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C/O Rettendon Services

Main Road A130

Rettendon Common, Nr Chelmsford

CM3 8DZ, Essex, England

Telephone/Fax:- 01245 325442

Mobile:- 07905 782654

(7:30am - 9:00pm (7 Days A Week)

email:- ravingmadrecords@aol.com


G Abused! possibly bad label damage and some serious scratches

VG Used record, possibly wear on label and scratched vinyl, plays ok

VG+ Possible slight wear on label. Scratched vinyl, plays well

VG++ Clean label, any scratches will be light and not affecting play

M Unplayed condition


WD = white demo, YD = yellow demo, D = demo

WOL = writing on label, SOL = sticker on label,

XOL = cross on label, TOL = tear on label, CL = clean label

DH = drillhole, SM = small, ED = edge, WA = warp,

CH = chip, NAP = not affecting play

UK - All records under the value of £50.00 will be sent by recorded delivery at £1.80 unless otherwise specified.

the value of £50.00 will be sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY at £3.80 unless otherwise specified. Europe and the rest of the

price on request. We cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling. We accept payment by credit card - Access


items 1 - 4 auction ends october 18th at 7pm

No Label Artist Title Comment Grade Price

1 **A-Bet Traditions Twinkle little Star M- £300

2 **Demon Hot The Parisians Twinkle little Star BID M £400

3 **Loop Nat Hall "Why" I want to know BID VG+ £500

4 **Mar-v-lus Blenders Your love has got me down BID M £600



set sale

5 20th Century Little Joe Cook I'll never go to a Party Again M- £75

6 A,G.P The Ad-Libs New York In the dark M- £300

7 ABC Ruby Andrews Bone to pick with you WD Slt wat damVG++ £20

8 ABC The MightyMarvelows I'm so confused M £15

9 ABC Betty Everett Love Tumbling Down WD VG++ £40

10 ABC The Mighty Marvelows Talkin'bout Ya, Baby VG++ £20

11 Abner Marvelous Ray Whirlpool VG++ £60

12 Alston Betty Wright Man Of Mine M- £50

13 Argo Etta James Seven day fool VG++ £25

14 Arista Mandrill TooLate M £100

15 Atlantic Soul Brothers Six I'LL be Loving You VG+ £15

16 Atlantic Cliff Nobles Love is getting stronger VG+ £75

17 Atlantic Aretha Franklin Can't see myself leaving M £10

18 Atlantic Esther Phillips Just say Goodbye VG++ £50

19 Atlantic Jackie Moore Sweet Charlie Babe M £20

20 Ava Charlotte O'hara What about you GREAT M- £75

21 Barry Thelma Jones Souvenirs of a Heartbreak WD M- £20

22 Bell O'jays I dig you act M £15

23 Beltone The Cassadons 2 Sided Love VG++ £50

24 Big Bunny The Millionaires Breakdown M £30

25 Big Bunny The Dealers You Got It M- £30

26 Big Top Gerri Granger Ain't it Funny VG++ £70

27 Big Wheel The Falcons Standin on Guard M- £15

28 Blue Light The Intentions I Love You M- £300



29 Blue Rock Johnny Moore Lonely Heart in the City M £25

30 BRC Wales Wallace Somebody I Know M £20

31 Brunswick Billy Butler I'll Bet you WD M- £25

32 Brunswick Jackie Wilson Because of you M £80

33 Buddah Timothy Wilson Pigtails M £15

34 Buddah Barbara Maison Make it last M- £30

35 Cadet Terry Callier Look at me now VG++ £200

36 Cadet Dells Make sure M £10

37 Cadet Marlena Shaw Let's wade in the water VG++ £40

38 Cadet Dells Show me M £15

39 Cadet Dells It's all up to you M £15

40 Calla Jean Wells What have I go to lose get it while it's cheap M £20

41 Cameo The Sweet Three I would if I could M- £25

42 Cameo Dee Dee Sharp Deep Dark Secret M £200

43 Cameo Candy and The Kisses The 81 VG+ £5

44 Canyon Chosen Few Birth of a Playboy VG+ £10

45 Capital Barrett Strong Is it true VG++ £20

46 Carla Deon Jackson Tha's What you do to me VG++ £20

47 Carnival Lee Williams I'ts Everything about You VG++ £30

48 Carnival The Manhattans Love is breakin' Out VG++ £15

