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Photos, Albums, Flyers Back Up And Working

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at long last, after a week and a bit from hell

have finally finished rebuild with the last photo re-uploaded

due to the amount of images and attachments in the gallery. albums and forum its been a right pain and will need to look at this in near future

however till then every thing should be as it was

was a few lost albums and flyers and attachements from last week

score below

as always all should be ok, but if do spot ough tplease let us know asp



the other day had a major hardware fault on the server with the hard disk going down

was in process of rebuilding site at the time

as the normal regular backups hadn't kicked in yet

was hoping to be able to recover all the fresh images etc posted this week from the hard disk

unfortunately after fair bit of time trying had no joy in recovering

the majority of photos, sounds posted in a 4 or so day period via the forum

this included 3 members albums, 5 or so flyers and attachments

the hard disk failing did happen at a bad time and as such

apoligies for the mess around


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