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midas touch list 12

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a pass on , please email Chris A if interested

Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 12. I`ve got some more tasty soul 45s for you and some nice Lps too.

Thanks again to everyone who subscribes to the Sales CD, subscription as always is £5.00 for 3 Cds, judging by the response you`re finding some nice stuff on the Cds and dont forget you get delivery of each CD just before the list is posted.Items marked with *** are included in this months CD.

Could I ask you to mail payment as soon as possible for this list as i`ll be away on holiday at the end of the month, I`ll try my best to get as many orders out before I go so make it easy and pay quickly! The next list could be delayed as I`ll be away in the US on another buying trip, but I promise i`ll bring you all some goodies back! Dont forget to include your address and the record you`re sending for when you send payment.

Just a note to say that I wont now be appearing at the ever-excellent Rushden soul-night on September 18th, I`ve got an appointment in the US and my none appearance will be down to me and not the promoter, get yourselves down there its always a great night. Just a shout out for a my "local" soul night at Willington, just off the A38 between Derby and Burton, the next one will be this Saturday 21st August, a great venue, good crowd and the music aint too bad either!

Dont forget you can pay me using your credit card by using paypal.com, its really easy to do, just go to their page and set up an account, however there will be a 3% charge for using this.Otherwise cash or cheque is fine, my address is; Chris Anderton, 1 Swan Court, Stapenhill Rd, Burton on Trent,Staffs,DE15 9AY.I`d prefer all records to be reserved by email to chris.soul@btinternet.com but if you need to call me its 01283 536359.

On with the tunes......

1.Betty Turner-The winds kept laughing-Cresent E- 500

(monster sound, few surface marks, plays great, so in-demand)

2.Silky Hargraves-Hurt by love-Dtown E 75

3.Kitty Doswell-A face in the crowd-HES M- 350***

(Awesome west coast crossover, check out the CD)

4.Betty O`Brien-She`ll be gone-Liberty demo E 250

5.Kim Weston-A thrill a moment-Gordy WD E- 65

(Nice looking demo, plays ok)

6.Barbara Lynn-Movin on a groove-Jetstream E+ (signed) 125

7.Tobi Lark-Happiness is here-Topper-VG+ 175

(Plays much better than it looks)

8.Barbara West-Congratulations baby-Ronn E+ 40

9.Silk-Falling in love isnt easy-Decca E- 40***

10.Holly Maxwell-Only when you`re lonely-Constellation 130***

11.Donald Jenkins-Somebody help me-Cortland E 40

(Memories of Steve Smith!)

12.Fourth day-You turn me on-DT M- 80***

(Same backing as Emanual Laskey on the same label)

13.Italian asphelp and pavement company-Check yourself-Colossus PS E+ 40***

14.Barbara Greene-Young boy-Renee M 15***

15.Bobby Womack-How could you break my heart-Arista-E- 10***

16.The Soul city-Everybody dance now-Goodtime-M 15***

17.The Lollipops-Loving good feeling-Impact E+ 75***

(Vinly is mint- but has a slight warp)

18.Dee Dee Warwick-Dont think my baby`s coming back-Tiger E 50***

19.The TSU Toronadoes-I still love you-Volt E+ 30

20.R B Hudmon-Holding on-Atlantic M- 30***

21.Major Lance-I never thought I`d be losing you-Motown UK 12***

22.The Newcomers-Keep an eye on your close friends-Stax UK 12***

23.Al Hudson-We must make it happen-Atco M 40

24.William Bell-Happy-Stax M- 8

(Wow, how good does this sound!)

25.Ace Spectrum-Dont send nobody else-Atlantic M- 50

26.Reggie Lamont-How lonely-Blue Rock demo M- 30***

27.Bros of soul-Dream-Shock E- 30***

28.The Impressions-I`ll always be here-Curtom-M- 10***

(Awesome 70s dancer, as good as anything on the list)

29.The Mighty Marvellows-This towns too much-ABC E+ 15***

30.Bubba Lou-Over you-Ambition-M- 30***

(Wonderful 70s dancer, check out the CD)

31.Rosey Grier-Beautiful people-A&M WD 75***

32.J.R Bailey After hours-Toy M 10***

33.Joey Scarbury-Midnight mail-Dunhill M- 60***


34.Martha Reeves-Love guess who- Gordy M- 15

35.Ronnie Dyson-Lady in red-Columbia WD 30

(Great double-sider)