49 Carnival The Lovettes Little Miss Soul WD M £30

50 Cee-Jam Art Wheeler That's how much I love u WD VG++ £75

51 Challenge Ron Holden Forgive and forget WD M- £60

52 Chess The Radiants One Day I'll Show you VG+ £40

53 Colossus Mob Like to see more of you SO GOOD M £20

54 Columbia Susan Rewis Say you found a new baby WD M-£100

55 Coral Otheia Barnes Never loved nobody VG++ £20

56 Curtom Natural Four Love's so Wonderfull M- £20

57 Decca Earl Grant Hide nor Hair M- £25

58 Deram The Flirtations Nothing But a Heartache VG++ £7

59 D-Town Cody Black Too many Iorns in the fire WD VG++£100

60 Duke Bobby Bland Shoes M- £20

61 Duke Bobby Bland These Hands VG++ £15

62 Eagle LA'Shell You better check Yourself XOL M- £25

63 Elf Clifford Currry Ain't No Danger WD M- £40

64 End Flamingos I know better VG+ £10

65 Expo Billy Kent Take it all this time M £200

66 Fania 125th Candy Store Silent Heart M £150

67 Federal The Stratoliners Do you want with my love M- £50

68 Flash Billy McGregor Mr Shy M £15

69 Flick The Singing Principal Woman's lib FUNK M £100

70 Fox Car Jean Shy Got a good thing going M £25

71 GA Jeanie King You've got a good thing M- £40

72 Gamble Dee Dee Sharp What kind of Lady WD VG++ £60

73 Genini Star The Constellations I Didn't know How To WD M- £150

74 Glover Valerie & Nick I'll Find You M- £30

75 Gold Bee Anthony Aqua lads I Remember WD M £200

76 Goldie Johnny Appalachain Up in Smoke VG++ £50

77 Gordy Tommy Good Baby I miss you WD M- £100

78 Gordy Undisputed truth You got the love I need M £10

79 Gordy Martha & Vandellas I Gotta Let you Go WD M- £20

80 Groove Johnny Nash I'm Leaving VG++ £25

81 Groovsville Steve mancha Still in my heart M £15

82 Hi-Lite Tommy Frontera (you're my) Leading Lady VG+ £100

83 Hour glass Mandells Don't turn your back GREAT M £15

84 Important The Determinations You Can't hold on to love M- £150

85 Jamar Bell boys Don't want to lose you now VG++ £100

86 Jamie pookie Hudson This gets to me WD M- £250

87 Kapp Helen Troy I think I love you VG++ £200

88 Karate Tony Hestor Watch Yourself VG+ £75

89 Kelton Penny Now that I found you M- £75

90 Kudu Esther Phillips Home is where the hatred is M £20

91 Lamarr Star-tells Falling in love with girl M £25

92 Landa Harold Melvin Get Out WD M £100

93 Larry-O Johnny Moore What more can I Do M- £20

94 MAH'S Lee Rogers Troubles VG++ £20

95 Mainstream Almeta Lattimore These Memories ISSUE M- £225

96 Mala Van dykes Love for a rainy day D VG++ £150

97 Mar-V-Lus Josephine Taylor Ain't Gonna Cry No More VG++ £15

98 Mar-V-Lus Josephine Taylor Good Lovin' VG++ £10

99 Mar-V-lus Miss Madeline Lonely girl so good M £25

100 MGM The Charades The key to my Happiness D VG++ £150

101 MGM April Stevens Wanting You YD VG++ £20

102 Mgm Roy Hamilton You can count on that M- £60

103 Mgm Pat Thomas See my babys face YD VG+ £20

104 mgm Tony Middleton To The Ends of the Earth YD M £175

105 Midas No No Starr Swing your love my way M £15

106 Midtown Spencer Searchin' For Love VG++ £25

107 Minit Johnny Sayles Anything For You M- £30

108 Minit Bobby Womack Tried and convicted M £15

109 Mir-A-Don Patty Stokes Good Girl M- £30

110 Mirwood The Olympics I'll do a little bit More WD VG++ £10

111 Modern Mary Love Turned my Bitter into Sweet WD M £50

112 Motown Billy Eckstine I wonder why VG+ £60

113 Motown Linda Griner Good-by Cruel Love VG+ £140

114 Mowest Sisters love Give me your love FUNK M- £100

115 M-pac Harold Burrage fifty fifty M £75

116 Mystic 4 Jimmy Dockett Take A Chance VG++ £15

117 Nico The Fabulous Emotions Number One Fool VG+ £20

118 North bay Little Dooley Now or never M £10

119 Okeh Gerald Simms Mother nature WD VG++ £40

120 Oliver The Steinways You've been leadin' me on M £150

