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chris anderton

£5 Specials Or 5 For £20. Some Bargains Here! 225X 45S Listed

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Please EMAIL all orders to chris.soul@btinternet.com


All records £5 each or any 5 for £20.


Postage is £2.80 for up to 3 records or £3.60 for 5.


If you buy more than 5 records these will all be calculated at £4.00 each too.


1.Aretha Franklin-Daydreaming-Atlantic E 5

2.Lollipops-Busy signal-RCA vg+ 5

3.Gloria Jones-Look what you started-Minit vg+ 5

4.Rosemary McCoy-I do the best I can-Dakar M- 5

5.L.J Johnson-Your magic put a spell on me-Phillips vg+ 5

6.Lowell Fulsom-The sweetest thing-Kent vg+ 5

7.R. B Greaves-Oh when I was a boy-Atco E+ 5

8.Dan Douglas-Somebodys gonna get hurt-Try me E+ 5

9.Parliments-I can feel the ice melting-Revilot E+ 5

10.Clarence Carter-I aint leavin girl-Ichiban M- 5

11.Jerry Butler-Hey western union man-Mercury E 5

12.Silhouettes-Not me baby-Sevens E+ 5 Reissue

13.Temprees-At last-Stax E+ 5

14.James Brown-hot pants-People M- 5

15.Harold Melvin-Reaching for the world-ABC M- 5

16.Patricia Lamarr-I`m in love with you-Campo E+ 5

17.Evelyn King-The other side of love-RCA E+ 5

18.Dionne Warwick/ Spinners-Then came you-Atlantic UK E+ 5

19.Dells-On the dock of the bay-Cadet E+ 5

20.Fiestas-So fine-Old town E+ 5

21.Ron Banks-Stars in your eyes-ABC vg+ 5

22.1910 Fruitgum co-Indian Giver-Buddah E 5

23.4 Tops-I like everything about you-Motown UK E 5

24.Markettes-Bella Dalena-WB E 5

25.Carl Sims-House of love-Paula E+ 5

26.Jackie Moore-Sweet Charlie babe-Atlantic E+ 5

27.Spinners-Its a shame-VIP E 5

28.General Johnson-All in the family-Arista WD E+ 5

29.Joe Simon-Drowning in the sea of love-Spring E 5

30.Temptations-In a lifetime-Atlantic E+ 5

31.Chairman of the board-Patches-Invictus UK E 5

32.Lou Rawls-This song wil last foorever-PIR E+ 5

33.Stevie Wonder-Everytime I see you-Motown UK 5

34.Tams-Silly Little girl-ABC E label damage 5

35.Sheila Anthony-Livin in love-Route UK E+ 5

36.Flaming ember-Westbound #9-Hot wax E+ 5

37.Exciters-Reachin for the best/Sandi Sheldon-Mecca M- 5 reissue

38.Jerry Butler/ BL Eager-Cant understand it-Mercury E 5

39.Temptations-Bare back-Atlantic M- 5

40.Bobby Angele-I`m begging-Money vg+ 5

41.Ronnie McNeir-For your love-Prodigal ED E 5

42.Controllers-Feeling a feeling-Juana E+ 5

43.Miracles-You really got a hold on me-Tamla E+ 5

44.Carl Douglas-So you win again-Midsong WD E+ 5

45.Stanley Mitchell-get it baby-Sevens 5 Reissue

46.Jimmy Radcliffe-Long after tonight is all over-Pye E 5

47.Frankie Valli-The night-Mowest E 5

48.Four Tops-Baby I need your loving-Motown UK vg

49.Vogues-True lovers-Co and Ce M- 5

50.Richard Parker-Got to find a way-Commonwaelth E+ 5

51.Jnr Walker-These eyes-Soul vg+ 5

52.Fuzz-I`m so glad-Calla M- 5

