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45 Sales U.s. & U.k. Inc Doug Banks Dj, Chip Tyler Dj, Sequins

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Please PM if interested. Gradings as per site
PP Arnold  Everything's gonna be alright  IMMEDIATE  UK  DEMO £300  VG++  ON HOLD
Doug Banks  I just kept on dancing   ARGO DJ VG++  £125
Susan Barrett  What's it gonna be  RCA DJ VG++ £ 115  SOLD
Eddie Carlton  Misery  SWAN DJ  VG++ £200
Deniece Chandler Mama I wished I'd stayed at home  LOCK WDJM_ £50 SOLD
Chuck Ray  I dont mind TAM-BOO VG++  £400  SOLD
Bobby Patterson  Im in love with you  JETSTAR  VG+  £50
Jewels  We got togetherness MGM DJ VG++ £50 SOLD
Eddie Billups  Shake off that dream  HELLP VG++ £350
Little Joe Cook  Im falling in love  HOT VG++  £375 SOLD
Epsilons  Mad at the world SHRINE VG++ £150 SOLD
Fathers Angels  Bok to Bach   MGM DEMO  M-  £350  SOLD
Sam Fletcher  I'd think it over  TOLLIE  VG+  £200  SOLD
Laura Greene  Moonlight music....  RCA DJ  VG++ £75  SOLD
Marie Knight  That's no way to treat....  MUSICOR  £150  SOLD
Martineques  If you want to call me ME-O M-  £850
Alexander Patton A little loving... UK CAPITOL  [WOL] VG++ £350  SOLD
Puffs  I only cry once a day now  DORE VG++ £80  SOLD
Lynne Randell Stranger in my arms UK CBS  VG+ £200
Reflections Like Adam and Eve  ABC  M-  £100
Evie Sands  Picture me gone  UK CAMEO-PARKWAY DEMO  VG++ £150  SOLD
Sequins   He's a flirt  RENFRO  £400
Paul Sindab  Do whatcha wanna do /...Candy in the sand  HYPE VG++ £225  SOLD
Marvin Smith   Have more time  UK CORAL VG+ £60   SOLD
Stella Starr  Bring him back  UK PICCADILLY DEMO VG++  £100  SOLD
Willie Tee  Please dont go  NOLA VG++  £400  [pressing fault on b but plays fine]    SOLD
Chip Tyler  Because I love you CHICORY WDJ  VG++ £300
Percy Wiggins  It didn't take much  RCA WDJ  M- £100  SOLD
Belaires I got that feeling  PALMER DJ VG++ £75 SOLD
Betty Lavette   Almost    KAREN [purple]  M- £25 SOLD
Sonny Allen Your love was wonderful  HIT PACK  M- £150
Precisions You're sweet  D-TOWN  VG++  £25
Dee Edwards  Too careless with my love  D-TOWN VG++ £40
Silky Hargraves  Hurt by love  D-Town  M-  £60  SOLD
Billy Eckstine  I wonder why  MOTOWN VG+  £30 [looks slightly off-centre but plays fine]  SOLD
Dimensions  He's a lover  D-TOWN M-  £40 [very rare Detroit]
Joey Heatherton When you call me baby  DECCA  VG++  £90  SOLD
Peps  You never had it so good  D-Town VG++ £25
Gwen Owens   I lost a good thing  VELGO VG++  £100
Volumes  I got love  TWIRL WDJ VG+  £60  SOLD
Devotions  Same old sweet lovin  TRI-SOUND [gold] VG++ £25
Priscilla Page  Im pretending  TOPPER T101 VG++ £75  SOLD
Page & Darrel  You did  TOPPER  VG++  £40
Ronnie & Robyn As long as you  SIDRA 9011 WDL M- £200  SOLD
All these 45s are really nice copies graded under strong light. Them spotlight thingys that show up every blemish.  Happy to send upfront to those guys I know.
Postage is 1st class recorded £2.50 for 7". Special Delivery is £6.95.  Paypal is fine but you get the fees. Modrod52@hotmail.co.uk
Money back guarantee if not happy of course.
Thanks ROD

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