121 One-derful Admirations Wait till I get to know you M £10

122 One-derful Betty Everett Please love me GREAT M £25

123 One-derful Lucky laws Who is she M £20

124 Ovide Sebastine Williams Get your point over M £25

125 Penntowne Rocky Brown Without a warning GREAT M £30

126 Phila Butlers Laugh laugh M £40

127 Play House Joe Douglas Crazy Things M- £200

128 President Millie Foster What A Thrill M- £40

129 Prince Prince Ella S Jones Baby Sugar I Love You M- £100

130 Providence Jackson Brothers I've gotta hear it from you VG++ £200

131 R&S Mike Finnigan Bread & Water M- £30

132 RCA Bobby Bell Drop me a Line WD M- £30

133 RCA The Bobbettes Having Fun issue VG++ £50

134 RCA Lorraine Chandler I Can't hold on WD M £125

135 RCA Ketty Lester Things are better left unsaid M- £40

136 RCA Roy Hamilton You Shook me Up WD M- £200

137 RCA Roy Hamilton Crackin' yp over you WD VG++ £100

138 RCA Beverly Ann Mind on other things Issue M £125

139 RCA Lorraine Chandler I Can't Change WD M- £125

140 RCA The Metros Since I found my baby WD M £150

141 RCA The Bobbettes Having Fun WD M- £50

142 RCA Syvie Vartan I Made My Choice VG+ £10

143 RCA Susan Barrett What's it gonna be Issue VG++ £75

144 RCA Victor Beverly Ann He's coming home WD M- £75

145 Red Lite Yvonne Daniels I Got to get close to you M £20

146 Red Sands Little Charles You're Blessing M £10

147 Revilot Parliments Don't be sore at me M £15

148 Ric Freddie North The Hurt WD M £100

149 Ric Tic Rose Batiste Holding Hands M- £100

150 Ronn Barbara West Congratulations baby M £50

151 Roulette Anita Humes What did I Do ? VG++ £40

152 Roulette Tip tops A little bit more WD M £75

153 Roulette Impossibles It's all right WD VG++ £100

154 RRG Doris Duke Concratulations Baby M £20

155 Sansu John Williams Do me like you do me WD M- £40

156 Sidra Barbara Mercer Call on me VG++ £25

157 Smash The Sweet Got to have More VG++ £25

158 Smash Kelly Garrett Love's the only Answer VG++ £100

159 Solid Hit Debonaires Headach in my Heart VG++ £100

160 Soul City Rose Brooks I'm Moanin WD M- £200

161 Soul Power Tommie Young Hit & Run lover WD M £40

162 Sound 7 Stage The Fantastics High Note VG++ £30

163 Source Harold Melvin Prayin' M £15

164 SS7 Electrifying Cashmeres What does it take VG+ £60

165 St Lawrence Mamie Galore It ain't necessary M £15

166 Stang Moments This our goodbye M £10

167 Sue Juggy "OILY" M £10

168 Sugarhill Lucky Charms Tied to your heart SO RARE M £350

169 Sylves Porgy & The Monarchs That's my Girl VG++ £25

170 Tamla The Marvelettes I'll Keep Holding On M £15

171 Tamla Marvelettes Your cheating ways M £15

172 Tangering Jimmy Lewis I Quit You Win M £20

173 TEC The Fawns Girl In Trouble M £15

174 Test Press Odds and Ends Let me try M- £20

175 Thelma Emanuel Laskey I'm a Peace loving man VG++ £60

176 Tower Jay D. Martin By Yourself M £80

177 Toxsan Herb Johnson Damp faint FUNK slt dish M- £75

178 Trey Barbara Dane I'm on my way M- £125

179 Tripple B Eddie Parker Need a true love M £20

180 Tuff Booby Treetop Wait till I get to know Ya VG++ £150

181 Turbo Frankie Crocker Ton of dynamite VG+ £50

182 Twilight Sly Johnson Try Me M £15

183 Ua Jaye Kennedy I'm feeling it too WD M- £30

184 Usa Frankie Newsom It's a shame M £75

185 Veroneeca People's choice You're mine M £20

186 Verve Wilson Pickett Let Me Be Your Boy M- £25

187 Verve The Chantels Indian Giver VG+ £20

188 Verve Wilson Pickett Let me be your Boy M- £25

189 Verve King Davis Baby you satisfy me YD VG++ £10

190 VIP Debbie Dean Why am I Lovin you WD VG++ £100

191 VIP R Dean Taylor Ghost in my House WEST COAST M £30

192 W brothers Bobby Sheen Something new to do VG+ £40

193 Wand Curtis Blandon In the long run M- £150

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