaxy Right Kind I've been changed/Why do you have to lie rw M-

98 Galaxy Roger Collins She's looking good/I'm serving time rw wol sol


99 Gamble Futures Love is here/Stay with me Vg+

100 Golden Fleece Trammps Trusting heart/same sol promo Vg+

101 Golden World Reflections Poor man's son/Comin' at you WLP Vg++

102 Golden World Pat Lewis Let's go together/Can't shake it loose StVg++

103 Ghetto Solomon's Advisers Back of my mind/Tight rope M-

104 Gordy Valadiers I found a girl/You'll be sorry someday promo Vg++

105 Gordy Buzzie Sandy/Stone soul booster rw wol sol Vg+

106 Gordy Kim Weston Take me in your arms/Don't compare me with her bb M-

107 Gordy Temptations Don't let the joneses get you down/Since I've lost you

rw Vg++

108 Gordy Temptations Please return your love to me/How can I forget Vg+

109 Gordy Temptations Smooth sailing/Take a look around M-

110 Gordy Martha/Vandellas Live wire/Old love rw bb M-

111 Gordy Martha Reeves/Vand. I'm in love/Honey love M-

112 Grapevine Persians Detour/I can't take it anymore lbl tear rw Vg

113 Groove Channels I've got my eyes on you/Anything you do WLP M-/Vg++

114 Groovy Darrow Fletcher Pain gets a little deeper/My judgement day wol


115 GSF Winfield Parker Trust me/Baby don't get hooked on me sol wol Vg++

116 GSF Eddie Holman I'll call you joy/Young girl wol M-

117 GWP Debbie Taylor Don't let it end/How long can this last rw M-

118 Goldwax Ovations Dance party/It's wonderful to be in love wol rw


119 Happy Tiger Paul Kelly Hot runnin' soul/Poor but proud M-

120 Heidi Barbara & Brenda Hurtin' inside/That's when you've got soul M-

121 Hit Sound Inovations Love and respect/Just keep on loving me M-

122 Home of the Bl. 5 Royales Take me with you baby/Not going to cry WLP

xol rw Vg

123 Hot Biscuit Timothy Carr Love my love/Gone Vg+

124 Hot Wax Silent Majority Colors of my love/Frightened girl promo M-

125 Imperial O'Jays Stand tall/Storm is over xol WLP Vg++

126 Imperial O'Jays Crack up laughing/How does it feel M-

127 Imperial O'Jays Whip it on me baby/I've cried my last tear M-

128 Inferno Volumes You got it baby/Way to love you sol rw Vg-

129 Invader Parrish & Wilde Don't take this love away/Don't fight it rw


130 Intrepid Brothers of Love My heart's in trouble/I, you, we M-

131 Ivanhoe Walter Scott I want to thank you/Brand new girl M-

132 Invictus Tyrone Edwards Can't get enough of you/You took me from a world

outside Vg++

133 Jad Lloyd Price Luv, luv, luv/Take all M-

134 Jamie Claudine Clark To be strong/Moon madness M-

135 Jan-A-Baby Helen Jones I want him to be proud of me/Hey lonely rw Vg++

136 Janus Johnny Nash Falling in and out of love/You got to change your ways


137 Jerhart Jimmy Robins I can't please you/I made it over M-

138 Jerry-O Tom & Jerryo Do the boo-ga-loo pt 1/same pt 2 rw Vg

139 Jet Set Eldridge Holmes I like what you do/Humpback rw M-

140 Jocida Bill Johnson You got soul/It ain't never gonna die WLP xol


141 Josie Gloria Johnson Give you plenty lovin'/These arms of mine lbl

stain Vg+/Vg++

142 Josie E. "Buster" Forehand But I do/same WLP M-

143 JSJ L. Miller/Carolina P. Need somebody to love/I've never been to Vegas

wol rw Vg+

144 Juana Controllers If somebody cares/Reaper bb Vg+

145 Jubilee Prophets Talk don't bother me/Don't look back M-

146 Ju-par Chestener Gorden You and I pt 1/Livin' proof/same WLP Vg+

147 Kapp Jerry Jackson Gypsy eyes/Turn back rw Vg-

148 Kent Windjammers All that shines is not gold/Poor sad child pt 1 WLP M-

149 King Charles Vickers Do me good/Lost my faith in you Vg++

150 King James Brown Part two-let a man come in a do the popcorn/Gittin' a

little.. pt 2 wol StVg++

151 King Kokomo Charles Brimmer Distant lover/same M-

152 La Cade W. (Butterball) Davis Girl stop begging/Baby Vg+

153 La Louisianne Gee Gee Shinn Go on home/Come on over rw M-

154 Lavette Judy Clay Let it be me/I'm up tight rw Vg

155 Lion We the People Forgotten man/Left in the lost & found sol wol


156 Loma Olympics No more will I cry/Baby I'm yours rw G

157 M.In The Street Albert Washington Loosen these pains and let me go/Go on

