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Forged Tickets Stoke

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passed on from sean liversy list

I have been asked to pass this on to the members of 'Soulful Matters'

from Kev Roberts. It seems that at the recent T.S.O.P (The Sound Of

Prestwich) soul night forged tickets for this saturday's (9th Oct) all -

nighter at the Kings Hall Stoke were being sold.

Unscrupulous traders were openly retailing them at Prestwich on friday

1st October without the knowledge of promoters terry & Lynne Davies who

with knowledge would have put a complete stop to the under - handed


Many of the forgeries hold the same number '768' and anyone seen to be

holding a counterfit ticket will be refused entry to the all - nighter.

Extra security will be on the door to check for these forged tickets.

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