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Gay Poppers, Bernard Williams & Syng Mcgowan

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No it's fine.


With all 3 being from same ad looked like a plug so moved in here.


You can post in LAYB if you're just drawing attention to a 45 on EBay.





Cheers for that Rod, i don't post on Soul Source very often, so don't know the lay out m8. Yes, they are my sales on Ebay, didn't want to admit because i thought i'd get in bother, sorry.

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No, you don't get in bother for posting in the wrong section.

As they are your 45s this ad is now in the correct section.

So in future you know where to post your EBay ads.

Notice I added a link to the ad. Always best to do that as members can go direct to your sales rather than search via EBay.


Cheers for that Rod.

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