a help yourself M-

158 Mala Moses/Josh. Dillard What's better than love/My elusive dreams

promo Vg+

159 Mala O Jay's Look over your shoulder/I'm so glad I found you M-

160 Map City Mardi Gras If I can't have you/Girl I've got news for you


161 Mar-Vel L.Wille Parker/L.Smith Lookin' in from the outside/Firewater


162 Master Five Wee Three Whole world is a stage/Get on board Vg+/M-

163 Match Fantastic Johnny C Part 1- I'm counting on you/Part 2- Counting on

you rw water dam Vg++

164 May Jimmy Beaumont Give her my best/I'll always be in love with you rw


165 Mel Omega Billy Harner Half a man/What about the children rw Vg-

166 Mercury Peaches You couldn't have been thinking 'bout/In my heart WLP

lbl stain Vg

167 Mercury William Bonny Love, love, love/Just one more chance M-

168 Mercury Sonny Moore Erase and replace/AT the crossroads sol rw Vg

169 MGM George Jackson Soul train/Smokin' and drinking WLP M-

170 MGM George Jackson How can I get next to you/Willie lump lump WLP M-

171 MGM Spyder Turner Stand by me/You're good enough for me M-

172 MGM Kim Weston I got what you need/Someone like you V g+

173 Minit Trensations Soulin' and rollin/Saucy Promo Vg++

174 Minit Themes Bent out of shape/No explanation needed StVg++

175 Minit Players Why did I lie/I'm glad I waited StVg++

176 Mistor Chand Popular Five Baby I've got it/Best friend-worst enemy


177 Mothers Little Gary Ferguson A mother's love/Never been more right M-

178 Motown Supremes Let me go the right way/Time changes things M-

179 Motown David Ruffin Love can be hazardous to your health/Heavy love


180 Motown David Ruffin I pray everyday you won't regret loving me/I'm so

glad I fell for M-

181 Motown Marvin Gaye His eye is on the sparrow/Just a closer walk with

thee M-

182 Motown Diana Ross/M. Gaye I'm falling in love with you/You're a special

part of me Stvg++

183 Motown Billy Eckstine Wish you were here/Slender thread Vg+

184 Motown Reuben Howell I'll be your brother/Rings Vg+

185 Motown Devastating Affair You don't know/same M-

186 Motown Jerry Butler I wanna do it to you/I don't wanna be reminded M-

187 Motown Four Tops Love/It's all in the game M-

188 Motown Four Tops 7-Rooms of gloom/I'll turn to stone StVg++

189 M-Pac Stacy Johnson Don't try to fool me/I stand alone promo sol bb


190 Music Merchant Smith Connection I've come to stay/Day you leave wol

sol promo rw Vg

191 Murco Reuben Bell/Casano. It's not that easy/Hummin' a sad song xol rw


192 Neptune Bunny & Cindy Sure didn't take long/We're only human bb M-

193 Nine Chains Crystal Image Gonna have a good time/same WLP M-

194 Nine Chains Calvin Arnold Satisfy my woman/You'll do it M-

195 Oak Doug Gibbs I'll always have you there/Cloudy day M-

196 Okeh Clifford Davis Take it light/Finders keepers, losers weepers WLP

xol rw Vg

197 Okeh Dr. Feelgood/Interns What's up, doc/Right string but the wrong

yo-yo WLP rw wol Vg+

198 Okeh Dr. Feelgood/Interns Doctor feel-good/Mister moonlight Vg++

199 Okeh Vibrations Love in them there hills/Remember the rain rw wol M-

200 Okeh Little Richard Whole lotta shakin going on/LucilleM- M-

201 Okeh Gerald Sims Cool breeze/There must be an answer M- rw G

202 Ovide Sebastian Williams I don't care what mama said/Get your point over


203 Ovide T.S.U. Toronados Nothing can stop me/Only inside M-

204 Ovide Masters of Soul Sad face/Lord bless my woman rw Stvg++

205 Ovide Masters of Soul I need you/Count the times M-

206 Path Naturals Don't just stand there/Make it move heavy rw water

damage sol Vg

207 Paula Uniques It's all over now/All I took was love sol WLP M-

208 Philadelphia Int. O'Jays Message in our music/same WLP sol Vg

209 Phil L.A. of ... Tyrone Ashley I want my baby back/Let me be your man rw


210 Phil L.A. of... Little John Bowie My love, my love/Go go annie rw wol G

211 Philtown Globeliters Way you do/See how they run rw Vg-

212 Pompeii Les Watson Soul man blues/No peace, no rest lbl stains/tears


213 Pzazz Lorez Alexandria Don't want to hear it anymore/Hey jude wol


214 Quadran Naturals Da-da-da-da-da/This loneliness M-

