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This weekend was a case of

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Word heard on last weekend going ons


Lowton was a good one, a good turn out and a enjoyable nite.

Was some changes to dj line up ( posts on here on friday may have warned you off) was told Ian C who drops in here now and again may have been in action - any highlites Ian?

(don't forget can catch a couple of Ians old sessions in the sounds section.)

Plinston - seems to been another good one, check out a "overview" in the new Plinston section from Mr Big o!

Broughton on Saturday been told was a bit quieter than last one, but still enjoyable

Heard that Great Stone Hotel was very busy and a good one

Rugby event had word that both Ginger and Kenny Burrell didn't show

Local chemist did a roaring trade of the hughes household, so all above just from what heard

As always if out and about feel free to pass on, post up, email your views, news and .....

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