53.Isley Bros-I guess I`ll always love you-Motown vg+ noc 5

54.Earl Van Dyke-6 by 6-Motown UK E 5

55.Dobie Gray-Out on the floor-Black magic E 5

56.Marvin and Tammi-What you gave me-Tamla E+ 5

57.Odyssey-Going back to my roots-RCA demo UK E+ 5

58.Bobby Caldwell-What you wont do for love-Clouds E+ 5

59.Sidney Joe Qualls-How can you say goodbye-Brunswick E 5

60.Felice Taylor-It may be winter outside-Mustang E+ 5

61.Soul Cop-tribute to girls-Norfolk E+ 5

62.Evelyn King-Weak spot-20th cent E+ 5

63.Undisputed Truth-Superstar-Motown French M- 5

64.Mitch Ryder-Blessing in disguise-Dynavoice E+ 5

65.Chilites-Stoned out of my mind-Brunswick E+ 5

66.Vareeations-This time-Dionne E 5

67.Posse-That`s what makes us happy-EJK E+ 5

68.Jackson 5-You don`t have to be over 21-Dynamo  M- 5

69.Stevie Wonder-Aint that asking for trouble-Motown Uk E 5

70.Four Tops-Just seven numbers-Motown M- 5

71.Four Tops-I cant help myself-Motown vg 5

72.Shades of blue-Oh how happy-Impact M- 5

73.Harold Melvin-Don`t leave me this way-PIR M- 5

74.Emotions-Stealing love-Stax RED E+ 5

75.Jerry Butler-Windy city soul-Mercury E 5

76.Constellations-I did`nt know how to-Sevens UK M- 5

77.Spiral Starecase-More today than yesterday-Columbia Hall of fame E+ 5

78.Wilber Walton-24 hours of loneliness-Demand E= 5

79.Tommy Vann-Give a little bit-Academy E+ 5

80.Lee Dorsey-Get out of my life woman-Staeside UK noc E- 5

81.Frederick Knight-I betcha didn`t know that-Truth WD E+ 5

82.Flaming emeralds-We are-Fee Detroit E 5

83.Milestones-The Joker-Black magic E 5

84.Pastel six-Bandigo-Zen M 5

85.Originals-Down to love town-Soul E+ 5

86.Joe Williams-Lonely man-RCA vg 5

87.Donald Height-I can`t get enough-Jayboy E 5

88.Lorraine Chandler-What can I do-Black magic UK E+ 5

89.Bobby Thurston-Check out the groove-Epic UK E+ 5

90.Della Reese-After loving you-ABC E+ 5

91.Al Kent-You`ve got to pay the price-Rictic E 5

92.Smokey Robinson-I don`t blame you at all-Motown UK E 5

93.Independents-I love you-Wand E 5

94.Harold Melvin-The love I lost-PIR M- 5

95.Stevie Wonder-If you really love me-Tamla E+ 5

96.Originals-Down to love town-Motown UK E+ 5

97.Rhodes, Chalmers etc-Out of my mind-WB M- 5

98.Wilson Pickett-Three time loser-UK Atlantic E+ 5

99.GQ-I do love you-Arista ps M- 5

100.Heaven and earth-Kick it out-TEC E+ 5

101.David Ruffin-Walk away from love-Motown UK M- 5

102.Pockets-Come go with me-CBS demo Uk E+ 5

103.Luther Vandross-Never too much- PS M- 5

104.Pat Lundy-Lets get down to business-Pyramid E 5

105.Aretha Franklin-I can`t see myself leaving you-Atlantic M- 5

106.Henry Moore-She`s a lover-Athens E+ 5

107.Shirley Jones-Do you get enough love-PIR E+ 5

108.Johnny Guitar Watson-Since I met you baby-DJM E 5

109.Earnest Moseley-Stubborn heart-Sevens M- 5

110.Sandra Wright-Unbelievable-Coral E 5

111.Jimmy Mack-My world is on fire-Sevens UK M 5