215 Rama Rama Hot Soup You took me by surprise/Getting' in my way again rw


216 Rampart Four Tempos Come on home/Got to have you WLP sol Vg++

217 Ray Star Gene & Wendell Roach stomp/Move on up Vg++

218 RCA Center Stage Are you there/Everyday's a fantasy promo rw Vg

219 RCA New Birth Two kinds of people/Unh song promo M-

220 RCA Len Barry I like the way/Sweet & funky sm edge warp/d.n.a.p. M-

221 Red Top Don Gardner/D. Ford People sho' act funny/Shake a leg, baby rw


222 Relevant Matt Jones Hell no! I ain't gonna go/Supersam rw Vg++

223 Renee James Bryant Hey there you girl/Three step M-

224 Reprise Blendells Dance with me/Get your baby WLP rw Vg++

225 Ric-Tic Edwin Starr Back street/same(instrum.) rw Vg++

226 Right-On Total Eclipes A love like yours/You took our heart Vg+

227 Right-On Delia Gartrell Fight fire, with fire/See what you done, done

bb Vg++

228 Riverside Lou Courtney You ain't ready/I've got just the thing Vg++

229 Road Pattie Ward You have to wait for love/Get off my stuff rw Vg-

230 Ronn Patterson Twins Looking for a lover/To be lonely bb M-

231 RPR Sunny/Sunliners Should I take you home/If I could see you now rw

wol Vg++

232 R & R Bobby Williams Everybody needs love sometime/You need love like I

do Vg++

233 RRG Doris Duke Congratulations baby/Divorce decree WLP M-

234 Rujac Francine Long Days may come; days may go/same rw Vg++

235 Rujac Gene & Eddie Sweet little girl/It's so hard tol rw M-

236 Samar Jimmy Norman This I beg of you/Can you blame me rw Vg+

237 Satellite Ideals You lost and I won/You hurt me Vg++/M-

238 Scepter Judy Clay That's all/My arms aren't strong enough bb sol rw


239 Seventy Seven Earl Gaines Keep your mind on me/That's how strong my love

is rw M-

240 Seventy Seven Earl Gaines If you want what I got/Hymn number 5 M-

241 Seventy Seven Geater Davis Long cold winter/Why does it hurt so bad M-

242 Shandy Charles Conrad/Soul. Isn't it amazing/You got the love M-

243 Shock Woman I want to get back/That's how it is Vg++

244 Shout Billy Young Sweet woman/I'm available rw M-

245 Silver Fox Betty LaVette Love's made a fool out of me/Do your duty M-

246 Silver Fox Marilyn Haywood Mama's baby/Think about it Vg++

247 Smash Tempests Long live our love/In the (cold light of day) bb M-

248 Soul Major Lance I never thought I'd be losing you/same WLP M-

249 Soul Originals The bells/I'll wait for you Vg++

250 Soul Originals Keep me/Man without love Vg++

251 Soul Shorty Long Here come the judge/Sing what you wanna M-

252 Soul Jimmy Ruffin I'll say forever my love/Everybody needs love M-

253 Soul Jr. Walker/All Stars Soul clappin'/Peace and understanding Vg++

254 Soul Jr. Walker/All Stars Country boy/I don't need no reason M-

255 Soul Power Tommie Young Everybody's got a little devil in their soul/Do

you still feel the same.. M-

256 SS7 Sam Baker. Strange sensation/Sugarman M-

257 Sound Capreez Soulsation/Time lbl tear sol Vg-

258 Sound Stage 7 Roscoe Shelton You ought to take time out for your love/I'

m ready Stvg++

259 Sound Stage 7 Joe Simon Standing in the safety zone/Looking back Vg++

260 Sound Stage 7 Joe Simon Too many teardrops/What makes a man feel good

rw M-

261 Spar Jimmy Elledge I'm going single/Someone xol Vg+

262 SSS International Blue Angels I wonder/same WLP M-

263 SSS International Exiles Got to be all right/same rw promo Vg+

264 SSS International Peggy Scott You can never get something for

nothing/Every little bit hurts M-

265 SSS International Peggy Scott/J Benson Let's spend a day out in the

country/It's the little things that count Vg++

266 Stang Mark Greene My confession of love/I'm so lost rw M-

267 Stax Astors Daddy didn't tell me/More power to you M-

268 Stax Frederick Knight I've been lonely for so long/Lean on me Vg+

269 Steel Town Erroll Gate/Imaginat. Love and affection/You don't want my

love M-

270 St. Lawrence Vontastics My baby/Day tripper M-

271 Stuyvesant Charmers One you love/Natural self Vg+

272 Sue Ike & Tina Turner I'm jealous/You're my baby Vg+

273 Sue Gary Bonds One broken heart/I can't use you in my business M-