36.G.Q-make my dreams a reality-Arista WD M 10***

37.Gwen McCrae-Lead me on-Columbia- wol 20***

38.Mel Davis-You made me over-Invictus M- 70

(Mid tempo crossover anthem)

39.Lonnie Youngblood-Let my love bring out the woman in you-Calla M- 15***

40.We the people-Make my dreams a reality-Lion E- 70

41.Soloman Burke-Cry to me-Atlantic E 20

42.Paul Varisco-Tell me where love goes-Kapp WD M- 90***

43.Heaven and earth-I cant seem to forget you-GEC E- 10***

44.Hector Rivera-At the party-Barry E 10***

45.The O`Jays-One night affair-Neptune M 10***

46.Crystal Motion-You`re my main squeeze-Sound gems-M- 20

47.Ben E King-Spoiled-Atlantic M 10***

48.Gene Chandler-Without you here-Curtom-E 50***

(Big spins for Arthur)

49.Sunny and the Sunliners-If I could see you now-RPR E- 15***

50.Donny Mann-Treat me like a stranger-Avalanche M- 30***

(so good, crossover-mid-pacer, check out the CD)

51.Love devotion and happiness-Joy sweet joy-PEU Jadan E+ 40***

52.Johnny & the expressions-Shy girl-Josie E- 15***

53.Baby Washington-Leave me alone-Sue E 40

(still so popular)

54.All the people-I wish I had a girl like you-Blue candle-E 15***

55.4 Tops-Feel free-ABC WD M 10***

56.Arthur Prysock-I wantcha baby-Oldtown M- 10***

57.Leon Haywood-Aint no use-Fatfish E+ 25***

58.Joshie Jo Armstead-I got the vibes-Truth M 25

59.Ben E King-Forgive this fool-Atco E+ 10

60.The Mighty Marvellows-Talkin bout ya baby-Abc E 15***

61.The Dells-Thinkin about you-Cadet VG- 35

(looks rough, plays great!!)

62.Sam Waymon-It be`s that way sometimes-RCA E- 10***

63.The Showman-Our love will grow-Swan E 70***

64.Al Wilson-I`ve got a feeling we`ll be seeing each other again-PLayboy-E 10***

65.The Mad Lads-Did my baby call-Volt WD M 25***

(what a version!!)

66.Liz Lands-Midnight Johnny-Gordy WD E 60

(Stunning looking white demo)

67.Vic Marcell-You still got me-RCA VG+ 20

(Looks rough, plays great, absolute KILLER!!!)

68.Lillian Dupree-Hide and seek-Dtown E- 100

69.Carolyn Crawford-Forget about me-Motown E 60

70.Joe Simon-I got a whole lot of lovin-Sound stage 7 M- 15

71.Jackie Verdell-Come let me love you-Peacock E 20***

(great 60s dancer)

72.Bobby Moore-Anything man-Scepter E 10***

73.Booker T Jones-The best of you-A&M M- 10***

74.The Parliments-A new day begins-Atco M- 15***

75.The Pentagons-She`s mine-Jamie VG 20***

(Plays thru fine, great tune)

76.The Attractions-Find me-Bell E+ 20***

77.Garland Green-Angel baby-UNI E+ 20

78.Gene Chandler-Let me make love to you-20th century M 10

79.Major Lance-Without a doubt-Okeh VG 15***

(Plays fine)

80.George McCrae-Take it all off-Soul city E+ 10***

81.Jimmy James-I want you so much-Pye UK M- 8***

82.Ella Washington-I cant afford to lose him-SS7 E 10***

83.Bobby Bland-Yum Yum Tree-Duke M- 10

84.Debra-Can you remember-Gree-Jack M- 15***

85.Majestic-Send my baby back to me-Equator E 40***

86.Don and Juan-What I really meant to say-Big top M- 20

87.Jeff Perry-Love dont come no stronger-Arista WD M 25

88.Gordon Berry-How lonely-Sport M- 50

89.The Flirtations-Nothing but a heartache-Dream M 15

90.Ben E King-Too bad-Atco M 25

91.Hodges james etc-I`m in love-Mpingo- VG+ 30***

92.Nat Wright-Mr Love-Mercury-M- 20***

93.Maxine Brown-One step at a time-Wand M 20

94.Phyllis Hyman-Baby (I`m gonna love you)-Desert moon- M 20

95.Teddy Pendergrass-The more I get the more I want-TSOP M 12

96.Deon Jackson-I`ll always love you-Shout-M 50

(very slight warp, plays great!)

