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Goldbourne Niter Last Nite a quick scribble


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Saturday after Broughton (see earlier news post)

Case of onto Goldbourne niter, have to say our lot always say this best niter in north west at moment to us simple souls, sure not biggest, plushiest, best attended, most hyped, but always find it most enjoyable , good dj policy, good layout, a fiver in and a very late and cheap bar. Fair old crowd in , think safe to say was biggest for a while. Fair few long distance travellers, luton, yorkshire, midlands, welsh coast

Been said in past venue has a bit of a edge, and yes that could be said about last nite, was a bit of an minor altercation, the first for a fair while but promoter Dean says that steps will be defintely taken to avoid this happening again.

Carl Willingham did a great set and rest of djs inc likes of Keith Murphy, Jumping Joan, John Mills, Liz Foster and more

Fair few record merchants plying their wares, , the customanary

battle for the decks in the other room between people wanting to do a spot, with buyers/sellers trying to play sales was won by the "want to do spots" lot this time resulting in a bit more sensible room.

For once took notice of vast amount of flyers, which just shows the amount of events going round, most topical being the latest monkey one as sort of fitted in with one aspect of the nite, funniest had to be a Mars Barr one, dunno if old and maybe discussed earlier as had dates of the whole year on, but first time I seen it, it had the statement of "this will be the 100 club of the midlands" and then added in red "special guest dj kev roberts". Have to say apoligies if involved in event, but it made me smile, Conniseurs weekend, Prestatyn, camel and many others all over place. Interesting to see Hyde Manchester niters going monthly.

As always a nite of some great music, lots of laughs and banter, had a enjoyable nite, and along with Broughton earlier, have to recommend both, if after a cheap, contrasting enjoyable two-eventer nite, though of course my tastes, needs etc may differ.....etc etc :)

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