112.Ben Branch-Higher and higher-Cadet E+ 5

113.Willie Hutch-In and out-Motown UK M- 5

114.Jeffery Osborne-Don`t you get so mad-A&M M- 5

115.Tony Clarke-Joyce Elaine-Chess vg 5

116.Al Green-Love and happiness-London UK E+

117.Marvin Gaye-The end of our road-Tamla E+ 5

118.Elo=uise Laws-Camouflage-Invictus E+ 5

119.BT and TB-Queen of the ghetto-PIR M- 5

120.Flamingos-Think about me-Worlds M 5

121.Ray Bryant-After hours-Cadet E+ 5

122.Doris Allen-Shell of a woman-SSS E+ 5

123.Chuck Wood-Seven days is too long-Pye E+ 5

124.Supremes-You keep me hanging on-Motown UK E 5

125.Four Tops-Without the one you love-Motown vg+ 5

126. Four tops-Catfish ABC WD E+

127.Tavares-Never had a love like this before-Capitol vg+ 5

128. Edwin Starr-Gonna keep on trying-Gordy E+ 5

129. Enchantment-Hold on-Desert moon M- 5

130.Lou Rawls-Sit down and talk to me-PIR E+ 5

131.Poets-She blew a good thing-Symbol vg+ 5

132.Joneses-Sugar pie guy-Mercury E 5

133.Marvin and Tmmi-Aint nothing like the real thing-Tamla M- 5

134.Ripple-Facts of life-Salsoul uk E+ 5

135.Sharonettes-Papa ooh mow mow-Black magic E+ 5

136.Jackie Moore-This time baby-CBS UK E+ 5

137.Ben E King-Stand by me-London UK M- 5

138.Moment of truth-Helplessley-Roulette E 5

139.Impressions-I`m so glad-Curtom  UK E+ 5

140.Jean Carne-Free love-PIR E 5

141.Little Rotyal-You`ll lose a good thing-Trius E+ 5

142.Winston G-Cloud nine-WB WD E+ 5

143.Jess and James-Move-MGM  UK E 5

144.Laura Greene/Johnny Mcinnis-Soul symphony-Silver fox E+ 5

145.Demitriss Tapp-If you find love-Brunswick E+ 5

146.Four Seasons-Beggin-4 seasons reissue

147.Eternitys Children-Sidewalks of the ghetto-Tower WD E 5

148.Roscoe Robinson-One bo-dillion years-SS7 vg+ 5

149.Boogieman orchestra-Lady lady lady-Boogie man E 5

150.Jeanie Reynolds-Unwanted company-Casablanca vg+ 5

151.Joe Tex-Show me-Dial E 5

152.Platters-With this ring-Musicor E+ 5

153.Tony Owens-Confesin a feelin-Cotillion WD wol E+ 5

154.Carl Bean-I was born this way-Motown E+ 5

155.Phyllis Hyman-Living inside your love-Buddah demo uk M- 5

156.Major Harris-Love wont let me wait-Atlantic UK M- 5

157. Cherry People-and suddenly-Black magic E+ 5

158.Aretha Franklin-I can`t see myself leaving you-Atlantic M- 5

159.Olympics-Secret agents-Mirwood E 5

160.Jose Feliciano-Everybody loves you-Motown WD E+ 5

161.David T Walker-My baby loves me-Revue M- 5

162.Norma Jenkins-Gimme some-Desert moon E+ 5

163. Natures devine-I just can`t control myself-infinity E 5

164.Four Tops-Its all in the game-Motown uk E+ 5

165.Phylis Hyman-Loving you losing you-Buddah E+ 5

166.Ecstacy passion pain-One beautiful day-Roulette WD E+ 5

167.Tyrone Davis-A little bit of lovin-Highrise M- 5

168.Staple singers-My main man-Stax E+ 5

169.Dells-Wear it on my face-Cadet E+ 5

170.Ben E King-Too bad-Atco vg+ 5

