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Rosevelt Grier 'since you've ben gone' RIK WDJ Ex+ £20 free P&p


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Real nice condition on this one. Sticker on both sides of label that is supposed to be from a Belgian record "representative" company of some sort. 'Belinda' and 'Melinda' music companies was the one and the same and so if you find them stickers on some UK or USA 45's, I't's from that company that operated from the early 6T's to the early 7T's. One "slice" of the lot, from where this very single comes from, was sadly splitted and scattered all over Belgium and beyond I've even been told... It must have been huge originally. I left the sticker on this copy so the record still can tell the story. The day it was glued on the record was likely out of the pressing plant and right after it was shipped from N.Y. to 'Belindamusic' in the mid-sixties.

Sound clip of both sides and scans from actual record for sale.

Scan10001.thumb.JPG.9fb85d8d5dcadf1989c4roosevelt grier.mp3Scan10002.thumb.JPG.0459f524ce73d6344719

PM me for details.

Gradings used are M/Ex/Vg... through +/-

£20 free P&P all over the world - add £6 to have it registered

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