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[Rs] just wait and see little john/jimmy raye mafman promo reissue


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Title: just wait and see little john/jimmy raye mafman promo reissue
Artist: little john and jimmy raye
Track: just wait and see
Label: mafman ( reissue)

Record information:

little john, "just wait and see"on gogate is a brill rare record and hard to come by, a reissue in the 70s? on mafman promos credited to jimmy raye, is this a different take? is i find becoming increasingly hard to locate for us that do,nt have a mega wad for a proper one, i trawled the net and i can find only one other copy, no doubt someone, somewhere may have a box full, and i have had 3 or 4 enquiries for this record in the last couple of months myself alone, but will just hold on to those that i have remaining, till i can source some others. 91799

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