97.Edwin Starr-Dont tell me I`m crazy-Gordy E+ 15

98.Barbara Lewis-I remember the feeling-Atlantic E+ 15

99.Betty Wright-Life-Alston WD M 10

100.The continental showstoppers-We`re not too young-Seventy seven M 50

101.Maxine Brown-Little girl lost-Wand M 20

102.Johnnie Taylor-What about my love-Beverly Glen M- 15

103.Jackie wilson-I learnerd about life-Brunswick M 12

104.Garland green-Let me be your pacifier-RCA demo- M- 15

105.Billy McGregor-Mr shy-Flash M- 20

106.Edwin Starr-There you go-Gordy-E+ 5

107.Whirlwind-Dont let him get the best of you-Roulette- M 15

108.Jimmy Hughes-It aint what you got-Atlantic E- 20

109.The Kittens-Lookie lookie-ABC M- 50

110.The Casinos-If I told you-Del val E+ 20

111.Lana Cantrell-How can I hurt you-RCA E+ 15

112.Jo Armstead-A Stone good lover-Giant E 15

113.The Sound 70s-Its for real-Capitol M 30

114.The Manhattans-I betcha could`nt love me-Carnival M 15

115.Sons of Robin Stine-Got to get you back-Atco E- 20

(so in-demand-plays great)

116.California rock Choir-Whoever you are-Cyclone M- 75

117.The Impressions-You`ve been cheating-ABC M 20

118.Homer Strickland-I`ll get over you-Jaden M 30

(water damaged label copies @15, vinyl nice and clean, amazing crossover)

119.Barbara Acklin-After you-BrunswickE- 6

(plays fine)

120.Barbara Acklin-I call it trouble-Brunswick M 10

121.Jackie Ross-Glory Be-Mercury-M- 15

122.Bobby womack-Daylight-UA M 8

123.Jimmy Delphs-Almost-Karen VG+ 5

(lots of shhen, plays fine)

124.Jackie wilson and Lavern Baker-Think twice-Brunswick E 25

125.Tyrone Barclay-Man of Value-Midsong M 15

126.Lenny O`Henry-Across the street-Atco WD E+ 10

127.Jackie Wilson-I`m the one to do it-Brunswick E+ 10

128.The Intruders-A nice girl like you-TSOP M- 10

(Vinyl mint, very slight label tear)

129.Bobby Womack-Across 110th st-UA M- 10

130.Jackie Moore-both ends against the middle-Atlantic M 10

131.Willie Small-How high can you fly-Jessica-E 40

(fantastic R&B dancer, so good)

132.Brenda Lee-Time and time again-Decca- E+ 15

133.Wales Wallace-Whatever you want-Innovation M 15

134.Jnr Walker-Aint that the truth-Gordy E- 10

135.T.D Valentine-love trap-Epic demo 15

136.The Chimes-The beginning of my life-Down to earth-M 15

137.Laura Lee-If you want to try love again remember me-Hot wax M 10

(Wonderful under-rated 70s dancer)

138.The Mob-I dig everything about you-Colossus-M 15

139.Dave Love-Coalined baby-Solid soul M 15

140.Marvin and Tammi-California soul - Tamla E+ 10


141.The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla M- 20

(inc Two women. Got another copy, awesome 70s dancer, the next "Futures")

142.The Tymes-Turning point-RCA E+ 12

(inc at least 2 great x-over tracks, All you ever wanted to know about love)

143.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th cent-M- 20

(inc.You`re not here with me. Awesome 70s dancer)

144.Betty Everett-They`ll come a time-UNI M- 15

(inc.You`re falling in love)

145.Stevie Wonder-Up-tight-Tamla E+ 30

(inc Contract on love)

146.The Isley Bros-Motown presents-MFP E+ 15

(inc, My love is your love, the first and original issue of this classic Bretby track)

147.Garnet Mimms-I`ll take good care of you-UA E- 40

(inc Looking for you, rare original LP, small wol)

148.Al Wilson-I`ve got a feeling-Playboy E 10

(cover split but LP in in nice condition)(You did it for me, I`ve got a feeling,etc)

149.Jerry Butler-You and me-Mercury E+ 15

(inc Ordanary Joe)

150.Phillip Mitchell-Top of the line-Atlantic E+ 20

(inc. I`m so happy)

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