274 Sunburst Roshell Anderson Such a beautiful thing/Grapevine will lie

sometimes Vg++/M-

275 Sussex Presidents Sweet magic/Triangle of love M-

276 Sussex Michelle Stringer Make me worthy/Haven't had enough yet M-

277 Sussex Creative Source You're too good to be true/Oh love Vg+

278 Symbol Jerry Hayward You stole my heart away/Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy,

sherry rw Vg+

279 Symbol Inez Foxx Broken hearted fool/He's the one you love Vg+

280 Tangerine Emile Griffith Goin goin gone/That's what I like rw Vg+

281 Toddlin' Town Bull/Matadors Funky judge/same bb Vg++

282 Today Lucky Peterson Our future/Funky alphabet Vg+

283 Today Benny Johnson Visions of paradise/Stop me Vg++

284 Top & Bottom Brenda/Tabulations Right on the tip of my tongue/Always &

forever Vg++

285 Tragar Chuck Wilder Why/The clown M-

286 Tri Disc Lindy Adams Surprise party/Bird in the hand rw xol Vg+

287 Tri Us Little Royal Don't want nobody standing over me/Keep on pushing..

lbl tear Stvg++

288 Tuff Bobby Copney Love au-go-go/Ain't no good two labels stuck

together on a side M-

289 Turntable Susan King You got me in a fix/Drum rhythm rw G

290 TWR Syl Johnson That's why/Everybody needs love M-

291 Twinight Dynamic Tints Be my lady/Rosemarie rw Stvg++

292 Uni Betty Everett I can't say no to you/I can't say no to you sol

promo M-

293 Uni Jackie Lee You were searching for a love/Your sweetness is my

weakness M-

294 Uni Bob & Earl Honey, sugar, my sweet thing/Get ready for the new day M-

295 United Artists Samantha Jones Ray of sunshine/How do you say goodbye

WLP rw Vg++

296 United Artists Marv Johnson I need you/Move two mountains wol tol


297 United Artist Joyce Davis Moments to remember/Superman rw Vg+

298 United Artists Delacardos I got it/Thing a ma jig rw Vg

299 Val G. Goodman's Head. Cherish your love/Secret love wol Vg

300 Vee Jay Dukays Please help/I'm gonna love you so rw M-

301 Veep Sari & Shalimars It's so lonely/You walked out on me before M-

302 Vent Ethics There'll still be a sweet tomorrow/Tell me rw M-

303 Venture Calvin Arnold Lovely way to go/Scoobie do rw Vg+

304 Vernon Marsha Brody Heaven bless this world of ours/Eyes of god rw

sol wol Vg

305 Verve Nick Ashford I don't need no doctor/Young emotion rw promo Vg++

306 Verve Carl Holmes/Comm. My lonely sad eyes/Telegram sol promo rw


307 Vicki R. Blandon/Dubs I'm downtown/Lost in the wilderness M-

308 Vigor Street People Liberated lady/Re-run StVg++

309 Vigor Trumains You are nice/Girl don't let me down rw M-

310 V.I.P. Richard Anthony What now my love/I don't know what to do WLP

xol rw wol Vg++

311 Volt United Image Love's creeping up on me/I'll keep coming back rw

lbl stain Vg++

312 Warner Bros. C. Wright/Watts 103. Sorry Charlie/Love land M-

313 Warner Bros. Paul Kelly Take it away from him/Try my love Vg++/Vg+

314 Westbound Detroit Emeralds Heaven couldn't be like this/You're getting'

a little too smart Stvg++

315 Westbound Detroit Emeralds I can't see myself doing without you/Just now

and then bb M-

316 Westbound Denise La Salle What am I doing wrong/Your man and your best

friend Vg++

317 Westbound Denise La Salle A man size job/I'm over you M-

318 White Whale Dobie Gray Rose garden/same promo rw Vg

319 Win or Lose Brother to Brother You're bout to lose the one who loves

you/same M-

320 World Artists Lee Garrett So far away/I need somebody rw Vg++

321 World Artists Charmettes Sugar boy/Stop the wedding M-

322 Yew Intrigues I gotta find out for myself/I'm gonna love you rw lbl

tear Vg++

323 Yvette Stridells Mix it up/I remember Christmas wol rw Vg

324 Zanzee C & the Shells Funky tambourine pt 1/same pt 2 M-

325 Zodiac Ruby Andrews What ever it takes to please you pt 1/same pt 2


326 Zodiac Ruby Andrews Gotta break away/You ole boo boo you rw Stvg++

All records guaranteed 100% and are U.S. originals unless noted.

Only winning bidders will be notified.

Foreign winners will be quoted postage.

Call 717-652-4947.


Auction ends on Monday August 2nd, 2004 @ 7 PM, ES

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