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Lynn Terry - I Got A Good Thing Going - Lasalle

Hi all,

I don't know if the identity of who Lynn Terry really was is widely known or not,

but while I have been in the process of updating my website I was writing a little piece about the

singer and did a Google check and it doesn't seem as if anyone has made the connection between

the Lasalle release and her real identity.

It turns out she is really Kathy Lynn Keppen who started out as a member of Kathy & The Playboys on Swan records,

before signing for Berry Gordy to release La La La La La / This Is True on VIP 25036 as a member of The Lasalles.

Here is how she ended up at Lasalle records....


And here are a couple of pics of the lady herself

post-19623-0-42921300-1329835858_thumb.j post-19623-0-69958600-1329835874_thumb.j

post-19623-0-08584100-1329835892_thumb.j post-19623-0-48706400-1329835916_thumb.j

Rather than get my wrist slapped for uploading MP3's, if anyone who doesn't know the VIP releases wants to listen to the tracks

to compare her voice, then head over to my website on the following link.


Knowing me, this will probably be common knowledge and everyone has forgotten to tell me :D

Cheers all, Heath

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Nice one Heath

I guess it's not that commonly known ... sort of thing you need to dig down for

She is married to Nick Ameno who was a member of the Lasalles, Antiques etc....

Rob Thomas and I visited her many years ago early one Saturday morning at her home in Buffalo NY

Sadly no pictures ... she hadn't put her slap on so declined the photo opportunity. Nick was at work.

We left with a trio of La Salle 45s .. Lynn Terry, Utopias & Antiques + her solo 45 on Rust


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Great info Heath! interesting stuff, also well done on an excellent web site, just been having a look



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