171.Archie Bell-Here i go again-Atlantic UK E+ 5

172.Emotions-I don`t wanna lose your love-CBS E+ 5

173.Smokey Robinson-Come spy with me-Tamla vg+ 5

174.Marvelettes-Keep off no trespassing-Tamla E 5

175.Elgins-Heaven must have sent you-Motown UK E 5

176.Machine-There but for the love of god-RCA demo E+ 5

177.Chuck Jackson-Your wonderful love-Motown E+ 5

178.Mamie Galore-It aint necessary-St Lawrence vg 5 label damage

179. Marvin Gaye=Sexual healing-Columbia Uk demo 5

180.Jesse James-Sweetest little thing-Buddah E+ 5

181.Sons and lovers-Help me-UK beacon E- 5

182.Jimmy James-Dreams-Pye M- 5

182.Bobby Bland-Call on me-Duke E- 5

183.Carolyn Franklin-Reality UK RCA vg+ 5

184.Jimmy Scott-Take a chance on love-BB M-5

185.Jimmy Castor Bunch-Be young be foolish be happy-Kintec M- 5

186.Big Al Downing-Medley of soul-Silver fox E 5

187.Eddie Foster-I never knew-Sevens E+ 5

188.Jeffery Osborne-I really don`t need no light-A&M E 5

189.Teddy Pendergrass-Keep on loving me-PIR E 5

190.Four Tops-The key-Motown E+ 5

191.Pockets-Take it on up-Columbia E+ 5

192.Aretha-Day dreaming-Atlantic E+ 5

193.Wilson Pickett-Its all over-Atlantic UK E+ 5

194.Millionaires-You`ve got to love your baby-Castle boot E+ 5

195.Joe Tex-You need me baby-Dial M 5

196.Platimum hook-Give me time to say-Motown E+ 5

197.Lamont Dozier-Breaking out all over-ABC E+ 5

198.Johnny Taylor-You`re the best in the world-Columbia  E 5

199.Floyd Smith-Just can`t give you up-Salsoul E+ 5

200.Shorty Long-Night fo last-Soul M- 5

201.Bob Wilson-Suzys serenade-Sound stage 7 E+ 5

202.Peoples Choice-Cold blooded...-TSOP E+ 5

203.Dells-Bring back the love of yesterday-Cadet M- 5

204.Johnny Taylor-Friday night-Stax E+ 5

205.Marvin Gaye-Little Darling-Tamla E+ 5 (slight tear on label)

206.Vernon Garrett-Turn back hands of time-Modern E 5

207.Cal Roberts-International Funk-Magic minsteral M 5

208.Sheldon Turner-Loving you-Babylon E+ 5

209.Junior Walker-These eyes-Soul E+ 5

210.Four Tops-Baby I need your loving-Mot Yesteryear E+ 5

211.Four Tops-Shake me wake me-Mot Yesteryear E+ 5

212.Billy Scott-Love you all over again-Carolina M- 5

213.William Devaughan-Hold on to love-TEC M- 5

214.Bobby Franklin-Ladies choice-Fee M- 5

215.Round robin manopoly-Loves out to getcha-Truth M- 5

216.First choice-Armed and extremely dangerous Philly groove E+ 5

217.Eli`s second coming-Love chant-Silver blue E+ 5

218.Donny Hathaway-Lord help me-Atco M- 5

219.Little Peggy March-Hello heartache goodbye love-RCA E 5

220.Jerry Butler-Moody Woman-Mercury E+ 5

221.Marvin Gaye-Wonderful one-Tamla E- 5

222.Lamont Dozier-Trying to hold on-ABC WD E 5

223.The Sharronettes-Broken hearted melody-Black magic E+ 5

224.Gladys Knight-All i need is time-Soul E+ 5

225.Martha Reeves-Love don`t come no stronger-Fantasy E+ 5




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